Congratulations to Mike who picked the following scores: 1. 77 67 2. 74 70

The actual scores were: 1. 77 71 and 2. 68 67

Mike was the closest, although, there were some other scores that came really close. As I was going through the entries, it reminded me of a betting stub where you are trying to pick a 4 team parlay.

My staff and I were having a good time going through the entries. There were a few instances where we thought, ‘wow this person is going to win for sure…oh, no wait…’

It was that score out of four that ruined everything for quite a few entries.

Mike was the exception. He was close on all the scores, being 100% perfect on the first score, 4 points off the second, 6 points off the third, and three points off the final score.

Congratulations, Mike!

Your prize is on the way to you.


The next weekly contest is going up tomorrow, Wednesday, but the results will be tallied until the following Thursday, April 11, 2019.

I was inspired by many of the comments made by some of the commentators on our old (and somewhat still functional) Youtube channel. Many of those comments stated that they could predict what was going to happen next based on how the table was trending.

So on this Thursday, I am going to post a rather long craps video here on the RoadGambler site.

This is a craps game that I recently played in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Santa Ana Star casino.

Many years ago, I posted a review of the Santa Ana Star Casino on the Wizard of Vegas forums. Sometime this week, I’ll post an updated review of the Santa Ana Star casino. It’s a beautiful casino, but the older version of the Santa Ana Star was much better.

The video will be broken into two parts (1 and 2), and part 1 will debut this Thursday.

Part 2 will then go live the following Thursday, April 11. Part 2 will have the results of the contest.

In this contest, which will be called Hops Bet Mania, you will be making hop bets, just like you were there at the table.

I am heavily promoting this contest on several of the gambling groups of which I am a member. I know quite a few people who claim that they can predict what will roll – or most likely roll – if they can watch the table.

I’m not going to comment on whether or not one can predict dice based on trends of what is rolling, but this is a chance to prove yourself.

Sure there’s a prize, but there’s also bragging rights.

‘I told you so’ is much more weighty if you win the Hops Bet Mania contest.

Here is your chance to prove your claim.


I will be on a very important business trip. I am in the middle of auditing my businesses, and I am required to go from coast to coast for various meetings, from Florida to California and parts in-between. Business often gets in the way of my RoadGambler exploits. I do not earn a living off of RoadGambler, so like everyone else, I must still work.

My staff will attempt to update and keep up on the RoadGambler website, and there is a good chance that I will be able to stop by Las Vegas for a day as I criss-cross the country.

When I get older, when my weary soul doesn’t allow me to work 120 hour weeks, I’ll probably sell my businesses to capable people who can take care of my good and awesome staff. At that point, hopefully, RoadGambler has enough sponsors, patrons, and advertisers that I can dedicate my time to you, my readers and viewers, 100%.

We have already been approached by various sponsors, but so far, we are not yet tempted, as we would be required to make compromises that we are not comfortable with.

I love writing, traveling, and gambling. RoadGambler.com is a perfect amalgamation of everything that I enjoy as a hobby.

Even if I’m one day banned from all the casinos for recording games, I’ll still get you the games. Quite a few people have volunteered to record games. It’s not illegal to record, so we will continue to bring you real games. The worst casinos can do is ban me. I’ve already been asked by a few casino managers to not approach their games, and I will respect their wishes.

As long as there is a casino, I’ll always be here to keep you entertained.

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  • Chris Staso says:

    Hey Max,
    Wanted to say thanks for the Palms Casino chips you sent me from the horse racing weekly contest. No doubt by now you know what a great hobby you have. Many of us live the life through you ha ha ! Keep up the good work on your videos & blogs. Safe travels & best of luck.

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