All that remains of $100,000 buy-in

Sometimes people ask me if I’m a professional gambler. No, I am not a professional gambler. I gamble within my means, and I gamble recreationally, within a strict budget that resets every year.

Like all gamblers, sometimes I lose. Not too long ago, lost $85,000 at the Cromwell in Las Vegas in one night.

I don’t care how much money someone has, a loss of $85,000 sucks. But hey, that’s part of the ups and downs, the highs and lows of the rollerscoaster ride known as craps.

Remember, gamble within your means.

What’s the worst loss you ever suffered, either in a session, day or trip? Tell us and don’t be shy.

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0 thoughts on “A Big Loss

  • You lost 85k…in one night…yikes

    Were you playing the Roadgambler method of one pass and two come bets at 100x odds?

    What is your biggest win in one night?

    • Yes, at 100x.

      Biggest win win one night, about $100,000. I won $100,000 two nights in a row.

      The thing about big wins is that there is always the potential for big losses.

  • Sometimes I dream of bringing 5x my normal bankroll and taking a shot….pass line plus 10x odds….plus 2 come bets with max odds….instead of 5$ pass line bets, it would be with $25 chips…

    I can imagine the rush and thrill of each dice toss….

    I have become desensitized to min bet and max odds…the adrenaline rush is still there, but not as potent….

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