No More 100x craps odds at Bally’s and Wild Wild West in Atlantic City.

For those of us who are craps aficionados, this is indeed sad news.

The casinos at Bally’s and Wild Wild West, which are two connected casinos in Atlantic City, no longer offer 100x odds.

Both are now 10x.

While the vast majority of craps players do not play 100x, this will affect you if you like to use betting progressions or any type of betting scheme where you increase your bets. Since increasing your bet on the odds had no long-term cost, you could increase odds without bloating your theoretical loss rate. Now you will be required to increase your wager on bets that have a house advantage.

There are few set gamblers who love and play exclusively 100x. I’ll still go to AC to report for

No more 100x at Will Wild West Atlantic City. $5 come bet and $500 odds pictured. Real bet that was live.

IMO, the Wild Wild West craps game was the best on the east coast, at $5 minimum and 100x, as long as you had earplugs. The earplug comment is not a joke or exaggeration.

Fortunately, I was able to play at one of the last days that 100x was offered, and I have it captured for your viewing pleasure. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Stay tuned to

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