This video is nearly 40 minutes long, so sit back, enjoy, and get your craps fix right here!

This is the next RoadGambler Real Craps game. I am now at Rio Las Vegas.

Rio is an off strip casino with a strip vibe. It’s part of the Caesar’s family of casinos, located not too far off the Las Vegas strip.

This craps game is $10 minimum with 3x ,4x ,5x max odds. Rumor is that Rio is up for sale or may be dropped by Caesar’s because of the El Dorado sale, so I figured I would capture some footage of this once iconic casino. At one time, Rio was the casino where the ‘cool’ people would hang out and gamble.

It’s still a fun casino with friendly staff and very attractive cocktail waitresses, despite its’ age.

For this craps game, I primarily went back to my usual RoadGambler low house edge strategy. I was becoming concerned that too many viewers thought that I was endorsing a riskier style of play that involved bets with higher house edges. That’s what inspired me to write this disclaimer: RoadGambler’s style of play.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for the longest real craps videos on the internet. There’s an ASMR component to this video.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game at Rio Las Vegas, Part 1

  • Took a while to get the newbie to bet the 6 and 8 for 12 instead of 10….Last shooter seems to be using an ice tong type toss …and he is having a nice roll ! Love when come bets are off + on !

  • Loved the Rio. I had the good fortune to be invited by a host just after it opened. It was a blast to stay there then (very festive). It was my go to place for several years then came children and the end to my discretionary cash. What time of day are you playing in this video it looks kinda dead? It would be disappointing if it closed so many of my old favorite casinos are gone now. I like the smaller out of the way casinos with a personal touch. Nice win in part one look forward to part 2.

  • Always enjoy your videos RG. I admired your determination when the table went cold. Down a couple of hundred, you stayed the course. Justice that you were rewarded with that last hot shooter. Lady luck can change so quickly.

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