Quite a few people have asked to watch the 100x game in Atlantic City.

Here is a repost of those videos, embedded here for our readers and viewers. We had to take these videos off for a while due to a complaint.

They’re back for your enjoyment!

Please note that the ads inserted are not approved by RoadGambler.com. They are squatted by a third party as allowed by YouTube.Do not patronize those advertisers, as they take advantage of content providers. That’s a problem endemic to YouTube, but, we take the world gives us. I’m just happy that you’re all here. You guys and gals make my day fun.

Part 1

Part 2



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0 thoughts on “Revisited: 100x Craps Game at Wild Wild West Casino, Atlantic City

  • Lawrence Jay Roth says:

    Here’s an imponderable…. I counted over 40 stacks of 5 dollar chips but the house decides it needs 5-10 more in the middle of the roll. There was no way they were going through that many chips.

    • Captain Kirk says:

      That is an old casino trick to try and break up RG’s timing during his hot roll.
      They are trying to cool down the table. Seen it many times.

  • I think that is my favorite video you have put out so far. I think the got worried when you upped your come bet. It’s nice to see someone take some money from Caesars.

  • Darth Vader says:

    A consistent dice set and a nice controlled throw where the dice died at the base of the wall -> positive results. I am amazed that the suits didn’t force you to consistently hit the back wall.

    • RoadGambler says:

      They were trying to be cool about it, but you can only be cool for so long. I get where they’re coming from.

  • Thank you for re-posting this classic

    I just finished re-watching Part 1. Nice roll – lots of 6s & 8s. It seemed that you were using a “dice set”. Would you care to divulge what it was?

    Thanks, as always, for the time, effort and expense in creating these videos

    • RoadGambler says:

      I have my own theories of dice sets. For now, I’ll kindly decline to comment because it can create too much of an argument, pro and con. It’s almost like debating religion.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

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