For the reasons stated herein, we have decided to shift all our future videos in the RoadGambler Real Craps Game series to for exclusive viewing.

It came to our attention that YouTube may take down our videos at any time, due to YouTube’s restrictive and unpredictable policy regarding gambling related content. Indeed, many major publishers of gambling-related content have had their content taken down without warning:

YouTube’s policy on gambling-related content prevented us from monetizing our videos through Ad Sense. These videos have significant costs associated with their production, and I pay my employees a living wage to produce and work on these videos. The most laborious and cost-intensive part of post-production work is censoring the footage, which we do out of respect for people’s privacy.

YouTube has a very restrictive policy regarding gambling and copyrighted content, which would often allow a copyright holder to use our work for their financial gain. Usually, the problem regarding copyright is the music that’s played in the background. At, we understand and respect the issue of copyright, as we would not want others to use our work for their own commercial gain.

However, the issue is that while YouTube did not allow for us to monetize our self-created videos because of the gambling related content, Youtube then allowed other copyright holders (who happened to coincidentally have their music playing in the background) to monetize our videos, despite the existence of the exact same gambling related content for which we were denied. We found this stance to be hypocritical and unbearable.

Therefore, we thought it was best to shift our footage to be played on our website, and not on Youtube.

Going forward, we will own our own work. We are grateful that you are here with us, and we look forward to entertaining you for many more years to come.

In that spirit, here is the first Real Craps Game exclusively on Craps at the Palms Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Enjoy!

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0 thoughts on “RoadGambler Real Craps Game videos now Exclusively on

    • Great video ! But when the point was 8 (around the 8 min. mark ) why didn’t u move the place bet on 8 to another # or as your free odds bet ? What were the odds of this table ?

      • Hi Averell.

        Thanks for the kind words.

        The place bet 6 and 8 at the 8 minute mark were the only bets I had. I didn’t have a pass line bet, or I would have moved the place 8 to the odds. If I did have a pass line bet, I would agree with your strategy on that potential move. Since I didn’t have a pass bet, I like to place bet the 6 and 8.

        I was already up a good percentage of my buy-in, and I was just protecting the win.

        Max odds are 3,4,5x.

        Also, going forward, when you post, your comments will now immediately appear. We filter first comments for spam.

  • Counting The Stacks says:

    Thanks for the explanation, and I’ll gladly continue viewing the videos and other content here on the actual RG website!

    • Lol, I’m not gonna say. I’m pretty patient with people.

      But you can say it! lol.

      Welcome, Colten.

      FYI, from now on when you comment, your comment will appear immediately. We filter first comments because of spam issues.

    • RG Avid Follower says:

      Indeed, the guy at the end of the table….somebody get him a drink….I mean “another” drink! Something tells me once he got to his hotel room he slept like a baby…but at the table, he acted like a child.

  • Thanks for the videos RG, always look forward to the next ones coming out! Good for you taking a stance on something you believe in. I’ll gladly continue watching here.

    • Thanks Joe.

      FYI, from now on when you comment, your comment will appear immediately. We filter first comments because of spam issues.

      Welcome, my friend!

  • Thank you for posting the teasers on YT, they let me know when to come here to check out the latest video. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks. The teasers will function as the alert.

      Also, from now on, when you comment, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments because we get a lot of spam.

  • RG does this mean you will be able to go back to weekly contest now that you will not have the bureaucracy of that on you tube , they make the content even moor fun to participate and get involved .keep up the great videos very informative and I will keep supporting you as I can. Grate week of craps on cruise to Bahamas .

    • Yes, for sure. That’s gonna come back.

      The weekly contest went away in an attempt to appease YouTube.

      That’s not going to be an issue, since we are moving off of YouTube.

      The only concern about YouTube is that it’s still a great place to place a teaser. Hopefully, they don’t ban us from even hosting the teasers.

  • RG Avid Follower says:

    Indeed, the guy at the end of the table….somebody get him a drink….I mean “another” drink! Something tells me once he got to his hotel room he slept like a baby…but at the table, he acted like a child.

  • RG Avid Follower says:

    Thank you for the explanation about your videos being moved to your website vs. YouTube in order to get in front of any negative action by YouTube which would affect you, and also us, your supporters/viewers. I will continue to follow you on your website!

    PS: I am here for the craps game, but also have to THANK YOU for the bonus view of the lovely cocktail waitress at 04:11….yeowza! 🙂

  • Noticed that you played with a little bit lighter bankroll than usual. It seemed like you spread out the bets a little more to make your money last longer.
    Trying to get my daughter to come out to Vegas with me in July. She just wants to see the neon sign graveyard.

    • Lawrence,

      I have a hard time risking any serious money at a 3,4,5 game. You’ll always see my lightest buy-ins at a 3,4,5 game, and my biggest buy-ins at 100x.

      Have fun in LV. July is a great time to go. A bit crowded, but I enjoy the crowds, sometimes.

  • Max, I’m glad they are up can’t wait to watch as soon as I have some time (later tonight after the wife goes to bed). You might really have something here without youtube for us in the craps family.

  • RG thank you for your videos. I love watching them and learning how other people bet. You’re absolutely right about YouTube they are hypocritical and unbearable anymore. Crazy how they are taking down so many videos and banning people. Thank you for keeping your videos going here. I love your blog!

    • Thanks for understanding, Tyson.

      Content providers are regularly being dinged on YouTube.

      Our final straw was when we tried jumping through all of YouTube’s hoops, and then they denied us repeatedly because we were publishing gambling content. But then at the same time, they allowed Brooks and Dunn to run ads on one of our videos, despite the video being…gambling content. When we asked YouTube about it, we got crickets.

      Hypocritical and made no sense.

  • I’ve always enjoyed this page.. I check this site quite often for new articles… I also looked forward to your videos on YouTube. But no matter too me I’ll watch them we’re ever you have them….

    • b.

      Thanks for the kinds words.

      We will work hard to make sure that you are entertained.

      BTW, from now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments because the spammers have noticed our growth, and wow are they coming. Fortunately, we have a good team at the helm.

  • Great to see you get out ahead. I think your videos on You Tube with real life craps gambling action has been very educational and it also helps show people how quickly money can be lost and drives home the point that one should only gamble what they can afford to lose without affecting their lives and the people who care about them.

    • Hi Tiger Craps.

      Very good point. Always gamble with your entertainment money. Sage advice.

      Also, from now on, when you post, your comments will instantly appear. We filter first comments because the spammers have been noticing our growth…unfortunately.

    • Hi, Shawn and welcome.

      I’m going to expose more of the junk that YouTube pulls on content providers.

      BTW, from now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments because of spam issues.

  • I know RG Loves those come bets, but sure would love to see more place bets on the inside numbers. Example: Point is 9, come bet on 5. Would love to see $12 at least on the 6 & 8 ! Keep the videos coming !

    • P.M., your wish is my command. Place bets inside it is.

      I’ll be kicking and screaming, but I’ll do it at the casino this weekend.

      JK, I’ll probably enjoy it. lol.


      BTW, from now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments because of spam issues.

  • Hey man I definitely enjoy your videos. I completely understand why it’s best for you to post your videos here instead. This isn’t a charity. Thanks man.

    • Thanks, Christopher.

      I appreciate the understanding and kind words.

      From now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments because of spam.

  • Glad to see you take matters into your own hands with youtube, on to the vid.

    That disregard to the etiquette of craps by the guy at the opposite end of the table was getting under my skin. Now he might not know any better and was just there to have fun. Before I go further, I do play dark side almost exclusively so I do root for the 7, but not actively showing it unless I am alone, or the majority of the players are dark. love the vid, keep it up. I have the site bookmarked for future content.

    • Hi DJ.


      I agree. That dude was just rude. He needed to stop shouting, ‘SEVEN!’ It can falsely make DS betters think they won, and LS bettors think they lost, and it can screw up the dealers and cause them to start scooping chips. I’ve seen that happen.

      If we ever play together, we will bet the DS together and quietly high five. lol.

      From now on, when you post, you will see your post immediately. We filter first posts for spam.

  • Hi, RG – the guy across the table was pretty rude, no question. I was once at a table with one other “gentleman” who kept screaming “how many points in a touchdown, baby”, until I finally rolled a 7.
    I appreciate why you’ve gone solo and away from YT. I would be happy to contribute to support your videos, but I don’t enjoy online gambling. Do you have any other way to offer support?

    • Michael, it’s all good.

      I appreciate you just being here. In the future, if something comes up, feel free to contribute, but regardless, we just appreciate your offer of generosity and understanding.

      Maybe in the future, there might be some T-Shirts or something. Not sure yet. For now we are just working on content. I’m ok with funding RoadGambler, myself, until we maybe get a major sponsor, which will eventually happen. I’ve already been approached.

      On the topic of rudeness, I was at a casino not too long ago on the east coast; and there was a DS guy who would have made this guy seem like an angel. He kept telling this senior lady, who was happily enjoying the game of craps, ‘Miracle on 34th street, lady!’ Out loud and to her her face. It took me a second to realize what he meant. I don’t think the lady ever understood what he meant because when she hit her point, she sweetly and innocently asked him, ‘you won, why are you not happy?’

      The dealers busted out laughing and the guy stormed off.


    • YW, Donavan.

      Feel at home.

      From now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam.

  • Luv your videos RG…as I’ve said before, sure is nice when you live in a state with only bubble craps! I enjoyed you busting Bozo everytime he bet the 7! I play the DS at times, and I can’t figure why Bozos have to act that way. He already has the advantage, why so scared? Thanks for you and your teams hard work, it is truly appreciated!

    • RoadGambler says:

      YW, Hack.

      Yea, he was obnoxious. But I find the characters at the table to be part of the charm of craps, even if they aren’t charming, themselves.

      More will come.

  • Hey RG, thanks for your explanation. Its insane how YouTube went about that. I know the editing process cant be easy and for that alone you deserve to be monetized. I hope you have found a solution to that by posting your vids solely on your website. You have a strong and solid following, including myself and my girlfriend, and we really enjoy your videos. Makes us feel like we are there with you. Hope to bump into you at the craps table one day, would love to shake your hand!!!

    • RoadGambler says:

      Thanks, Ben.

      We appreciate the support.

      Feel at home here.

      From now on, when you post, your comments will appear immediately.


  • I don’t think you have anything to worry about with Youtube, most of the gambling channels that went down, went down because other channels sabotaged them, and they all came back! Also I see lots of other gambling channels with Adsense on theirs.

    • RoadGambler says:

      David, we have applied numerous times to be a part of Ad Sense, but have been repeatedly denied. We are done wasting time with YouTube. I hope they liberalize their policy one day. We would be happy to apply again, at some point in the future.

      Also, some of the ads on the gambling channels do not belong to the content creators. They’re being squatted by someone else. That happened to us.

      • Yeah usually if the music can be heard in the background it’s an issue. But I know some “rougher” channels like Ryan Depaulo is monetized, good channel, but just amazing Adsense allows the language haha. I just hope you can still get as many views with just the website, your channel was starting to blow up!

        • RoadGambler says:

          We are growing slower, but there is still tremendous growth. YouTube has a near monopoly on their medium, so a loss of audience is to be expected.

          In some way, the YouTube audience was growing too quickly. Sometimes slower controlled growth is better.

          I appreciate you being here, David.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Average Daily Theoretical. It is the formula casinos use to compute comps.

      It’s a play style based on low house edges, as seen in most of my videos.

  • Where is the Wild West casino video? I was just laughing about it because my friend got kicked out of Showboat the same way a few years ago. They thought he was cheating at Roulette couldnt find anything on him so they escorted him to the cage then off the property.

    • RoadGambler says:

      Hi Dax. Unfortunately, we had to take it down because someone at WWW requested I take it down.

      We are attempting to ‘fix’ the issue.

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