Reno, Nevada

The Biggest Little City in the world.

There’s more on the casino road than Vegas.

Reno has a lot of upside. Reno reminds me of the old Las Vegas that focused on the gambling and not on the shows and attractions. It’s purely a gambling destination.

There aren’t any mega resorts in Reno. Sure, there are some big casinos like the Peppermill, but you won’t find anything like like Wynn or Venetian in Reno. That’s a good thing, especially you want to stretch your gambling dollars.

The Peppermill is one of the nicest casinos in Reno. Their blackjack and craps games have $5 minimums. Actually, most table games are $5 minimums. Unfortunately, the craps game max odds are 3x, 4x, 5x.

This is a craps game that I played at Peppermill Casino. Based on the last feedback, players wanted to see more than place betting 6 and 8, so I expanded my betting to place betting the inside numbers, along with pass line betting. Again, it’s not my usual style of play, but it’s good to switch it up.

Also, for the sake of introducing new players to craps, this video has a thorough explanation of the pass line bet. It’s sometimes helpful for new players to actually see the game in action. If you’re a newbie who is looking to understand craps, this video will help you. It may seem like information overload at first, but as you continue to watch and rewatch the video, I promise that you’ll eventually understand the game.

Craps, at it’s heart, is actually a very simple game. Just remember these numbers: 7, 11, 2, 3, 12. Now watch the video…and remember 7, 11, 2, 3, 12.



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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Peppermill Casino, Reno, Nevada (with Beginner Friendly Guide), Part 1 of 2

  • Appeared to be a good session. It’s been close to a decade since I was last in Reno, but I always enjoyed going there. If it’s still around the little nugget diner across from Harrahs has the awful awful, it’s definitely worth a stop in. I’m not a fan of having to pay the vig up front on the buy bets. I thought that dealer would give up the name eventually. Looking forward to part two

    • Most Reno casinos will allow you to buy the 5/9. The problem is the dealer is right; the place he’s referring you does not charge the vig up front for 4/10, but makes you pay the vig up front for 5/9, which is not consistent. Therefore, he did answer the question correctly.

      • RoadGambler says:

        Hi J. Welcome.

        Technically, he did answer the question correctly. That part, I’ll agree with you. My point was that I rarely, if ever, see anyone buying the 5 and 9. In 30+ years of playing craps, I do not think I’ve seen even one person buying the 5 or 9.

        But, yes, your point is well made.

        • Well, if a place didn’t charge a vig up front, wouldn’t you buy a 5/9 when your units got higher than 20+ instead of placing it, since you’re getting free odds pretty much? Buy a 5 for 20, pays 30 for 1 instead of 28. I mean it’s just a dollar, but any edge is an edge!

        • A bit off topic, but would buying the 5/9 on bubble craps or shoot to win craps be better than placing them? Since it’s all computerized (making & paying of bets) the vig is calculated correctly.

          • RoadGambler says:

            Not off topic at all. Please always feel free to ask.

            Place betting the 5/9 has a house edge of 4.0%.

            Buying the 5/9 has a house edge of 4.75% if the commission is paid up front.

            If the commission is paid on the win only, then the house edge is 2.0%.

            So the answer is that buying the 5/9 is only better if the commission is paid only on the win, and the bubble craps machine does not round up.

            The other question that I’m not sure of – and maybe someone can chime in – is that while bubble craps claims to charge commission only on the win, is the commission paid only on the win AMOUNT, or is it charged on the total amount returned (original bet and win)? I would suspect the it’s the latter, but considering how the machine notifies the player of a win as the total amount (like a slot machine), I wound’t be surprise if it was the former.

            Just a bit of clarification for those who are reading this and are going to play craps that is NOT bubble craps (i.e., regular table craps)…if you buy the 5 and/or 9, be sure that the commission is paid only on the win AND you bet in increments of $20. The second element does not apply to bubble craps because the machine can pay in decimals (cents). On a regular table craps game, if you bet less than $20, the ‘buy’ commission will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. That hurts you, and you may have been better off just placing the 5/9.

            On my next trip, I’ll play some bubble craps and get definitive answers to this question, with pics as proof. I’ve had several people ask, so this question will benefit many.

          • I’ve been listening to the podcast “you can bet on that” the topic of bubble craps came up on last 2 episodes(#185 & 186) regarding if it’s a slot or table game set up. It seems in California it’s set up as a slot machine. This is so the dice can be used. In Vegas it’s set up like a table with higher limits, one listener who plays at cosmo says the max bet is up around $3000. I believe the limit is much lower in California also the machine will print out vouchers automatically once payouts reach $1000 to avoid W-2G’s. Hope this helps for when a bubble craps video is made

  • I have a quick question.

    The guy to the immediate left of the stick appeared to routinely put down a pass line bet after the point was established (and also put down pass line odds bet with it at the same time). Am I missing something or doesn’t the pass line bet have to be put down before the point is established?

    Enjoyed the video.

    Thanks again.

    • RoadGambler says:


      He is doing the equivalent of a ‘put bet’ on the point. A put bet is just a pass line bet where the player foregoes the come out roll.

      Some casinos do not allow actual put bets, as put bets can be ‘put’ on any number; but almost every casino will allow a post come out bet + odds, which is effectively a put bet on the point.

      At 5x odds on the point of 6 or 8, it’s effectively the same as a place bet. $10 pass line on the ‘put’ + $50 odds pays $10+$60 for a total of $70.

      The same place bet of $60 pays $70.

      Generally, I do not recommend a put bet. You want the 2-1 advantage on the come out roll. That 2-1 edge makes up for the disadvantage after the come out roll.

      • RG,

        Thank you for the explanation. I did not know that. The educational journey continues 🙂

        You are an excellent teacher and I, most probably among many, appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

  • RG shot 4 points of a fire bet ! Pays 25 to 1 but that bet is going away…….didnt see ATS on that table either but repeaters were offered!

  • I really enjoy your videos . do you set the dice when you throw? Have you been to any of the casino n the north east?

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks for the kind words, rich.

      If by north east you mean north of Atlantic City, the answer is not recently.

      I’ll be making some stops there soon. That’s on my travel list. I want to do a long road trip in the fall.

      As for setting, yes, I do. But if you notice in my videos, I get a lot of heat for not hitting the back wall. I have to pick my spots.

  • At about 27 minutes the shooter passed the dice and seemed unhappy then sat out a few points which hit. What was that about?

      • Hi Roadgambler,

        I guess great minds think alike!

        Seriously, thanks for the explanation.

        I love your videos. I never really understood the mechanics of Dark side betting until I saw your information and it really helped me get successfully through two rounds of the Golden Nugget craps tournament last week — unfortunately I lost the semi-final round and only got the $100 promo chip consolation prize.

        • RoadGambler says:

          That’s still a nice win. It’s pretty tough to get anything out of a tournament.

          One of these days, I’m going to figure a way to get a video footage of a craps tournament.

          Thanks for the kind words, my friend.

  • Fitzsimmons Tim says:

    I love the Pepermill. (Except the odds). I was there a year ago (hadn’t been there in probably 20 years) and my first day played three sessions and netted $300 each for a $900 gain. I bet a conservative 6&8 + 1-2 come bets (if point 6 or 8). I took the first place bet hit to the rack, then pressed up to 18 then regressed back to $6. Always max odds on PL and come bets.
    The next day was busy and I only got one night session in. Started the same as above – table cold, switched to the darkside and won $400. Nice little gain of $1,300. Great hotel, good service, good food, and good dealers. I did venture downtime to play and did not like the vibe anywhere and left back to the Peppermill for the darkside session.
    Love your videos and would like to see a 3 Point Molly demo. I play this or your typical PL + 1-2 come bets almost exclusively, and am up 20% for the year.
    Thanks again for bringing live craps right to our homes.

    • RoadGambler says:

      That’s a good idea. 3 point Molly might be interesting.

      I like the Peppermill, too. Everyone seems to be really friendly and the dealers are pretty good. Downtown is another story. I very much agree with your assessment of downtown Reno.

  • I was talking a little more north CT Foxwoods , The Mohegan Sun, MGM Spring field Mass OR Encore in Boston Harbor. I enjoy watch and picking a lot of tip on what to watch for when playing

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