I played this craps game the day after I played the Bally’s craps game…

Bally’s Roll Tracking, Part 1

Bally’s Roll Tracking Part 2

After speaking to a friend who does nothing but roll track, I showed him the preliminary Bally’s video. His comment was that I should have waited until the table ‘heated up’ before betting.

I’m not a superstitious player. I don’t believe that a table ‘heats up’, however, recently, I’ve been doing an experiment where I incorporate table or dice tracking as a form of play.

Disclaimer: I do not believe in dice tracking because every roll is independent.

Regardless of what I believe, many craps players believe that a table has a characteristic of being hot or cold. In that spirit paper writing service, I played this game according to that strategy.

I encourage you to play along and see if you do better.


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Paris Hotel Las Vegas, Part 1 of 2

  • I have a script that downloads and archives all your videos once they appear publicly on your YT channel. The most recent video available publicly on your channel is “Real Crap: Last Night of the Cruise, RC Navigator of the Seas, Part 2” from a month ago. Are you planning on marking the videos uploaded to YT since then as publicly available?

    • I’ll get back to that strategy. There were lots of complaints from people about seeing the same pass/come strategy. I’m trying to vary it up for people. It’s hard to make everyone happy.

    • Brian Winnekins says:

      I totally agree! Last year I got wrapped up in the “only play to win” attitude. It totally made the time I do get to play so stressful (and NOT profitable either) that I had to just not play when I would be in Vegas. I went back to what my father told me when he taught me the game. “It’s for entertainment, just like going to the movies or golfing or whatever…its not to make money…that is what your job and investments are for. Play within your means and have some fun.” Just watching the video with the “quack quack” guy I know I would have had a blast at that table. I want to say thank you to Road Gambler for the videos..it gives me a bit of a Vegas “fix”. I think RG should set up a time for a Vegas trip so all of us fans can meet up with him and he can have a video of all of us together at a table!

      • Have never understood the fun side of losing money in a casino. What’s fun about it? I play to make money and man is it fun when my chip rack is full! But each to his/her own.
        My father used to tell me, when I wanted lots of fireworks on the 4th of july..Here. Here’s a five dollar bill. Just light it.

    • I like the “Shoe” in Tunica. The dealers are friendly, the comps are loose and the tables are very playable. Others say Tunica is a dying market. I care not. They are very nice to me. You can’t beat Binion’s Steak House for a great meal either.

  • I agree with Ben. It seems like a plan if you don’t want to gamble much. Boring. The rest of the action on the table was more interesting.

    • I agree. Watching for trends is just boring and doesn’t really generate an advantage. It does, however, lower the ADT significantly.

      Lots of people believe in trends and hot and cold tables, so I have to give their style of play a chance.

  • Thanks RG…any video you post is appreciated. I’ll watch until the cows come home no matter what strategy you employ. It’s all good.

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