Part 2 of the real craps game at Wild Wild West is now available for viewing.

It’s 48 minutes, which makes it…

…the longest real craps game available for viewing anywhere…

…the longest 100x craps game available for viewing anywhere…






You’ve been warned


…this video is also the only video you will see of a craps player being backed off a casino craps game.

At the end of the video, the floor dumps the bowl on me and refuses to let me shoot.

Technically, it can be argued that they dumped the bowl on me not because I was winning, but because I didn’t always hit the back wall with both dice.

The casino didn’t refuse me service entirely, they just refused to let me shoot at the Wild Wild West craps game. They were more than okay if I just played and didn’t shoot. They were also more than happy to allow me to shoot at the Bally’s tables, one of which is much longer. At Bally’s, there is a standard sized $25 table, but I didn’t bring the budget to play that table at 100x. I also didn’t want to play that table on credit. I personally do not like playing on credit, and only did so because my host called me up at the last moment to come to Atlantic City.

I’ve been to other casinos where they weren’t so nice about things. I am working on a video right now where a dealer consistently no rolled me because I was missing the back wall with one of the dice. No rolling in that case can be really dangerous because the dealer can sometimes ‘no-roll’ a non-7, but then accept a roll on a 7, even if the dice missed one of the back walls.

Like it or not, the casino gets to set the rules for its’ games, and if the players do not abide by the rules, the casino has the right to refuse service, in part or in whole. As I once heard a floor say, ‘craps is supposed to be a game of luck, not skill’.

I usually do not like to wade into the dice control/influence because it’s too controversial.

I won’t comment on what might or might not be possible before the dice hit the back wall, but I will say that my opinion is that the moment the dice hit the back wall, the throw is completely and utterly random.

So if you don’t hit the back wall with both dice, the casino has the right to refuse service and can’t be deemed to be the bad guy. They’re just protecting their interests. As players, if we don’t like it, we just move on. Or in my case, start place betting $6 on the six and $6 on the eight.

By the way, this game was before the 100x game at Bally’s video. I got sick of betting $6 at a time and tried the 100x game on the longer table. I’m not a fan of the longer tables. I hate them, but I ended up not doing too badly, in the end.

I can’t say that I’m responsible, but a few days later, a friend called me up and told me that Bally’s and Wild Wild West both are at 10x. Maybe it was a coincidence?

Talk about coincidence, some acquaintances, who are part of a FaceBook craps group, reported some usually harsh treatment when they missed the back of the wall. They were playing the current 10x game. One guy said that they yelled at him and quickly dumped the bowl on him when he missed the back wall a couple of times. I guess the casino lost their appetite for guys who miss the back wall.

Oh, and if you ever want to experience the same thing that you saw in the video (just because you’re sadistic or a curious cat), try missing the back wall on a roll that lasts more than a few throws. You’ll look back and say that you got the RoadGambler experience. Congratulations!

Let me know if you have any comments or questions by leaving your comments or questions below.

I hope you enjoyed the video.


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0 thoughts on “Part 2 of Wild Wild West 100x Craps is Here, and It’s Huge!

  • joseph labounty says:

    great video did you go play at caesars like they suggested.0r did they not let you play at all.
    delago in waterloo ny has fire bet.

    thanks joe

  • I experienced a similar thing, but on a much more modest bank roll and table minimum of $15 at the MGM in Maryland. To quote you above, “No rolling in that case can be really dangerous because the dealer can sometimes ‘no-roll’ a non-7, but then accept a roll on a 7, even if the dice missed one of the back walls.”
    –Yes, I have a light roll and was no-rolled once, but two rolls later where I did not hit the back wall with both dice again, they let the roll go as I had a 7-out! They were quick to call 7-out vice a no-roll.

    It was hard to tell, but it looked like you were hitting the back wall from the video. Especially as you were playing the whole length of the table vice stick left one (SL1) or stick right one (SR1). (Which would give you an even shorter throw obviously.) It’s too bad they shut you down, you set the dice quickly and threw solid throws across the table it seemed.

    Do you ever throw from SL1 or SR1 or is it always from the end of the table? I can tell, for the purpose of making videos, it is easier to shoot a video if you shoot from the end.

    Thanks again!
    ‘Still Grinding in Maryland’

    • I prefer from the shorter lengths, but as you know, it’s not feasible for these videos.

      To be fair, most of my throws missed the back wall with at least one die. That’s usually the way I shoot. Both dice missing would result in a quick boot. One die is usually enough to keep the game going for a while, as evident in this video. You really only need one die to go your way. Just remember that on the pass with odds, if you can put yourself in a 50/50 proposition, you will win in the long run. It’s not easy, though.

      Thanks for sharing your story. It reinforces what I tell people. I tend to avoid games where they have a habit of calling ‘no roll’ for that very reason.

  • At the 36:20 mark point is 9, you roll boxcars then state “I’m trying to avoid a 1 or 2 on the dice know why?” My guess is that you can’t make a 9 with a 1 or 2 showing.
    Nice work on the video. Place looks like it has an O’Shea’s type of vibe to it, the old O’Shea’s that is. In the video middle of the video players around also jumped on the come band wagon, gotta go where the money is. Anyways nice come back after the brutal start, I get why the heat came on you at least they seemed decent about it, you as well. Good luck in your ventures

    • That’s correct. You can’t make a 9 with a 1 or 2.

      I liked the old O’Sheas better. The current O’sheas is loud but it’s so dark. If they’d put some lighting in there, it wouldn’t be bad.

      Many thanks on the kind words.

  • Great video..

    Even without dice setting, I tend to make more money on other shooters who are gentle with the dice rather than gunning them down the table as hard as they can. A nice gentle lob….maybe I only have selected memory, but just my personal observations…

    Anybody else feel the same way?

    • Darrell, you are now able to make comments, and they will appear immediately. I approve first comments to filter out spam.

      I agree with you. The way I see it, there is nothing to lose by someone being careful.

  • Hey Road Gambler – love your stuff, Thank you! Did you ever explain the set up you are using? Do you change it up based on certain factors?

    On my last trip I emulated your betting style, 1 place bet and 1 come bet with odds. Worked well….though I didn’t have the balls to go full odds .. Maybe next time! I also like to mess around with some hard ways, depending on the point.

    Keep it up!

    • My shooting style is different than what I normally do because I am straight out. The set is not of the main importance. I don’t like discussing set because, tbh, it’s a highly controversial thing to discuss. Also, if I were to openly discuss it, I would open up a can of worms that I would rather not open.

      As far as shooting style, my style is highly mathematically based. I’m glad you like it. People say nonsensical things like, ‘come is bad bet because it must hit twice’…well, when you make that place bet and the 7 hits you in the face right away, you’re gonna wish you had taken a more mathematical approach and gone with the 1.41% come bet + 0% HE odds bet.

      Just take it slow and steady. Then apply some of the AP plays that I will introduce to you in the future, in addition to the comp hunting and bonus hunting, you can, with some minor effort, overcome a 1.41% HE on the flat.

  • Just curious…why did you switch to slow playing 6/8 the rest of your time there instead of the pass line (or if you really wanted to mess with their minds, the don’ts) without odds? It’s not a big difference, but even without odds the pass/don’t has a lower house advantage than the 6/8 place bets.

    • I prefer the pass/come + odds. Simple preference. Place betting large amounts isn’t my style. I do play place bets, but not for the amounts seen in the video.

  • Hey R.G.

    First… isn’t craps just a great game..! My entire life is against the grain (doing what can’t or shouldn’t be done) and craps is just part of it. I generally play Baccarat for earnings and craps for fun.

    Much applause on your shooting, do you practice..? If I may.. stacked shooting does produce that dead die but as you have identified they want you to hit the back wall. Darn it. I’m going to wager that as soon as that Casino host finds out about the video you’re gonna be banned from there. Don’t get me wrong I’m addicted to your content and look everyday a few times a day 🙂 . Gambling is still a weird thing where most everyone does it but you’re not supposed to talk about it.

    Example: You drive down the highway and gamble that the other driver won’t come into your lane and hit you head on. This you can talk about, but if you talk about craps hedging a no 4 with a hard 4 your looked upon as scum. Weird…

    I think what your doing is ground breaking and historical, just hope it can last. All my best to you R.G. and thank you.

    P.S. There is a big difference between showing and showing how to win. Please be careful.

    • Thanks for the kind words, 7UWIN.

      You would be surprised. I have a good relationship with my host. I’m careful to protect identities, so that helps. Worse comes to worse, if I can’t play any more 100x games (they’re somewhat of a dying promotion), then I’ll be hopping bringing small amounts and playing micro stakes. I don’t rely on the game for income.

      As for the video stuff, I’m certain that they can’t approve it, but the casinos love it. It’s free promotion for them, after all. Like you said, most people do it, but no one talks about it, much less films it. To that I say…it’s the 21st century, where everyone has IG and FB.

      Rock on, my friend. I mean, roll on…

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    The employees work in rotten environments. I remember playing in Louisiana and the casino was a sea of smoke. Looks like the Wild West has noise pollution. I can get up in leave when I’ve had enough, but they have to stay..

  • It seemed like the management really started dropping the ball on you when the other players defered to your shooting and passed the dice back to you. Not having been privy to the censored conversations you had with dealers, hosts, etc. don’t know if they were on to you earlier. They never called a no roll as far as I could see. Like you pointed out, it’s thier game and rules. Keep up the great work.

  • Great video and the editing was spot on as well. I like the method of pass line bet followed by one come bet. Good bankroll management is as important as almost anything else. (just my opinion) Again thanks for the video and I will be watching for more.

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