The video above is the highest stakes real casino craps game that you will find available for viewing.

Most of the RoadGambler’s bets in this session, in both Parts 1 and 2 (which will debut next Thursday), involve put bets. If you’re not up to speed on put bets, read about them here.

My strategy was to buy-in for $50,000 and bet the game hard, playing it fast. A few weeks ago, I addressed a readers’s question about playing with a short stack. I even had a video where I played with a single buy-in short stack. The theme during the last two weeks has been short stack play.

Short stacked play isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that a cold streak will wipe you out quickly, but a hot streak will balloon your bankroll just as quickly.

While a buy-in of $50,000 seems large, you’ll see that I’m playing rather short stacked because of the size of my bets and the total sum of my bets at risk. I do not have that many units available, based on my average bet size, so my volatility is quite high. With higher house edge bets, higher volatility, while scary, is desirable because it doesn’t allow the house to grind away with the house edge.

This is going to be one wild roller coaster ride, and as you’ve seen from other videos, I’m not afraid to show losses or wins. The dicer will fall where they fall, and I’ll show it all.

My total play time is this entire video what you will see in Part 1 and 2.

Part 2 will go live next Thursday.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know.


NOTE that this video has aggressive editing in an attempt to remove copyrighted music. YouTube aggressively strikes videos for that reason. It’s one of the major downsides of YouTube as a platform.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: High Stakes Put Bets, Part 1 of 2

  • Hey RG,
    Love the site. A little while ago you mentioned you bought in at a table for 50k to play next to a celebrity. Is this the same table? Again, love the site!

    • YW. Thanks for the kind words.

      That was a different game in Las Vegas.

      This game was in Louisiana. Not too many celebrities hang out in Lake Charles, Louisiana, other than the ones being paid to perform.

    • Brian,

      I’m not a fan of the field. If you ever see me play it, I’m doing it as part of a show for the video because I’m playing a requested strategy.

      I also discourage players from making one bet rolls. The problem with one bet rolls is that they’re very expensive compared to multi-bet rolls. For example, on a double/double field bet, the house edge is 5.56%. Compare that to a place 4/10 which has a higher house edge of 6.67%.

      While the 4/10 place bet sounds like a worse bet, it’s actually a better bet than the field bet because hit takes on average 4 rolls to resolve. That brings the house edge down to 1.67% per roll.

      For that reason, I avoid one bet rolls.

  • I was sweating the bets as if I was there…

    I just came back from a craps session yesterday….I played both high stakes vs low stakes (it’s all relative)…

    The light bulb went off for me….I realized I could have just of a great time playing min bets (with max odds) then betting at higher limits…


    1, more relaxing and less stressful…
    2, less variance and wild swings…
    3. The casino is only taking 0.14 cents from each pass line bet…if that isn’t cheap entertainment, than what is?

    Know thy self as a gambler and your gambling experiences will be that much better…

    I am starting to keep a gambling journal that includes date, casino, starting bankroll, ending bankroll, reflections of emotional state before session and afterwards and things I did good or need improvement….

    Road Gambler preaches Discipline…I am trying my best to implement it…

    Love the site and love playing vicariously with you…

    • Ok, so I have the entire buy-in on video. It’s quite entertaining. I am going to keep the video until some more time has expired, then I’ll make video about it. I don’t want to get people in trouble, and people will get in trouble. You can sort of hear the chaos in the conversation after I get my chips and move to the end.

      I’ll include some details in the written description in Part 2.

    • Thanks, Jeff.

      Oh, that’s not even the most entertaining aspect of of the buy-in. I’ll describe some more in the written Part 2 article.

    • You’re welcome, Chas Lee. I’m glad you enjoyed it.



      Craps gods is right. Even when the point was one of those two numbers, the opposite ‘sister’ number that wasn’t the point kept hitting. It’s one of those things you dream about happening and when it happens right in front of your face, especially at those stakes, it’s an OMG moment.

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    So, with that kind of buy-in, were there more “suits” milling about, either in front of or behind the ropes? Plus, beyond what you’ve written, did you notice anything else via your “keen awareness of your surroundings”?

  • I enjoy the videos, view is on point and well edited. Always nicely done. I appreciate you showing both a hot table and working to manage an inconsistent table with unknown shooters that clearly do not take the time to work on their craft. Two things, I respect someone that can recognize their surroundings quickly and make the necessary changes to protect the sessions and I’m assuming, like myself you do work on your pitch or grove in before work. Continued support and success to you.

  • Having never seen a put bet in action i did not realize they stay up if they hit. First shooter made you some nice $ ( he didnt even have odds on his PL) any thought to throwing him a tip ?

    • If R.G. started tipping the shooters, he would have a lot of flies around him trying to hustle…it causes unwanted attention and an expectation….

  • I just returned a couple of hours ago from playing on that same table that you filmed this. I was playing from the opposite end from where you were. I could only wish that I could make bets in the amounts that you do but I still had a very enjoyable time and that’s what I go for. This round I lost a little bit but not too much. I really enjoyed coming home and seeing a video of your play on the same table that I just left from. Lake Charles probably does not have near as much experience with the amount of buy in that you brought. I hope you are able to share the video of the buy in experience or at least share some of the details in written form. I don’t know what else to say other than you have the most awesome craps videos that I have ever seen.

    Thank You for sharing.

    • Small world, Larry!

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I do like the IOC. The other casinos are a little bit nicer (ok, maybe more than ‘a little bit’), but they have this arrogant feel to them.

      Thanks for not mentioning any of the dealers by name or anything like that.

      You would be surprised about who plays there. Sometimes, although admittedly rarely, they have high rollers pop in. I have a friend who lives a few hours and he goes to LC and he’s been known to high roll at IOC. It’s somewhat annoying that they don’t have a front money procedure in place. My friend played at IOC a few times, and every time, he confirms the same thing. They have to count out the buy-in at the table. After playing there two or three times, he now plays at the LB casino. Also, if you notice, they habitually keep the table on a short buy-in compared to LB or GN. So if a big buy in comes, there’s a delay while they order chips.

      I refuse to believe that they don’t have a front money procedure. I just think it’s done so rarely that the pit and cage isn’t familiar with it. But I could be wrong.

      I really like IOC and wish they attracted more high rollers.

      So a little spoiler…part 2, after dinner, I play on the table you just played at.

      • Well you said you went to dinner before returning to the table so I have to ask if you have ever tried Steamboat Bill’s? If you like seafood I would suggest you try it sometime if you have not already. Really good food, the mudbugs (crawfish) are really good and pretty much everything I have tried has been on the money awesome. Reasonable prices for what you get, service is great, and the atmosphere is enjoyable if you don’t mind a little noise. The only thing I can think of that is a problem but worth the time is the place is not super large and the parking lot is small and the place stays busy every time I have been there. It is just right across the bridge from the Isle of Capri on the opposite side of the freeway. It only takes about 5 minutes to get there, unless you run into some of the traffic jams that LC is known for because of all the roadwork. If you like seafood I would give it a try and maybe you already have. If you don’t care for seafood, (I can’t believe there are people who actually don’t but I have met a couple) just keep going to the nearest Whataburger.


  • Really enjoyable to watch RG. I believe you were close to stopping at the moment you posed that question. You already had a several thousand dollar win. Glad you kept going. From experience, I find it hard to shoot when someone is betting so much. One night years ago a guy had a sack of money, literally, and a table to himself. I watched. He asked me to shoot because he wanted to rest. He was placing no less than $21,000 across on every point. I could barely hold the dice, I was shaking so bad. But I did OK and made both of us some money (a lot more for him than me). They ran out of his $5,000 oversize chips. I kind of felt like I belonged when I bought a 4, a bold move for me, and hit it for both of us. Then the dealer asked me to drop a dollar and him to drop $100! Have you ever felt like the world is a tuxedo and you are a brown pair of shoes?

  • Wow! Talk about changing it up in the videos from a $300 buy in to 50k . You definitely got my attention last night. You Da Man! Stay safe out there Max with that size buy in you were sure to attack a lot of attention. Sometimes there are few unsavory characters in the casinos. Although it does make for good video. Nice to see that a lot of 6 and 8s being hit. Hope the good luck continues in part 2 looming forward to watching. Do you get nervous or a rush playing for so much because it seems like you have a good time playing for much less? What was the table limit and odds limit? Good luck to all.

    • That’s part of the problem playing high stakes at IOC. Most of the high rollers go to L’Auberge or Golden Nugget. At those casinos, big buy-ins are a semi regular occurrence.

      Table max is $2500 per number, so I was at the max. They’ll allow $3000 for the 6 and 8 as a form of breakage.

      • Thanks RG,I used to play a lot of high limit games in the Vegas area before I had kids. Now I just like enjoying videos like the ones you post. Thanks again for all your work! There’s nothing like watching your videos after a long day! Looking forward for part 2!

    • Yes, I’ve never seen them with chocolate or grey chips. They probably have them somewhere in their vault, but I’ve never seen them out.

    • Quick question….. were you playing within the posted table limits, or did you have some kind of agreement with the casino to wave the limits to play higher?

      • No, there was no agreement. I tried to get them to agree to 100x, but that was a futile request. The table max was $2500, but on 6 and 8, they allow $3000. I was at the max.

  • Ha RG great first video it was fun to watch the high stakes very exciting should keep everyone stuck to their screens to the very end. Would have sat through the hole thing with popcorn in hand .Had a great week in LV hit 38 casinos lots of fun with great out come whished time would have worked out .will be ready for the next part, thanks for all the hard work you and your team do.

  • Great job, RG. You really drilled them a new a**hole! Almost emptied the table of everything beyond $100. Crazy that you went from $18 place bets in other videos to $3000 put bets here. Hoping it went just as well in part 2! Cheers, Darth.

    • Greetings, Dark Lord of the Sith,

      In my days before I was the RoadGambler, all I played was high stakes, but I would only play at like 4 casinos, total.

      People would get bored very quickly if all they ever saw were games from 4 casinos.

      So I’ve diversified my casino selection. The downside of the expanded casino selection is that most casinos are 3,4,5x or something below 10x. I’m not going to risk a high stakes game on odds less than 20x.

      Also, there is the possibility of busting my annual budget, so I play at all stakes now. I have to ensure that I can play enough games to keep the videos coming.

      Cheers, my friend.

  • Hey RG, great videos, love’em, I never have to worry about losing $$$$ while watching these great videos you post, it gives me my “craps” fix in-between my LV trips.

    I live in SoCal the only place to play real craps is in LV, Tahoe, Reno as you know. Near by Indian casinos have fake craps which suck big time. Although at times some Indian casinos have the Bubble craps, nothing like the real game.

    Looking forward to pt2 of your vids. Keep’em coming!

    Would you email me, I have a offline question.

  • Stack’em & Rack’em says:

    Have you ever gotten push back on Put bets?
    I figure you only use Put bets at casinos with 20x odds+. I’ve only had 3x4x5 odd casino ever allow them, which doesn’t make sense to do. Of course I haven’t travelled all over the country checking out craps tables either.

    I tried once at when Casino Royals in LV had 100x odds but didn’t allow it. I was doing $5 pas + $500 odds.

    Do you know if the Cromwell allows it? My plan is to stay there during my next trip to Vegas.

    My darker side is curious about another type of bet. In all of your travels have you ever been to an American casino that has “place to lose”?

    • Stack’em & Rack’em,

      No, never any pushback from put bets. The casino wants you to use put bets because they’re more profitable for the casino than pass/come + odds. Of course, they would rather you do place bets because those are even more profitable than put bets.

      Casino Royale is now 3,4,5x. Their days of 100x is over. At one time, they had $1 + 100x. It was the best ever.

      Cromwell now allows 100x but their minimum is $15. So it would be $15+$1500. I rarely see $10 anymore at Cromwell. Usually, $10 is available early morning or afternoon on a slow week where crowds just cleared out from a convention. Last time I stayed at Cromwell, it was $15 M-F at all times.

      On your last question, yes. Next time I go, I’ll do a place to lose. I’m not sure of this statement, but I think every casino has ‘place to lose’. The problem is that it’s such a rare bet that the dealers don’t know how to handle it, and it slows down calculations for the dealers, so the staff/box just say they don’t have it. I’ll test this out at multiple casinos on my next trip to Vegas.

  • RG. I’m going to a casino soon and I have a bankroll of about 2k. I have played craps a few times. What do you suggest on the 6 and 8.

    • Place betting? Put betting?

      It all depends on your risk tolerance and your goals. If you want to stretch your game, then break your game into 50 units, so $2000/50.

      If you want to play hard and fast like I did, then 20 units or less.

      Whatever you decide, good luck.

  • What were your comps/host doing for those bets? I just watched the first 2 rolls but I had to comment…so crazy yet awesome to see and excited to watch the rest of the video. WOWZERS!!

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