Ladies and gentlemen, the above video is part 2.

Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any comments or questions.



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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game Strategies: Part 2, Bally’s Las Vegas, Roll Tracking with More Action

  • Thanks for the video. As always, quality of the video is excellent.

    Nice toke drop at 25 minute mark when the dealers were $5 on the yo repeater.

    Roll tracking is pretty boring. And assuming you chose to execute that strategy, when does that strategy tell you to take all bets down like you did near the end? I know you did save money that time, but why deviate then?

    To the extent you want to experiment with timing the bet, I would like to see you utilize the “Five Count” so you can bet after the initial rolls.

      • The five count, as proscribed by Golden Touch has been thoroughly debunked as a valid craps system. Each roll is independent. However, if you are tracking rolls, the seven appearing within five rolls and getting closer in to PPSO as rolls continue is an indicator, at least for me, that the darkside play might be the way to go. I understand why people still use it. Roll three is a seven out pt. as is roll six to eight. So the thinking is if you can get past roll three plus a are good to go. I’ve seen shooters use the five count to play an iron cross one hit and down. They get hit plenty.

        • I like to use the 10 count just to make sure the table is smoking hot. Then I buy in the middle of the roll and then the shooter 7’s out.

  • Hey RG, I have to agree with Monte, this roll tracking is quite boring to watch.

    I was in vegas over the weekend and tried the come bets with max odds staying disciplined. Definitely much more fun to watch, and more action with lots of win potential.

    Regardless, thanks for another video to watch. Keep up the good work.

  • RG, Have you been to the New Sahara Las Vegas previously the SLS? If not next time in Vegas can you make a video there. Thanks!

  • For entertainment purposes, how about $64 across, with you taking down the first 3 hits and letting the 3 remaining numbers ride……lol. I know you wouldn’t do it to high house edge, but maybe you can reconsider.

    On 2nd thought, how about a YouTube tour of your presidential suite at Caesars. Or an article on comparing in n out, shake shack and Five Guys burgers.

    I miss the 20x odd play. Hopefully it returns soon

  • RG, Again another fantastic video, the quality is extraordinaire. I’ve tried the five count and have been successful. But after the five count finishes I will play sort of like you do with 2 come bets with max odds and then leave it till the seven or they hit one of my come bets which I will replace. I’ve found that it does save you quite a bit of money on the short rolls in many many occasions, especially on those choppy tables. And when you find a table with a shooter that repeats the numbers it’s heaven. But the system does like I say save you on the PSO’s. I’d love for you to try this in a video sometime. Thanks again and keep the videos coming.

  • I felt very bad for the gentleman at SL1. He lost a lot of money. Started at dark side, saw them hit the point, switched to the other side, only to seven out and lose more money. This game can be very hard on people’s mind.

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