I had just won $25,000 the prior week at the Horseshoe casino in Shreveport, LA.

The cash out.
Approximately $25,000 in winnings

After winning $25,000, I asked my casino host, who takes care of established casino gamblers, to book and give me a free room in Las Vegas. These free rooms are known as comps (in this blog, I will use the word ‘comp’ frequently). You would think that after winning $25,000 of their money, they would give me anything I wanted in exchange for the chance to win their money back. But nope.

My wonderful host, who I truly think is awesome, said that the the casino doesn’t think that my theoretical loss theoretical loss is high enough to justify a comp to the Las Vegas strip. For an explanation of the Average Daily Theoretical Loss, or the ADT, as it’s known, see here. In layman’s term, what does this mean? That I don’t make enough stupid bets to earn the house enough money.

After some back and forth, and getting a second host on my comp request, I finally obtain an approval from a Caesars Entertainment Corporation (CET) higher-up. With the approval, my host finally comps me in Las Vegas. At first the host said she wanted to comp me to Caesars Palace. I rejected the proposal and I wanted the Cromwell, which in my opinion, is the best deal in Las Vegas gambling. My host said she would have to clear it again, if I wanted the Cromwell. I wanted the Cromwell.

After another day, my host finally said that they had authority to comp me at the Cromwell for four nights, but I would have to buy my own airfare.

Right before I booked the airfare, I received an offer from CET, airfare included, to Laughlin. I was not to be deterred and insisted on going to the Cromwell in Las Vegas.

I wired $100,000 to the Cromwell in Las Vegas, and one week later I was in fabulous Las Vegas.

In my next entry, I’ll talk about why I insisted on the Cromwell.

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