I was driving around Las Vegas this weekend looking for an In-N-Out burger joint. Visitors to Las Vegas are always looking for fancy burgers and pay outrageous prices at Gordon Ramsey and those other fancy burger joints. Right under their noses is the best burger chain in all of the U.S.

In-N-Out isn’t in every state, so a lot of people haven’t tried it. If you’re one of the people who haven’t tried an In-N-Out burger, give it a shot. I think it’s the best burger in Vegas. 

There’s an In-N-Out burger near the Rio, so after stuffing myself on an In-N-Out double-double cheeseburger, I stopped by the Rio and went into their Diamond Lounge. 

Rio is a Caesars property, so if you’re a Diamond member, you can stop by and take advantage of their complimentary snacks, hot food (if it’s dinner time), and drinks. 

I had a shot of Single Barrel Jack. Actually, I had two shots. Ok, I may have had three. I love Jack Single Barrel; the regular Jack is a bit watered down for my tastes. 

After my triple of Jack, I went down to the blackjack table and played blackjack for about an hour. Then I went into the high limit room and played baccarat for about another hour. All this was to make my host happy. 

My host had set me up in a nice room at Bally’s, and I hadn’t given him much play yet. This was to keep the free offers coming. Making a host happy usually isn’t in the best interest of the player, but in this case, it was warranted because of the low house edge games I was playing and because of the free play that he offered.

As I was coloring up and walking away from the table, a rather attractive girl comes up to me and says, ‘hey sexy wanna go have some fun.’

Anytime a lone attractive girl approaches me in Las Vegas, I instinctively put my thumbs in my pocket (never my whole hand). It’s a pickpocket defense instinct.

I don’t care if you’re Brad Pitt. She’s not there for your good looks. 100% of the time, she’s a working girl. 

I politely tell her ‘no’ but ask her if I can take a picture of her for a $20 tip because I run a blog. I promise to blur her face if she wants. She hears that and speed walks away. 

I was too buzzed to drive back to Bally’s, so I end up playing craps for about two hours at Rio. It was a good time, going up and down, up and down. Nothing too eventful, but enjoyable. If you love craps, it’s fun to just watch dice roll, even if you have small bets. 

Honestly, I don’t recommend craps at Rio. The hotel and casino are a bit run down. At one time, Rio was a happening place, but now that I’ve seen it again, it’s a bit depressing. For my tastes, the Rio is a bit dark. I wish they would liven it up a bit. Maybe with a Rio type band with a carnival-type parade though the casino or some sort of South American themed music. For god’s sake, it’s called Rio. Give it some Brazilian flare. 

At one time, Rio was iconic (the World Series of Poker currently plays at Rio). There’s always talk of the Rio being torn down for some sort of new project. So if you want to experience a piece of old’ ish’ Vegas, visit the Rio before it’s gone. 

This video is my tribute to posterity, in case the Rio is actually ever torn down.

I hope you enjoy this video. If they tear down the Rio, this video might be all that’s left!

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game at Rio Las Vegas, Part 2

    • Well, getting pics of women surreptitiously is a good way to be labelled a creep. Unless they’re displaying themselves in a public way with no expectation of privacy, such as dancing on a stage or elevated platform, or they’re street performers selling pictures, I always ask for permission first.

      What actress? Hmmm…I’ve been trying to think of this and I really have no idea. If you were to completely twist my arm and force me to pick, I’d say she was like Sophie Turner but rougher around the edges, without the make-up budget or crew. Blonde, but not expensively done hair, like some of the club girls you see at the Wynn night club. Not a skinny face or a round face, but something in the middle. You certainly wouldn’t mistake her for Sophie Turner, though, but that’s the best guess I can think of.

  • The string of losing pass line bets would have gotten me to start betting the darkside.

    Also that shooter who kept bouncing the dice into the side of the tub next to him until the dice EVENTUALLY showed the numbers he wanted really got on my nerves. If he really wanted the dice to face a certain way, he just should have turned them .

  • I would be interested to know if high limit Baccarat at the Rio is still dealt on the classic full table with two dealers and a croupier

    Similar to “cutting costs” by eliminating the Boxman at Craps, apparently a number of the high limit rooms now deal on a “Midi-Baccarat” table, which is simply a larger version of Mini-Baccarat, manned by a single dealer

    To me, the formal dress, the ritual of the players passing the shoe and the croupier directing the play of the hand, were part of the attraction. It all provided a certain glamour and drama which set Baccarat apart from the other table games

    Of course, aside from the enormous expense of three dealers (how much did they make anyway), play at the big table was rather leisurely, impacting the number of hands dealt per hour. Heaven knows that squeezing out the last bean now takes precedence over providing an enjoyable gaming experience anywhere in the casino. Drop your bucks, hit the door and we’ll see you next time

    I just wonder how many mega-whales want to fly in from Japan or Hong Kong to sit a Midi-Baccarat table? If there are any full table games left, I think it would make for an interesting video

    BTW, if you don’t mind divulging, how did you make out at Baccarat?

    • Luigi,

      No. They’ve definitely cut costs. Their ‘big’ baccarat is more like midi baccarat nowadays. They don’t have the double dealer and croupier anymore.

      I agree with you. The old style true big table play is quite romantic and harkens back to a a glamour that’s missing nowadays.

      I did ok and ended up $185 after commissions paid. This was betting $100 to $400 a hand. Probably averaging $200 per hand.

      At first, I was up about 5 bets, then a string of player wins killed me. I prefer banker bets because of the lower house edge. At one time, 7 players hit in a row, and then just my bad luck, I switched to player and a run of 3 bankers hit.

      Luckily, a little bit later, things balanced out and I wagon banker and had a string of 5 bankers. I was up about $500, but after clearing the commission, I was up about $185. Tipped the dealer $35, and pocketed $150. Not a bad result considering the bad string that happened.

  • Kevin hopkinson says:

    Another great video RG and I do somewhat agree with you on the In-and-out. debate, The #1 with grilled onions and animal fries is my go too! But I like the habit better, it has a bigger patty than in and out.
    I know you probably get asked, I’m heading to Laughlin for the first week of September wanted to know if you would be in the area to play craps?

    • Hey Kevin. I will not be in Laughlin, unfortunately.

      Have you ever had the fries well done? Try it at least once. I love them well done. Some people don’t. They come out a little crispier than usual. One of In-N-Out’s weaknesses is their fries.

      Animal style fries are good! I just can’t have them all the time. Too many calories for me, even on vacation.

  • What does your significant other think about your gambling habits?

    How do you convince her that you aren’t addicted…?

    • I’m pretty disciplined. As I mentioned in one of my earliest blog entries, I now partition my money out so that I last the entire year. Before RoadGambler, I would never play 3,4,5x. It was 20x or 100x or high stakes BJ or Baccarat. In 2015, I busted my entire bankroll on my first trip and didn’t play again until 2016.

      Nowadays, to make sure that my bankroll lasts, I partition my bankroll out.

      As long as I stay disciplined and stick to my budget, she doesn’t mind. She makes her own money, and I also have business reasons why I travel. I naturally travel a lot anyways.

      Coincidentally enough, tomorrow’s article is about a form of bankroll management.

      • How did you bust your entire annual bankroll in one trip? Did you go on Tilt? If the house edge is 1-2% using the RoadGambler method, you must have been on the wrong side of variance.

        • RoadGambler says:

          Oh, trust me. It’s very possible.

          I’ve had several people ask, and I’m preparing an article on it. It was UGLY!

          In short, there was no tilt because I was already at the table maximum of $1000 per number. Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

          RoadGambler method has a way lower house edge than 1-2%. Actually I consider 2% to be a really high house edge that only warrants ‘screw around’ play, like betting $5 at 3 Card Poker or $10 Pai Gow.

  • Another very good one Road Gambler. Feel bad for the last shooter. Been there! Table had gone cold, everybody had departed and he decides to make the big comeback on his own. You can almost feel the bad vibes! Don’t understand why he felt the need to have his place bets working on the come out. Ugh! It seemed the dealers wanted to tell him to save his money. Reminded me of a friend that lost something like 10 straight roulette spins on black for $100 a pop. The lady dealer looked at him sadly and said, “Sir, do you have children?”

  • The last guy definitely is going to need to watch your money management blog. It looked like a desperate move.
    The Rio has become run down and depressing. I’m a big magic fan and love Penn and Teller so that gets me into the casino sometimes but wouldn’t go there just to gamble. The place looks pretty cool from the outside so it probably attracts business.
    enjoy your videos.

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