This is Part 2 of 2 of the Real Craps Game at Santa Ana Star Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This video is longer than the first video. Let me know if you prefer longer videos or shorter videos. We noticed that performance-wise, most viewers only watch for 5-minute increments, so I decided to shorten the videos by playing shorter sessions.

I tagged the first twelve rolls to easily identify the results of the Hops Bet Mania Weekly Contest.

Good luck!


If you’re wondering about the end amount – without giving too much away – the result at the end is the color up amount plus $65 in my hand. That was the session result over approximately 90 minutes of play.


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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game: Santa Ana Star Hotel Casino, Part 2 with Weekly Contest Results

  • I prefer videos between 12-20 minutes. Thanks, not only for the great videos, but for the great insight into the casino and gambling world.

  • The longer the better RG. To me it’s all beautiful background music!

    Currently combining this vid with three screens from the Masters, horse racing from Keeneland, and watching that dominating sports gambler on Jeopardy! He almost makes me feel like I’m not a degenerate after all!

  • Videos are awesome like always I do have a question what are the bets that you call 6&8 repeaters and how much todo the pay? Like always thanks for the videos.

  • Awesome video like always I enjoy watching the videos. I do have a question what are the 6&8 repeaters on the side bets and how much is the pay out? I am a beginner I have heard of fire betts, ATS, but not the ones on the video.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Alberto.

      Thanks for the kind words.

      The Repeater bet on the 6 and 8 each pay 90-1 FOR 1. To win, the 6 or 8 each must roll 6 times before the 7 rolls.

      The Repeater bet isn’t very common.

  • RG great job on the video like and the way you showed the rolls for the hop bets nice to see what has be rolled would be hard to do for all videos but it is very help full hope to see moor of it .This would help for those who watch them to practice betting .I prefer the longer videos as I have said this before .keep up the great work thanks again.

  • I like the longer videos, but 20-30 minutes works well. I also like your normal play and pace better than the faster play or extra bets. I was surprised you still walked ahead after all that. Didn’t seem to be any big wins or long rolls, maybe one decent roll.

  • I also like the longer videos-20 to 30 min. It gives a tremendous feel for the session. Your explanation of different bets is VERY helpful. Now its off to Vegas this weekend !

  • Max, I have not watched yet but I like the longer ones. Its better than whats on TV. I also agree with Ben about the style of play. I like to watch with a adult beverage after I have all my work done and everyone has retired for the evening before I retire.

  • Road Gambler: Longer is entertaining, but whatever makes you happy.
    I’m interested in your thoughts on taking down place bets or come odds when you feel Big Red is coming. I don’t remember seeing you do it. But if you find yourself with a loaded table on a long roll, good timing on a couple of pullbacks can make such a difference. For instance, I’ve seen some go off when the dice leave the table, when there is a stick change, when there is some kind of argument at the table or when a 3 is the previous roll.

  • Dear Road Gambler,

    I’ve watch all your videos for a long time and finally I decided to write.

    Great camera work and sound always!! It’s almost like being there.

    Also, I especially appreciate the longer videos because it shows a true session at a table that we mostly all play at. That way we can see the long term swings of the table from cold to hot, etc.

    The part at the Santa Ana casino where you were rolling really fast was so exciting to watch!

    In my case, being a 2 point Don’t better, I played along with $40 bets and won almost $400 for the entire Santa Ana casino video….and actually $840 for the entire Fremont video.

    Thank you for showing sessions as they naturally pan out over time…even the cold tables…and not merely giving us a 3 minute clip of a hot roll like other videos.

    I’m very sorry if you lost money at the Fremont. Personally, I don’t understand why nearly 100% of bets are on the Pass line.

  • RG: I really enjoy your videos . Longer the better.
    Being new to craps the videos help to practice betting.
    I also agree with Ben that I like your normal play and pace.
    Which videos do you recall where you play your strategy?

    Again, Thanks for what you share .

  • A 7 out occured when the dice were goven to u on an 11. Some players would have made the stick change what was showing on the dice.

  • Love the long videos, please keep them coming. I have been teaching a couple friends of mine and have them watching your videos.

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