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I’ll keep this short…

The video you see above is the same game that we published last Thursday, Part 1 of 3 of Boomtown in Bossier City.

The difference is that this video has sped up features included in the footage. When the action begins to slow down in between rolls, the video speeds up until the shooter is ready to roll again.

Sometimes, the drama and the nuances of the game happen in between the rolls, so obviously, you’ll lose some context. This video might appeal to the craps junkies among us.

Let us know what you think of this format. If it’s something that is received well, we may include some version of the sped up feature in future videos.

FYI, part 2 (normal speed) will be available this Thursday.


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0 thoughts on “Test Video: SPEED UP! Part 1 of Boomtown

  • Part of the reason I enjoy watching your videos is because I can put them on my tv, make a cocktail and sit back and see and hear everything. It’s like being at the table. I definitely don’t like the sped up version.

  • I concur with Tracey, I do the same and like the normal speed. I set back with a cocktail watch the whole table.

  • I agree, I also prefer the normal speed. As you suggest, it is interesting to hear some of the talk and banter in between rolls which are indeed part of the game

  • Ditto on all the above. I too enjoy the table banter and watching the new wagers and payoffs. Great stuff.

  • Ha RG realy like to watch in realtime even if they are 120 min long they are much better that way.That gives you time to watch and play along to see how you would have done with other people shooting or try new ways of betting that you dont loss money on . Thanks to you and your team great work.

  • I have to agree with everyone . The regular videos are very entertaining and enjoyable .I look forward to the new additions every week. the speed up version-not so good. Also found the blog with Lauren very well written !

  • Fitzsimmons Tim says:

    I like the full version – I will occasionally speed it up if pressed for time, but let the viewer decide. Thanks, anxiously awaiting parts 2 & 3

  • It’s like the teenager who fast forwards his dad’s VHS copy of Basic Instinct to the Erotic scenes when his parents leave the house to run errands….

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