Part 2 of the craps game at the Mirage Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is here.

This is the conclusion to the Mirage craps game in the Real Craps Game series of videos, available exclusively at

Most games predictably end on a 7 out. However, at the ending of this video you may or may not end in a 7 out. You will see why, as the video progresses.

Also, one of the players at the table continues to make betting mistakes. See if you can spot the mistakes. I’ll be discussing his mistakes in an article tomorrow, so that, if you’re new to the game of craps, you can learn and avoid those rather costly mistakes.

For now, enjoy the craps game.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game, Mirage Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Part 2 of 2

    • RoadGambler says:

      I appreciate the feedback. Your feedback helps us, and we have implemented many feedback elements into our videos.

      This video is a continuation of the part 1 video.

      The problem is that if I only started videoing one shooter before I started shooting, that would be a lot of waiting. There are logistical and practical problems with doing that. I am just looking to put the viewer in my shoes. Much of craps is playing while others are shooting.

      I could shoot the entire time if I played at the very early morning hours, but those videos would be very very boring.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Playing some last minute craps while on a timer lol.

      We really liked the show, btw. Actually, we love all the Cirque shows.

  • Throughout both videos, the man in the corner (from your vantage, upper right) was continually betting 11, 12, and various hop bets. He would have 25 on each, with an additional 5 for tipping. Is that correct?

    Seems like he spent a ton of unnecessary money on high edge bet.

    • I was noticing same thing. Did he cash on one or two of those? They didn’t take the bet down did they? Confusing for me.

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