Part 2 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

This time, I took my winnings to the felt and tried to run it up a little more, while also protecting the winnings. Those of you who have read my prior writings know that I absolutely hate being up big and then losing it all.

Before I hit the craps table, I mentally ramped myself down by playing small-medium stakes blackjack. If you ever find that you’re unable to dial down your betting after making large bets, sometimes it’s helpful to step away for a little bit (maybe go eat lunch, dinner or have a snack), then play another game and bet smaller.

This was my plan of attack at the craps table:

  • Stop-loss if my winnings dropped to $20,000
  • Stop at win of $40,000
  • Push win to $50,000, depending on my mood


Stop and don’t read if you don’t want to know the result…

I ran the bankroll to over $40,000 relatively quickly. You’ll see how I did it in the video.

After I ran it up to my goal, I contemplated trying to run it to $50,000 because I had that goal in mind while I was eating dinner. However, it’s one thing to make a plan, it’s another to execute. As I looked at the chips and counted them, I thought to myself, I already an up ‘this much’, an extra $10,000 win would be less meaningful to me than a $10,000 loss.

Als0, since I was up $40,000 at that point, if the dice ran cold, my stop-loss at $20,000 meant that I already gave myself psychological permission to continue playing to $20,000. So in my mind, I was risking a $10,000 gain against a very probable and realistic $20,000 dump back to the table.

When playing a highly volatile game, as I was playing, luck can turn on a dime. So, I decided to pack up my winnings and played low stakes blackjack at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles.

I spent the next two days playing blackjack at the Golden Nugget, where I won $860. At one time, I was up $1800+ playing blackjack (not including the BJ win at Isle of Capri), but then on the last day I hit a shoe from hell. I won two hands in the entire shoe, and there were times the deck became ten rich, which caused me to increase me bet.

On the final blackjack hand, I was up around $1100, and I had a set a loss limit of $1000 on my win. The deck was 10 rich, meaning it was in my favor, so I bet out $125. I received a split hand and ended up losing both hands, bringing me below my stop-loss.

I took my remaining $860 of the $1800 and tipped the dealer $60 for the day’s entertainment. Sometimes, even when the odds are in your favor, the gambling gods do not cooperate.

Overall, it was a hella fun and profitable trip.

On a side note, in the video, you will see an example of how the put bet, after it’s made, is no different from come+odds. Near the end, I take down my odds, but the flat is contracted to stay up.


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: High Stakes Put Bets, Part 2 of 2

  • Way to take the house down RG. Your managed emotion and money management skills definitely helped you though the roller coaster of play.

    Glad you had fun! Cheers!

  • RG I have to tip my cap to you. Your discipline and choice to play the lowest house edge games are impressive. Of course you needed a little luck, but like you, it really pisses me off when I win initially, then piss the winnings away in the same trip.

    I look forward to the additional buy-in information and cash logistics you suggested you might share in the future.

  • Seems like a few mistakes w/ your flat bets until just before the 16 minute mark when they let the dealer know she’s not allowed to split the flat…

    • I was just keeping a tight track of my goal. Unlike the first part, where my goal was kind of fluid, this time I knew exactly what I had in mind, and I didn’t want to make the mistake of having reached the goal and not realizing that I had reached it. That’s why I pulled down my put odds.

      Another reason why is because I wanted to remind myself that I was done. There is a trick in sales known as, ‘the feel of the wheel will seal the deal’. What this means is that if you want to influence someone, have them touch it. I was tempted to go for $50,000, but I knew deep down inside it wasn’t worth it to risk $20,000 to win $10,000. So I touched the chips to remind myself that this was real money and to just walk away.

      One part of me kept saying, ‘wow this was too quick, just keep playing’.

      You can kind of see the debate that was going on inside my head by the way I handle and keep rearranging my chips.

      • Your mailbox must be full of comps inviting you back to play ASAP…lol

        They want their chance to win it back from you…

        What was your risk of ruin percentage with a 50k bankroll, with units of $2600 on the 6 and 8?

  • Lawrence Jay Roth says:

    1. No IRS- on that size win is great
    2. I think I would have taken a check as payout from the cashier or had security walk me to my car.
    3. Janet Jackson’s song isn’t copyright protected?

    • Uh, #1 is not true, at all.

      Just because they don’t issue a W2-G doesn’t mean the winning isn’t taxable. This year, I’m up big, so our good Uncle will be getting a nice check.

      2. I did have someone walk me to my car. That’s something I do every time.

      3. Yes, it is. Despite my attempt to censor part 1, YT still hit me with a strike. So I said screw it and just left all the audio in for Part 2. I really do hate YT. I’m searching for some sort of program that will scrub music. I don’t think there is a program.

      What I might do about the strikes is that I’ll kill all the audio except for the dice call and just announce and call the action. I’m experimenting. People might not like it, though. We’ll see.

  • Good play on all. The put bet is terrible unless you pack it with large odds which you did. On the blackjack. You say the deck was rich in tens, but was it rich when you divided the remaining decks into your count to get the true count? I’m assuming you use the Hi-Lo counting system..or maybe not. After all your videos, do you find that the place bet..or the put bet is better for you than playing the come bet as you used to do?

    • Nick,

      Yes, it was rich with the true count considered.

      Hi-lo is all I use when counting. I prefer a balanced count.

      I like put bets over place bets, if I feel like making large place bets. Having said that, I’d rather use come+odds.

  • We are left wondering if the shooter made the 3 and 12 for the ATS…..what was the use of the guy making 3 come bets with no odds ? And the shooter should have had a $10 flat bet with odds …..foolish to bet the way he was .

    • Speaking of foolish….Yesterday I saw so many players dump chips in the middle of the table. I smiled and stuck to my pass and come bets…even on a choppy table, I came out slightly ahead, while most left broke.

      I mean what does a world bet, plus c and e plus hop the 7s plus pass line bet accomplish? Dude lost 200 bucks in about 3 minutes.

  • Congratulations on the awesome win RG! Great discipline on taking the 40k and not pushing for 50k. Thanks again for sharing the videos.

  • that was interesting. i have 1 question if i may. when you win a put bet does the dealer keep extra for the flat bet. in other words do you have to reup the flat portion every time you win? if i play come and odds as soon as i win they take both bets down and i have to go through the come again to get both bets up. i notice the dealer just paid you and didnt touch your chips. thanks

    • Apparently the put bet just gets paid if the player wants it to stay up. At that point the flat could be reduced or paid out and off .

    • When you win the put bet, it can all come down, just like a normal come+odds bet.

      I just opted to keep the bet up and let it ride.

  • Awesome betting to protect your big win!
    My bankroll doesn’t allow large put bets, but it was very informative to watch.
    Long as I’m winning, I’m going to keep playing but with an adjusted win/loss limit in mind.
    I’m going to protect that win.
    Great job as always.

  • Very well done Max. Congratulations that was a awesome win. Thank you for sharing it with us. You did something not many right side bettors do in the middle of a roll (won your last bet and cashed in).


    Nice one RG. I’m going to a casino in a few months on 2 day trip. Gonna have about 2k bank roll. Any suggestions on how much to place on 6,8.

    • That’s tough to say without knowing your tolerances and goals.

      If it were up to me, I like pass/come+odds.

      But if you’re insisting on place betting on 6 and 8, I always like breaking your bankroll into 40-50 units per buy in. Fewer units if you want higher volatility, more if you want to ensure that you’ll last.

  • What a beautiful example of smart play and money management. Still have to say RG, you had a “horseshoe up your ‘you know where” that night!

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