Let’s try this one, again.

For those who cannot view the original, this is the version with scrubbed sound. YouTube is becoming heavy handed with their copyright strikes, resulting in what happened to the last video.

This video still has a copyright strike, but the strike does not preclude viewing.

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game Strategies: (Scrubbed Sound) Roll Tracking at O’Shea’s Casino, Las Vegas

  • RG, thank you for doing this.

    Isn’t the strategy of a come bet, followed by betting odds once the come bet number comes up, kind of like roll tracking? One is looking for a number to repeat there as well, and would seem to be more in one’s favor than the roll tracking presented.

    If one is waiting for a number to come up twice before betting, you are really counting on a shooter having a long roll. It is kind of like waiting to see if lightning strikes the same place twice.

    • I think we are both Seinfeld fans because at one point during this game, as I was waiting for numbers to repeat, I said in my head, ‘these pretzels are making me thirsty.’

  • Looks very boring….

    Did you notice an increase in comp rating after this snoozefest….?

    Was it really that urgent that someone had to color up in the middle of a roll?

    • Comps were nonexistent. Zero. You don’t see it on camera, but afterwards, I asked the floor what he had me rated at. He said he didn’t think I was even playing. I had to argue to get something.

  • Wow, were they some of the slowest dealers I have ever seen. It was like the didn’t know how to use both hands.
    I don’t like the roll tracking. You would’ve made a bunch using your normal strategy.

    • It’s gambling half assed. Either you go in 100% and accept the risk or you don’t play.

      trying to ‘time’ a random event is foolish.

      The brain is wired to attempt to establish patterns. Humans try to detect patterns in their environment at all times.

      Roll counting is one of the dumbest ways to play craps.

      The worse thing RG can do is use this strategy and win big. Then his followers will think he has found a secret system and try and implement it.

      Don’t be a lemming. Stick to the pass and come with 10x odds with money you can afford to lose.

  • I saw a tracker recently at one of the tables in vegas with a notepad logging numbers. When they finally set in, he had around 500$ on table and won nothing, had he started at beginning would have been up not down 500.

  • RG,
    Thanks again for posting a video on a different strategy. As per the other comments, this one was a slow grind to get through due to the strategy waiting too long to put chips in play as well as the dealers working at the speed of pouring molasses.

    Next one will be better I’m sure. 🙂

  • Ha RG have you played at that casino befor ? That was a slow game I thought they made money buy rolls per hour .Thanks for the video and good luck at the tables .Nice win to get your new addition to your collection

    • I’ve played at the Linq. O’Shea’s is a little themed casino inside Linq. It’s way too loud in O’Sheas and I tend to avoid it.

  • The one thing analytics can’t predict is the order in which numbers come. At times certain numbers (higher house adv.) can repeat numerous times. Isn’t this game about timing? I’ve seen your videos, and even with you being the director and guru you’ve shown me just as many bad sessions as good.

    • Mike, I agree. While the long term outcome is a near statistical certainty, in the shorter, there is no way to predict what will happen next.

      FYI, we filter first comments for spam. You are now good to go, and your posts will appear immediately.

  • Not my brand! Between the fact that you don’t get much action and the slow dealers this was the a boring way to spend the evening.

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