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Ah yes, the issue of roll tracking.

I step up to a table, and it starts off cold. This is what I will inevitably hear or read in the comments…

RG, this is why you do the five count…

RG, the table was cold, you should have tracked it first…

Roll tracking can mean different things to different people. One school of dice teaches something called the Five Count. Their version of tracking does not rely on noting specific numbers, but whether or not the 7 is avoided by any given shooter. You can learn about it here…

The Golden Touch Craps Five Count.

Other craps players believe in trends.

Steve ‘AxisPower Craps’ Haltom defines a trend this way,

“The trend is your friend.”

If you want to know how I identify trends there is no short answer…I use a mathematical formula based on a rolling track of the last dozen or so rolls. For example, I normally only place/buy even numbers. But if a shooter tossed 6, 5, 4, 5 … I will get paid if the 5 rolls again because it is a trending hot number. If it goes to sleep I get off it and rack the bet or put it to better use.

Likewise, if the shooter tossed five sixes and no eights I’ll take down or minimalize my bet on the eight and rack the change it uses to press a trending hot number.

As Grafstein said, only bet on a winning horse.

Which, by the way, is why converting from across, inside, outside, or even numbers to a single (trending) place a bet after a few rolls makes a lot of sense.

You would argue that Come betting effectively does that for you. I would argue for more of a place to come strategy.

Steve runs a very successful dice school, and he’s taught countless students how to enjoy the game of craps. If you want to contact him, his email is


In the video above, I use roll tracking as a strategy.

I use a simple and clear cut way of tracking: if a number rolls twice, I bet on that number via a place or buy bet. I messed up on the tracking once. It’s not so easy to track, play, and also…ahem…record a game.

You’ll notice very quickly that tracking has an easily identifiable trait to the style of play.

Let me know what you think.


I also owe some of you an article on comps. Unfortunately, that article was sidetracked by cruise week and doing family stuff with the wife.

I’ll be back and have the comps article completed by next week.


YouTube has blocked this video for view in some countries outside of the United States and certain (unspecified) regions. It is unknown why, but I’ll guess that it has something to do with the Irish theme.

If you are unable to view the video, that is the reason.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game Strategies: Roll Tracking at O’Shea’s Casino, Las Vegas

    • We brought it back on Youtube because too many people complained that it wasn’t on YouTube. This is one of the consequences of offending the YouTube overlords.

  • Couldn’t view it in eastern Pennsylvania either.

    The message states: “This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”.

    Apparently, Pennsylvania is outside the United States. 🙂

    Forgive my ignorance, but who is SME? I only know it as “Subject Matter Expert.” Is SME one of the villains from a James Bond movie?

    A google search revealed it to be Sony Music. What song caused you to run afoul of the guardians of Sony music-dom? Oh, the horror of it all..

    Seriously, though, thanks for doing all this. I look forward to be able to view the video eventually.

    • Sorry John,

      This was one of the reasons why I tried moving the video off YouTube, but when we did that, the complaints grew.

      Now that we are back on YT, this is going to happen when we run afoul of the YouTube overlords.

      • No apologies necessary. I was trying to inject humor.

        I am picturing someone or a group at SME whose function in life is to watch You Tube all day to look for offenders.

        Anyway, thank you for providing the content that you do.

  • This table moves extremely slowly. I’m not talking about your betting strategy. I’m talking about the first 6 minutes seeing just 4 rolls. I would hate playing at this table sooooo much …

    I have downloaded the video and would happily host it on a server for people. Any modern desktop browser should play it automatically instead of prompt to download it. I suspect you would not like this (miss out on ad revenue, not statistics on viewer counts, etc.) , so I won’t do so unless you say it’s okay.

  • Dont worry folks. the day is coming when youtube wont be the big dog on the block anymore. Just like fox news smacked down the liberal media the “foxnews of youtube” will arrive and when it does im going to laugh at youtubes demise for being a bunch of whiny little………..fill in the blank.

  • I absolutely hate YouTube. Sorry they’re being such a holes. Look forward all week to your new videos. Will wait a little longer. Roll on Road Gambler

  • Hey RG, thanks again for another video I can use to fall asleep.

    Not sure how many viewers use VPN, but if you have it, video works.
    Change your region to outside of US and you should be able to view it.

  • I can view it here in Russia.

    About the strategy of roll tracking….it seems odd to me. You have to have a particular number roll three times before a 7 out to win for the first time. That’s long odds to me.

  • Jeff the Goose says:

    Hey RG,

    Good Video, I was able to watch it by using my VPN and changing my IP to a Canadian IP, Worked great. Thing of note, I wouldn’t have the patience to wait on numbers to be rolled twice. When I walk up to a table I do so to play and not worry about what was rolled or what I think might roll again. Maybe that is why I don’t have winning sessions all the time :-). I just love to play the game. Granted, if I see the Dark Side appearing more than chips comming my way, I will move on. Just booked another trip to Vegas 25 Dec – 3 Jan. Merry Christmas to ME :-), oh and my wife and daughter 🙂 :-). Anyhow, was wondering what camera or “How” do you video the game. If you don’t want to devulge your secret no problems, was just wondering is all. Thanks for the videos, keep them comming.

  • Changed my VPN to Russia, no problem with viewing. RG, I don’t know how you had the patience to bet like that. It would drive me nuts. I don’t get to play but a few times a year; when I’m there to play, I want to play. Trending is clearly nonsensical from a mathematics perspective, and it also appears to be a complete waste of time unless one enjoys watching instead of playing.

    • It was very different from what I usually do, that’s for sure. I was staying faithful to the formula. I owe it to the strategy and the proponents to show how it plays out in real life and how it looks in real life. It’s one thing to simulate it, it’s another to see it for real.

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