I hope you enjoy this footage of a real craps game at the Mirage Resort & Casino, located on Las Vegas Blvd.

The Mirage is a posh casino, and, despite being almost 30 years old, it still has a new feel to it. Everyone is hip and stylish at the Mirage, but despite the prime location on the strip, it’s possible to find a craps game for $10.

In this video, I am just there to have drinks and hang out with some friends who wanted to see Love, which is a Cirque Du Soleil production with a Beatles theme. If you’re a Beatles fan, I recommend you go see it. My favorite Cirque show is Zumanity.

See if you can pick out some of the rather expensive craps mistakes in this video. One guy was a new player and was making some basic beginner mistakes. I usually do not offer advice at the table, but in this case, I kind of felt bad for him and his buddy, so I offered a small piece of advice.

Would you have done the same?

I also took a different approach to this video than videos in the past. Some viewers have commented that they enjoy watching and seeing the interaction of the people at the table. It also teaches craps newbies what they can expect from their table mates. So I filmed this game with a greater view of the players involved; however, out of respect for privacy, we censored everyone at the table.

Also, since we are now hosting the videos on our site and actually own our own videos, we will be posting more videos than usual.

Part 2 will come on Monday.

We hope you enjoy this video.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game at Mirage Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Part 1 of 2

    • This video was shot in late December when the National Final rodeo had just left town. Pretty cool layout, I agree. Different.

  • Nice job i love your videos. The dealer was giving advice but he should of told him to put 12 dollars on 6&8.I noticed the the field paid tripple on 12 that cuts the vig in half on the field.

    thanks road gambler joe

    • I usually don’t say anything, but I couldn’t help myself there because it was just so painfully obvious. These guys were newbies.

      Good eye on the field. MGM properties, in LV at least, all pay double/triple.

      • I think the pit crew should have mentioned it between rolls. Tip or no tip

        They should have also mentioned that he gets true odds placing behind pass line for points. They were milking him for $2 and$3 each time. Not cool

      • Kevin Ballou says:

        Even more painful than placing the 6 for $10 was placing the 6 for $10 when you could have put the same $10 behind the pass line bet when the point was 6. 5 minutes on wizardofodds to learn the game would have been well spent.

    • Good question. I have this on my list of article.

      Specific time depends on what I’m trying to do.

      There are advantage and disadvantages of playing at different times of the day. Let me expedite this article. I am talking to a host about this.

      Stay tuned.

      BTW, from now on, you posts will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam. The spammers love us!

  • I am always willing to speak up and say something like, “You know, you really need to put $6 or $12 on the 6 or 8. In my view the dealer should also be telling them this. Sometimes the dealer will say, “Drop me a dollar, or two if that’s the case”…and even explain it needs to be in increments of 6. I also feel sorry for the folks betting only on the pass line with no Odds.

  • Neil Likes Craps says:

    That table is so fresh and new. I played at the table over to the right just two weeks ago, don’t remember seeing these colors. Looks good.

    • Neil,

      That layout was probably a special layout for the National Finals Rodeo.

      I wish there was a place where the casinos sold their used felt. Some of that stuff would be cool to collect.

    • Test approved. We filter first comments for spam.

      Your comments going forward will not be filtered, unless you have ‘special offers’. Lol.

  • i always like knowing the bets that you have working at given times. always good to see how your explicit session and bets play out (we can kinda play at home railing you!).

    otherwise love the videos. I love playing at the cromwell, hope you get chance to play there too!

    • Welcome, Jon.

      Feel free to railbird and peanut gallery.

      I try to state the wins and losses, but sometimes, I don’t remember. This video was shot in late December, when the National Finals Rodeo had just left town (hence the Boot Barn advert), so I really don’t recall.

      I appreciate the kind words.

      From now on, when you post, your comments will show up immediately. We filter first comments for spam.


  • great video.

    i definitely enjoy when you annotate the bets you are playing and the results so we can follow along and rail you at home – shows the ebbs and flows of your session and betting style which i love.

    i love playing at the cromwell also – 100x odds and exceptional boxmen – hope you get chance to play there too!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks. Agreed. At most casinos, the dealer would make the correction.

      These guys were very new and appreciated the simple guidance.

      From now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately.

      Welcome, Tracey!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks for the kind words 99Crapsplayer99.

      From now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately.

  • I can remember the first time I played craps and or course had no idea what to do. Both a friend and the pit crew were cool and taught me along the way! Hollywood Casino in Tunica

    • RoadGambler says:

      I’m glad you got involved Richie. It’s a great game.

      Welcome to RoadGambler.com.

      From now on, your posts will appear immediately.

      • Yes Richie, welcome to the game of craps WHERE you will will lose all your money UNLESS you learn to shoot and bet like the Roadgambler, if you don’t the casinos will love you.J

  • Hey Max,
    I’m not sure why but both of the videos I have tried to watch have been stuck and the video comes in spurts, but I can hear the sound in real time. Please tell me its my computer

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Joe.

      I’m not going to blame your computer.

      On our end, I run the video and it runs fine. We’ve also had problems with YouTube regarding videos not playing properly, so all the platforms have their ups and downs.

      I’ll have my people look into it and make sure it’s ok.

      Thanks for the report.

    • RoadGambler says:

      It’s a great casino. The vibe is exciting.

      If you like the bubble horserace game, they have the fanciest one I have ever seen.


  • Yeah, If the dealer really wanted to help the newbie he would have advised him on proper place bet units and odds bet. I was really rooting for him to hit the hard8 though. Nice video RG!

  • RoadGambler – I really enjoy your videos. I only get to casinos once or twice a year, and love the craps table action, so it feels like we’re really there with you (minus the cocktail waitresses, of course!).

    Our annual guys’ trip is heading to BahaMar in April, after several trips to Atlantis in years past. I’m looking forward to that. Then, probably to Vegas in the fall.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Paul.

      Thanks for the kind words and welcome to RoadGambler.com.

      Sounds like you have a fun itinerary this year. Good luck to you, my friend.

  • So the newbie gets $7 for the first $6 and the second $4 of a $10 bet on the 6 or 8 is perceived as a flat bet..$11 payout? Don’t love it when people buy in the middle of a hand. As always your videos are the best.

    • RoadGambler says:

      That is correct, Nick. $7 on the first 6, then even money for the rest.

      Thanks for the compliment. More videos will be coming.


  • With as slow as that table was moving, hard to excuse the dealers not helping the newbies out, especially with the place bet when it could have been odds.

  • I usually do say something about either player or dealer mistake, but I only do this if I am actually playing instead of spectating. I don’t want to sound rude or look like I am heckling as a specator.

    Can’t wait to see how part 2 shapes up…

  • Michael Schlechter says:

    Hey, RG – I noticed what looks like $30 bet on the 11 & 12 that stayed up for several rolls. It looks like it belonged to a man at the other end next to the dealer. Did you notice? I didn’t see him paying to keep the bet in action. What was going on? Did I miss something?

    • RoadGambler says:

      Good question, Michael.

      The bettor was the gentleman to the right of the dealer at the other end of the table.

      In addition to $30 each on the 11 and 12, he also had a $30 hop bet, which you see at the hop bet area.

      At 1:24, you can see that the dealer point to the bettors 11&12, and at 1:25 the player tosses in a black chip, which rolls round the table, and then the dealer catches it and put it in the dealers black stack, i.e., the $100 stack. The dealer then, around 1:28, the dealer gives $10 change to the player.

      This happens several times.

      The black chip is meant to keep up the 11, 12, and prop bets.

      It’s more efficient than the stick taking down the bet each time.

      FYI, from now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately.

  • Bruce Vollmer says:

    I appreciate your videos RG, especially the ones with big odds behind the pass line bet. Getting amped up for Bally’s LV at the end of the month!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks, Bruce.

      More videos coming.

      I like Ballys LV. As I tell everyone who is staying at Bally’s, if you like Fried Chicken, try the Blue Ribbon Fried chicken in their food court. The best fried chicken in LV.

      Good luck on your trip!

        • RoadGambler says:

          Kevin, are you talking about the Sterling Brunch Buffet at Ballys?

          When I recorded the Ballys game – which we just put up today – I had intents of going to the Sterling buffet to take pictures of all the dishes and post them here. But I couldn’t get myself out of bed, having been up until 7 am the morning.

          I will make it a super high priority next time.

          I’ve had it before, and the food is superb. Lobster, caviar, crab, filet mignon, seafood, etc. If you’re an early bird, I would try it at least once. Just know it’s $100 per person, Sunday only.

          • Yeah I was referencing the sterling buffet at Bally’s. I’ll be in Vegas late May, flight gets in at 935am, reservations set for 1130am can’t wait to try it

  • Thanks for the video. What I found interesting is the first shooter in the video was setting the dice. I’m thinking he’s watched a few videos on dice setting but not enough videos on table odds nor has he read any books about the game at all. Trying to place a bet before the point is established. Not that you can’t but you need to tell the dealers to work it on the come out if that is what you want. I thought at first that he was acting like a newbie so they wouldn’t hassle him about setting. We all learn about the game by being at the table. I know I made a lot of odds betting mistakes and probably bought in when I shouldn’t have. Need to have patience with the newbs. We were all there once

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