This is the next installment of our real craps game.

You may have seen this coming because of our recent Planet Hollywood themed content.

I like the Planet Hollywood vibe. It’s a fun casino, but it’s your standard Las Vegas strip $10 minimum with 3,4,5x odds.

Oh, here’s a tip: Planet Hollywood is one of the few strip casinos that still offer free self parking.

Enjoy the video!

Part 2 will be out next week.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Planet Hollywood Resort Casino, Part 1

  • Thank you for the video! When the tables are slow to get the dice in shooters hands, a longer video would be better. I like seeing as many rolls as I can when you post a new video. Keep them coming!

    • RoadGambler says:

      You’re welcome, Chris.

      We try to balance the length with the average time that viewers tend to watch videos. But yes, I will definitely keep your suggestion in mind in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

  • RG, I’m going to Vegas on Sunday for a week. Do you have any advice on the best places to play craps. I’m looking for a place with some good shooters. I know that’s hard to find, but I’m asking anyway.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Depends on your goal. If you want cheap craps, then do doubt: downtown Las Vegas. The advantage to DTLV is that the casinos are so close, if you don’t like one, you can immediately jump to another.

      If you want to play with some ‘good players’, as you say, realize that LV is a tourist town. You’ve probably watched my videos and notice that in LV, buying in during the middle of a roll, among other courtesy violations, is the norm. The only way to get away from the tourists and novices is to play in the high limit areas.

      If you were to twist my arm and force me to give you a recommendation that wasn’t downtown and located somewhere on the strip, I’d pick Cromwell with their 100x odds. The players are relatively serious and won’t clown around too hard. Although, there’s always the exception.

      Their table minimums are mostly $15 nowadays. They used to be $10, but I don’t see $10 very often anymore, at least not the last time I was at Cromwell.

      I know many other people have varying opinions on your question, and if she of the other casinos had better than 3,4,5x, then I’d recommend them. I just can’t recommend a 3,4,5x game.

      If you’re willing to drive 45 minutes, then my #1 choice outside of LV…and I highly recommend that you do this…is to go play at Joker’s Wild on the weekdays. They have $1 craps with 10x odds. That’s a darn good game, and the players are knowledgable and serious.

      On the weekends, it’s $2 minimum.

  • Thanks for the video RG. Tables were brutal. I agree novice players all random throwers. Need to stay away from these type of players. Once in a long shot you’ll get a diamond in the rough but far and between. I was at this exact table a couple of weeks ago and the strangest but kindness gesture was made by a fellow player. I was rolling at a $10 table and rolled between20-30 times and hit the 5 and 9 repeater, of course I didn’t bet it, but the guy next to me was a high roller and placed $50 on the 5 and 9 and I made him a lot of money. Eventually the 7 poked its ugly head and the table shot up to $25 so I was coloring out. To my surprise the high roller asked me why I was leaving and basically said I don’t play $25 tables and asked me what I play so I reply $10. The HR calls the pit boss and tells him to leave the table at $10 and he does. The HR tells me to throw the dice again and the table passes the dice and I throw another 20-30 rolls and the HR makes a killing and I as well. Great experience and friendly staff and customers. Thanks RG.

      • RoadGambler says:

        I’ll provisionally approve this comment.

        We filter first comments so that the comments section isn’t flooded with spam.

        If this comment is legit, you can start posting and your comments will appear immediately.

        However, if this associated email starts trying to sell medication or Russian brides, well…

    • Alan Sherman says:

      That’s a great story. I was at my local casino and had been pretty regular(early morning on Saturdays) I get there and see the normal dealers/pit etc. It’s just me I throw down my normal $5 bet and we start…I hit a point and decide to just warm up by placing $12 on the 6 & 8 when the dealers clue and mention its a $10 min. I apologize as I basically tell them every morning for the last fews weeks it’s always been $5. They ask the pit boss and they change the table. I’m not a high roller or anything but I thought it was just a great way to say thank you for your business.

      • RoadGambler says:

        Btw, Alan, now that I’ve approved your comments, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam. You are good to go!

    • RoadGambler says:

      I saw your comment below, so I approved this.

      We filter first comments for spam.

      You are now good to go, and your comments will appear immediately.

  • As always, another great video. It was kinda hard watching the newbie and her throwing though. So hard to work your way through a stretch like you experienced. Always look forward to Thursday and your new video

  • RG,
    I don’t think I have ever seen you chasing a loss. I thought you were too disciplined for it. I was surprised to see it.

    • RoadGambler says:

      What you see in this video is not my style of play.

      If it were up to me, I would constantly play my RG method, which is just one pass and one come, both with max odds, whatever those odds are. Viewers and readers started complaining that they wanted to see something else, so I’m changing up my style of play. Like the Santa Ana video; I would never play that way or make those bets, ever, unless I was making a video.

      If you’re surprised now, just wait. You’re going to be seeing some even more out-of-character stuff in the future that makes you go, ‘huhhhh???’

      Even with the higher house edge on some of those bets, it’s still a small cost to making these videos, and some of them are fun to watch.

      Having said that…I’m writing an article on your very thought after part 2 comes out next week.

  • Kevin Hopkinson says:

    RG, everyday I look forward to your craps videos checking to see if a new video has been uploaded. I wasn’t disappointed! Cant wait for part two.

  • Videos like this are a good reminder that cold tables exist and craps is a hard game to beat. Others who post craps videos usually only show the good days.

    Thanks for keeping it real, RG.

  • Road Gambler….

    I think your viewers and reader are ready to have a grown up discussion about dice control vs random rolls….

    Are we going to get a blog dedicated to this topic?

    If random rollers sucked so badly, wouldn’t everyone make a killing by laying place bets on them every time? I commonly see/hear in comments and other places that random rollers aren’t able to have sustained rolls for long periods of time vs dice controllers… why wouldn’t more people take advantage of this if this was true?

    • RoadGambler says:

      This is a topic that can absolutely cause some big arguments that will lead nowhere. Let me think about it…for a long time….and get back at a later date…in the future.

      • I completely understand….it is very divisive. don’t waste your time thinking about it. I already know the answer…lol

        just like challenging craps superstitions at the table…you can debate all day with those that won’t budge on their thinking and beliefs….

        1. turning bets off on dealer changes.
        2. turning bets off after the dice go off table
        3. turning bets off during a mid roll buy in….etc…
        4. the dice can get “hot”…
        5. Certain numbers are “due”
        6. Some shooters are “bad luck”

  • Well heck, I didn’t know we had a request page on this site. If that is the case, then I would like to see you play $162 across, no line bet unless you’re shooting with you going up with the bets and $5 on all the hardways with parlay if they hit. 🙂

    • RoadGambler says:

      I do take requests, but only to an extent. Usually, I’ll modify the request to make the expected loss somewhat more manageable. I’ll clarify next week.

      In that same vein, after the Santa Ana video, I received a number of emails ask the same thing you ask, along the lines of, ‘I read your article and I thought you said the hardways are a bad bet, why are you betting them?’

      I’m going to clarify this next week because I see some confusion.

  • Oh Boy, Max on Tilt! I can’t wait to see how this ends. I’ll save my reply until the end my friend. Thanks for all you do. Hurry up and order another drink before the money is gone.

  • I see you let Rick Burner ( a FB group administrator) get into your head. He hates PL and Come bets ( he will say you have to not only place 6’s and 8’s ) ……but another reason come bets are good is that they get your money on a number the shooter has hit and very well may naturally hit again !

    • RoadGambler says:


      It’s good to switch it up. There are lots of people who like to see place bets over come bets.

      But yes, this strategy is definitely his style of play.

      I’ll take requests to a reasonable level. I’m not going to play $25 each on all the hard ways, for example. 1.5% HE on the place 6 and 8 isn’t the worst bet. It’s actually pretty decent.

  • Jacob Bittner says:

    Hey I love your videos, I like how honest you are in the captions and the commentary. Great stuff. I actually search for tables like the one you were on with the tourists. I’m a darkside player and it just seems like the tourists always 7 out quick. Anyway, amazing videos man.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Jacob.

      FYI, we filter first comments for spam. You are now good to go. Your comments will now appear immediately.

  • I’m surprised the DC guy on the first table colored up. The way both tables played was a don’ts dream. If my count is correct 6 PSO’s in just this video, with the same number of PSO +1. Then again hind sights a B^%$#(keeping it family friendly), because if I’d been playing my somewhat modified RG style, more choice words would have been flowing. Thanks again Max


  • I don’t know anyone who is so disciplined as not to go on tilt on occasion. Besides, this isn’t a game of discipline, really – since the bottom line of discipline is “reward”. This game “rewards” us only with a temporary monetary gain – followed by a downer; like all good drugs.

    I was at a table once where there was a little guy who was obviously better at black jack than craps. He would come to the craps table once every 20 minutes or so with a $50 chip. He’d put it up on some outside shot, inevitably lose – most of his bets were 16-to-1, then proceed to throw a fit at the table and sulk back to the black jack table.

    We all waited anxiously for his return, kept quiet and then roared after he left the table and headed back to black jack.

    Sometimes going on tilt can be fun…


    • RoadGambler says:

      Even the best poker players go on tilt now and then.

      It’s really a human emotion. You have to be some sort of robot to be entirely immune to tilt.

  • I think I know the purpose of this and next weeks video. I’ll just have to see if i’m right.
    I see people everytime i go to the casino playing the way they’ve seen online. (Drives me crazy.) Hopefully you can persuade a few to change

    • RoadGambler says:

      I feel that I can sense what you’re thinking, but feel free to state your theory, James. The results are already set. Part 2 will be out Thursday.

  • Another great job on the video, Hope next part comes out soon . Will be on strip Wednesday thru Saturday . Keep up the good work

  • I”ll just say i think you’re trying to get a point across by show and not tell. It’s looking like it might not be a cheap one though
    Videos are awesome with great lessons behind them.
    I haven’t been playing long but I’m sort of a math geek so all the videos are good practice.
    I’m a small bankroll guy but I’m ahead pretty good lifetime
    I’ll take all advice and watch as many videos as I can to keep myself inline
    The times if not done well was when I lost focus or got greedy.

  • Alan Sherman says:

    Not sure the best place to comment as I watch the vids on youtube sometimes and vimeo other times. I was also surprised by you chasing towards the end. Just for the record I don’t mind your P+C+odds betting style. I just like seeing the rolls, the flow of the game, etc. A mix strategy I saw in the Axis forums is place then come then place system. Seemed very interesting…

    • RoadGambler says:

      It’s meant to be a change in style. A few viewers were complaining about the same style of play, so I change it up.

      Sometimes, it’s fun to see a guy go on tilt. Who doesn’t love a train wreck? Lol.

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