This is our weekly installment of my favorite game in the casino…craps!

We are now at Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower – Las Vegas, as it’s officially known.

This is footage of a real craps game, with a little bit of crapless craps shown at the beginning. Let us know if you are interested in seeing more crapless craps. If there is enough demand, I will make more crapless craps videos.


The ending has a lesson in craps etiquette. I won’t say what it is, but you’ll know after you watch the video.

This weekend, I will be discussing what happens at the end. I think it is a topic worth talking about in detail.

I hope you enjoy this video.

Let us know what you think, and give us any suggestions for improvement. We certainly appreciate your feedback and comments.


Road Gambler and Staff

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0 thoughts on “Real Craps Game at Stratosphere Hotel Casino, Hotel and Tower – Las Vegas

  • The explanations on video aide my understanding of the action. Two things to try…show your odds wager on the passline…after winning roll pick up your winning chips and let us see them. Makes me like I win!

    Will you write up a discussion on Crapless vs Craps?

    • This is a good piece of advice. Although, there is something I may as well bring up, and it’s about showing the winnings. I’ll bring it up in my post, as it deserves an explanation.

      And yes, I will write up a crapless discussion. Let me go play some crapless, so I can have a game to go with it. Although, I might owe an apology to quite a few people who are now emailing and telling me how much they hate crapless. lol. That’s not a joke.

        • Hi Jimmy,

          Interesting. I remember playing at L’Auberge and didn’t see a Crapless last time I was there. I guess I was late. I wish I had seen it.

          I’ll probably do a Crapless video at some point. There are quite a few people who hate it, but there seems to be some demand for it. Don’t know yet, though.

  • Counting The Stacks says:

    Week after week you are providing us with excellent, hard-to-get video footage and meaningful content. I’m sure I speak for others as well by saying we look forward to the posts, lessons, and tips each week. On behalf of all of your following, we thank you!

    • Thanks for the kind words, my friend.

      We are going nowhere and will be growing even more. That’s all due to your participation and kindness.

      BTW, when you post, your posts will appear immediately. We monitor first posts for spam.

      You are good to go!

  • I heard the stratosphere is being rebranded as the strat, when will that take place or has it already?
    At the 16:05 mark a come bet & odds is pointed at w an arrow and incorrectly labeled as pass and odds

    • Thanks for pointing that out. You are correct. It’s come and odds.

      I watched that, too, and didn’t catch it. In my mind, I keep thinking pass/come and I jumble that up.

      I have educated my video person on this. One of these days/months, I am going to take the fella on a monthlong craps tour with me, so he can become familiar with the game. It’s one thing to be explained the game, it another to play and immerse yourself.

  • Hi RG, love your videos and blog. I had a similar experience recently in Atlantic City. I was on a great shoot, throwing lots of numbers between making points and everyone was making lots of money. I needed 1 more point to pull off a fire bet.
    A guy shows up kind of loud talking to the stick, playing the field mostly, and tossing in late bets. I tried to stay focused and just tune out the guy each time I had the dice. At one point after the stick passed me the dice, I paused and asked the table if everyone was set. The stick was annoyed at me and said “if you have the dice, we’re set.” It stopped the idiot for couple rolls but then he resume his stupid play. Of course the inevitable happened. I immediately colored up and left. While waiting for the chips I just stared at the guy and he would never look at me. I think some of these people actually work for the casino just to throw people off their rhythm. Coolers!


    • David,

      I feel for you. We’ve all had it happen.

      I know people who would argue that it could have happened the other way – it could have helped us was much as it hurt us – but to that I say, ‘it doesn’t matter’. The shooter should have control of the table, and the other players should follow etiquette. At the end of the day, even if the dice 7 out, we should be able to describe what happened without mentioning the guy who got involved in the roll when he wasn’t supposed to be involved.

      It’s simple rules of courtesy.

      BTW, David, when you post, your posts will appear immediately. We monitor first posts for spam. Welcome!

    • Ohhhhh, the casinos have ALL KINDS of methods to discourage people on winning streaks. They feel that somebody will be happy leaving up a grand, why do they need that other 9 grand. But there is nothing more exciting that having 5 points of a Fire bet in the bag and coming out with the 6th, especially if the 6th is an easy one to make.

      • Hold the presses! Is this the same famous Bigga Winna Crapsa??!!

        I just love that screen name.

        Welcome to, Bigga. Make yourself at home.

        BTW, when you post, your posts will appear immediately. We monitor first posts for spam. Welcome!

  • I’m a red card player at the Strat, and love crapless craps. So, yes please, more videos of crapless craps. Although I’m not a fan of how they only pay double odds for the crew on a line bet no matter the point, unless they’ve changed their policy. I also like that it’s half way to downtown or the “strip”, even though it’s on the strip, and right across the street is a dispensary.

  • RG, an excellent video. I thought for a moment you were going to make the A-T-S but then you’d be accused of only showing positive sessions. I guess a beatdown every once in awhile adds a touch of realism but I’m not encouraging it! Take those bastards for every penny you can! God knows we built those places! It’s been way too long since I’ve had numbers like that come up when there were black chips involved.

    • I’m gonna go back when they rebrand the ‘Strat’.

      And yea, I like to keep it real. I’ve shown a few PSO. Ouch. But it’s real.

    • Hi S,

      Nothing to forgive. Please ask any questions. I didn’t want to say explicitly in the video that I didn’t want to pull out more cash to rebuy.

      If I busted the original buy-in, I was done and would move on.

      Welcome to Also, when you post from now on, your posts will appear immediately. We monitor first posts for spam. Enjoy!

    • Kevin,

      Mississippi Stud, wow do I have stories of that game.

      That’s on my to-do list.

      Do you know that Mississippi Stud was a beatable game at Casino Barona many years ago? I got banned from the the Mississippi Stud table, so I’m not sure if they still have it in the same manifestation.

      Sic Bo, yes, I have a plan for Sic Bo. Not sure how people will react, but we shall see.

    • Hi Chad, I do. A lot. Sometimes when I’m writing the articles or just watching sports, I’ll roll some rolls. It’s fun and a cheap way of getting my craps fix when I’m not at the casino. With smart betting, I often come out a winner.

      Our affiliate casinos have craps. Go to the landing page and click on the Bovada banner on the right hand side. You will help us by playing with them, but it must be done through our website portal, or else we do not receive credit. They’re a respected brand of online casino, with welcome bonuses.

      Enjoy and good luck!

      Also, when you post from now on, your posts will appear immediately. We monitor first posts for spam. Welcome!

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    Well, now I can look forward to the weekend. I’ve watched the last 5 minutes of the video 4 times and I’m stumped. The staff seemed pretty professional, it seemed like the dealer was rooting for you to hit the 5 for the ATS., pointing it out to you. The players didn’t really throw chips in once the dice were moving. There were no buyins when the puck was on.

    So I’m guessing that the problem was with the crowding. Either they didn’t have enough tables open or the crowding was the doing of the house.

    • I didn’t really have much of a horse in that race at the end. TBH, I wanted to leave. I won’t say why, but I just wanted to leave. Once the 2 hit, I wanted the ATS for the video.

      I was reaching down for the dice, as they were in front of me for me to pick up, and at the top of my view, I see a chip falling and hear it hit the table. That distracted me for a bit, and made me do a double take, which is why you see me take a second or two longer to even pick up the dice.

      I just thought it was a bit rude of the guy to late bet like that. Normally I don’t care. Actually 99% of the time I don’t care, but in this case, the guy just ticked me off with his late bet.

  • Hey R.G. (in my best yoda) Much improved you are yes I can see.

    Nearly a perfect WIN too with your betting strategy, impressive. Perhaps I can encourage you to play the ATS. Why..? Well when the Tall hit that would have been $175 for a $5 bet. When you needed that 5 for the ATS, you can hedge and bet a $500 NO FIVE. Now your guaranteed a win. What game can you play and make a bet where your guaranteed a win. If you hit the five you WIN $425. If you seven, about $315. Now if you don’t hedge, you get the whole $950. My math might not be exact but you get the point. Love your Craps Videos.
    Crapless Craps: I’d rather see a video of a 97 year old playing Bingo, a flashlight pointing into the camera, or a urinal flushing chunky vomit.

    Crapless Craps: (wizard of odds) Overall the house edge on the pass bet in crapless craps is 5.382%.
    Craps: (wizard of odds) House Edge Pass Bet is 1.41%

    • Hey there, 7UWIN.

      I’m going to start playing the ATS just to entertain the viewers.

      Crapless, well, right now there are quite a few people against any crapless videos. So you aren’t alone. Lol.

    • Hi 7UWIN,

      Yes, I agree with you on that strategy. At the 5:18 mark the guy at the other end only needed the 9 for the Tall feature. I would be inclined to lay the 9 for approx. half of the pay off or whatever suits you. He 7 out also but could have won in either case. That is a great hedge opportunity.


    • Kevin, the tally is in favor of a Crapless video. I’ll head out and have one soon for everyone to see.

      Apologies to the craps purists, ahead of time. Lol.

      • Crapless is the way to go I throw lots of edge numbers. The Craps table at Stratosphere does not have the ATS when I visited it on Sunday, yesterday.

        • gman,

          Interesting. Did they complete their rebranding? I’ve been trying to call over there to speak to someone in their media department regarding their rebranding, but haven’t had a call back.

          I would like to go back when it’s rebranded and do a comparison review.

  • Hello,

    I am wondering why in some videos you set the dice and throw left handed, and in others you do not and throw the dice right handed…

    • Hi, NK.

      That’s just so I can practice throwing with my right hand. I am ambidextrous. I like to land at least once die right before the wall. Once both dice hit the back wall, it’s all random. To have any chance of the dice not being random – any chance at all – at least one has to land just short or kiss the back wall.

      BTW, you can now post, and your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam.

      • Oh thank you for the explanation. Really enjoy the high resolution videos and explanations of the rolls and your bet amounts and wins.

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