This is the conclusion to the craps game at Peppermill casino.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any thoughts or questions.


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Peppermill Casino, Reno, Nevada, Part 2 of 2

  • Ha RG have you ever thought about hoping big. RED on your come out rolls it looks like you throw alot of them , are you setting to do that or does it just happen ? If I was playing with you have to hedge ATS I dont play the pass line unless its me shutting or somebody I know can hold the dice. Thank for all the hard work .will be in Las Vegas the week of Aug 18 maybe I will run into you

  • Nice session.

    Would you be kind enough to write a short blog about money management when playing craps? How big of a bankroll would you bring to the table with a table min of $5 with 10x odds playing the pass and one come bet?

    What do you consider a good win? 50% gain on your initial buy in?

    What win/loss target do you set for yourself?

    Most players I know get greedy and play to their last dollar.

    Also, is it true that if all craps players just bet pass line plus odds, the casino would close down craps given the low house edge and wouldn’t be worth their time to man a full time crew?



    • Yes , if all craps players only bet the PL or DP with odds and Come and DC bets with odds all the live craps tables would be replaced with bubble craps machines ! That is proof positive that those are the best bets in craps ( very low HE)

  • The field bettor went away ( or stopped betting the field ) he missed out on a string of 4s and 10s and craps rolls !

  • Jamie Perry says:

    Surreal, That was me (the last shooter) at the end of the part 2 video, that was fun to watch. Ive never watched my toss on video before.

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