This is part 2 of my craps game at Paris Hotel Las Vegas. It’s almost 35 minutes of craps action.

In this video, I make bets that I normally would not make. That’s done to entertain the viewer. I would never bet bops, otherwise.



Don’t read down further if you don’t like spoilers…

Come back and read the warning and observation after you’ve watched the game.





Most of this video is of my roll. If you’ve never witnessed a 30 minute roll, you can see it now for real. The problem with these longs rolls is that…well, you’ll see the problem…

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Paris Hotel Las Vegas, Part 2 of 2, RoadGambler’s Roll

  • Interesting to see dealer book a Repeater 2 after a 2 had already rolled. I was hoping that you made another 2 to see if he would pay it,

    Nice roll! You anticipated the end and prophetically took down your Place Bets. Love it!

    Thank you for your videos! As a craps lover, I find them very well edited and enjoyable.

  • Great rolling Max! Didn’t make it to Paris on my trip to Vegas; will have to try to hit it up next time I’m there. Thank you for sharing the video!

  • At the 10 minute mark was the player who was stick left trying to scam the dealers with the losing field bet? He seemed adamant that it came from his come bet which hadn’t been paid yet.

  • Nice roll Max, dang the dealers were slow and then the buy ins mid point. The crew didn’t seem all that friendly or were they? When they raise the table to $25 if I bet 25 on the pass and 25 don’t, hedge with $1 12 then after a point take odds on the point will the casino rate me at a $50 player(can anyone answer that) ? I don’t really have a large enough bankroll to play a $25 table properly but if its the only game I want to play I didn’t go to the casino to sit in the bar. Thanks for taking the time to do the video. Hope all is well. Good luck at the tables this weekend all.

  • Besides the hops for the viewers, your play, IMO, was excellent. 2 areas. You came down with yr. winnings not leaving much on the table and you went back in with a regression situation. Also.. You may not and have an on axis toss, but your throw shows the value of a rhythm toss that has the same height and momentum and hits pretty much the same LZ throw after throw. Watched all of yr. videos and you often have long rolls with good numbers. Hope all is going well. It did here for sure.

  • I hope what I just read on a craps site is fake news… Tell me it not true road Gambler… I really hope it’s not, I really enjoy everything you have done from articles to reviews too videos.

  • I posted the news….supposedly some member of a craps FB group ( probably the Craps ! group) ratted Max out ! Very bad news for all of us !

    • Averell….
      I am completely in the dark . Would you please show me where you have posted info about RG. I cannot express how much I have enjoyed RG,s articles and videos. I wish him nothing but the best.

  • Why would a member of a group of all the same people with the same interest rat someone that is doing proudly the best stuff out there out?… You have a name of this cat?.. dang this news sucks.

  • This was the PM i received when i asked a big FB Craps guy if he knows what happened to RG……..Somebody in one of the closed FB groups outed him to one of the major corporate properties he plays at and he caught major heat. He got pissed over it and dropped out of all FB group posting.

  • RG,
    I see from this thread that the rumors have come to this site as well. I hope they are just rumors. I wait every week for your postings and have learned so much about what to do and what not to do at the Craps table. Your fan base will be very disappointed if the postings stop. If you have been outed, perhaps you could train a stand-in(s)? There has got to be a way to continue the best Craps videos!!

    • Sherri, what sites or forums did you see the rumors and or what others are good? RG is the best. I have checked some forums and they are bad too many bad people out there.

    • Dang man! Please keep us updated if you hear anything or if RG needs anything. Thanks for the info A. It will be a sad day if RG stops.

  • Well add me to the list of people that wonder what the heck is going on. RG your videos are terrific and your website is very entertaining .

  • What is there to “rat out?” RG and his videos are very very prominent all over Google searches, You tube, and the Internet. Any so-called “major corporate property” can already find out or discover his activity fairly easily. He even posts his name on the website.

    Unless someone outed his “real real name” and it affected his player’s cards. If that’s the case, I was wise to never accept any player’s cards. Privacy is slipping away more and more these days.

    Perhaps I’m speculating too much. I’m very sorry for that. I wish him well. He’s got the best craps videos.

  • What craps website was this posted on?

    I hope that RG doesn’t discontinue doing this. I really enjoy coming to this site for his content and insights.

    A couple of thoughts…

    Why would someone “rat” him out?

    That person probably has a competing website and doesn’t want the competition.

    That person probably has a pay website such as Patreon or an advertiser driven website. If RG presents stuff in a superior way, why go to that person’s paid website?

    That person wanted to gain an exclusive agreement with the casino(s) involved to provide actual footage from the casino. By ratting out RG, that person may have felt that it gave them some credibility and/or leverage with the casino to get what they wanted.

    That person may not be a weasel, he/she just might be an idiot.

    Why would the casino(s) care and thus make an example of RG?

    They probably would cite privacy concerns for whoever was present at the table (dealers as well as players).

    The casino(s) want to control the content of what is presented about them.
    Not all of RG’s videos present the casino involved in a positive light.

    RG routinely shares information concerning how to maximize comps from a casino, as well as things to avoid. I would imagine that a casino would prefer to not have to part with any money they do not have to.

    Whatever the reason, I hope things work out positively for RG. And I hope we all hear from him soon.

  • Stack’em & Rack’em says:

    Are you playing in the $100k craps tournament this January? It’s at the Paris.

    Was debating it but held on week days. A little hard to build a crew for week day adventure.

  • I always figured RG had permission to do what he did; when I watch his videos it makes me want to go to the casino and play craps. He always tells where he is playing and if the casinos cared that much, I would think they could easily match up his footage to the eye in the sky and ban his action like a MIT student playing blackjack.

    I love RG videos and can’t wait for Thursday nights, there is a youtube channel “inside the casino” doing the same thing.

  • Hope you come back soon RG. Your craps videos are the only ones worth watching. Like another viewer commented, the videos make you want to play. Would think the casinos would like that. We’re plugging for you.

  • Craps fanatic says:

    Whatever you’re going through, R.G, I wish you well. You’re a great source of information and inspiration; I really enjoy your insights. And, of course, your videos are top notch. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to interrupt or negatively impact this site. Oh, well, I guess some people just can’t enjoy someone else’s success. I actually feel sorry for them as they probably have many other problems which spur their behavior. In any case, wishing you well and hoping you come back soon.

  • I echo Craps fanatic’s sentiments.

    RG, I hope we see you back soon.

    Whoever was responsible for negatively impacting your activities for this site…well I would be interested in knowing who was responsible for that. That would be a website that I would refuse to visit and/or support.

  • Léts make it a trifecta,….. I come here often just too see if anything new is written. I hope the best for you… I also miss everything about this Page.. merry Christmas and happy lucky new year.

  • May as well make it a quadfecta. I also come by looking for updates, miss the videos, content, insights…. Hope all is good as can be for you, RG.

  • It sure would be nice to hear fro. RG directly….

    he built up this website with his own content and now has suddenly disappeared?

    Something doesn’t seem right….

  • Stack’em & Rack’em says:

    Wonder if anyone has heard anything reliable ?

    I believe he mention taking some personal time and would not be making any new casino trips for a little while. Maybe it turned into not updating the site during that period.

    Given that the site is still online and all of the content is still here; I do not think he got in trouble with one of the Casinos. Their lawyers would have wanted him to pull it down and the same goes with them telling YouTube to scrap it.

    Seems more likely he is away for a different reason.

    RG, hope you’re in good health and come back here in 2020

  • Max,
    We haven’t seen any new videos in a while. Was just wondering if you are OK my friend . We all appreciate your content but most of all hope you are physically OK .
    Take good care.

  • Posted this evening on a FB craps group……..Rick Burner ……Some of you asked about RoadGambler so I gave him a call and caught him at the right time. I haven’t wanted to bother him because I knew just how busy he was with his many businesses!

    This time we got to talk for a while and no he is just to busy to be in the casinos right now.

    For RoadGambler paying craps is just a way to blow off steam and is just a hobby of his!

    He told me that I could write about his bankroll and what he won this past year. He won $180,000 now, here is the killer to that win his bankroll is one million each year!

    • Averell, thanks for doing that. I saw your post on the FB Craps page. A lot of cranky people on that page. 🙂

      Anyway, it is good to hear that RG is doing well.

  • Would love to hear RG’s tboughts on shooting craps on plexiglass tables …..i tried it last week at Caesars AC … was not fun.

  • Anyone know of a company that can fix pachi-slo slot machines specifically the cherry bar version

    Merry Christmas & happy new year to all

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