This is footage of a real craps game at Palazzo at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

The Palazzo was an add-on to the Venetian Hotel and Casino. The two casinos – the Venetian and Palazzo – are connected via a walk way. It takes about three minutes to walk from the Venetian to the Palazzo. Once inside the Palazzo, it looks exactly the same as the Venetian.

Both casinos are very luxurious, with high ceilings and a bright and energetic atmosphere. There’s almost a snobby feel to the casinos, but it’s not too stuffy.

I’ll do a more thorough review of both the Venetian and Palazzo in the future. For now, I hope you enjoy this real craps game that happened at the Palazzo.

This is Part 1. We will release Part 2 on Thursday.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for watching.



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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Palazzo at the Venetian, Las Vegas

  • Like the way the dealer on your right deftly handled the chips.

    2 questions

    Do you think craps dealers enjoy their job better than say, blackjack dealers? Or what games do you believe the casino dealers enjoy working the most?

    Ever see the craps dealers wear any sort of brace to assist them with the constant strain of bending over the layout?

    • Good questions.

      Most craps dealers I talk to say they enjoy their jobs immensely.

      That’s really more of a question for the dealers. I’ll ask a few who I know.

      Just as a guess, craps dealers appear to be happier than blackjack dealers. But that’s just a guess.

      And, no, I’ve never seen a dealer wear a brace to help with the bending. Wearing a brace might actually be detrimental with that kind of job.

      As someone who has been working out for 30+ years, the current thought behind braces is that they’re actually worse for your back. The brace causes your muscles to rely on the brace, so your muscles weaken and atrophy to an extent. When I started working out in the 90s, the rage was that every muscle head had a weight belt; nowadays, they’re rarely seen because people know better.

    • Jamie Perry says:

      RG, love the videos…I’m so glad you did a video on the Venitian/Palazzo. For some reason it the V/P gets a bad rap on the craps forums. I think the tables and the dealers are excellent there. thanks again.

  • Sherri A Bush says:

    I learned on those tables! Last June I was at the Palazzo for a conference for a week. Beautiful hotels and casinos. Loved the restaurants!
    An old friend who loves craps had been trying to get me to try it for years. Finally, I show up one evening with $20. With his coaching I turned it into $360. I was hooked!
    Left Vegas with about $1K in winnings. I found your videos, read books and practiced online and in several other casino across the country. Other than Mohegan Sun, none have been as ‘pretty’ as the Venetian/Palazzo. Anyway, I’ve certainly lost some $$ along my short journey – never gamble in Iowa is what I learned.
    Thank you RG for these excellent videos – keep ’em coming!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Sherri.

      I agree. The Venetian is vey ‘pretty’. That’s a good way to describe it.

      Yes, videos will keep coming.


  • Guess what happens when someone buys in during the middle of your roll?

    Cmon Road Gambler, spill the beans…..everyone at the craps tables has superstitions….what are yours?

    • I’m not superstitious at all, but you might catch me at the table performing rituals. I like to spin and squeeze the cards at baccarat. I also love it when an attractive girl throws the dice. It’s a scientific fact, pretty girls throw the dice better.

      I guess I’m in the minority. I really don’t mind it when people buy in during the middle of the roll. Slows the game down, gives me time to take a sip. But custom is custom, and I try to be respectful of what other players want.

      • Nice…

        So am I correct in saying that you will never say “same dice” when they roll off the table? lol

        maybe you could start a blog and ask your readers for their top 3 superstitions….

  • James Minor says:

    I tend to belive that negitive attitudes lead to a negitive craps experience. Likewise positive attitudes seem to generate positive results. I know when my attitude is up I will do better at the table. If a player buys in in the middle of a session the lack of courtesy tends to mess with my attitude which seems to effect my game. That’s is as close to superstituion as I get. Sometimes I have to walk away if it’s eating at me very much. I do try to be understanding to players trying to learn the game.

  • Morning RG

    The Dealer in on Second Table was good liked how he asked for $50 for your odds and gave you $5 back better than most ask for the $45 in small chips.

    Just one question why were your odds return to you? I couldn’t work this out.

    Did you get my last email about the Chips from New Zealand ?

    Talk soon

    • Come odds are returned on a 7 during the come out roll as odds are not working. This is only on a come bet that has no point established.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Mike,

      On that game, I probably used a 5,4 with the ace on the outside based on what I remember.

      I wish I could show the dice before the shot, but it’s not possible.

  • Hey RoadGambler, you should start like a sign up for meet up games with your watchers, it would be awesome to play with you and other people that watch your content.!!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Chris.

      We are trying to figure a way to have a meet up. At some point in the future, I am contemplating it. Right now, due to my work schedule, it’s difficult, if not impossible. But that’s on my list of things to do in the near future.

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