If you are looking to gamble on the cheap, regardless if you have a small bankroll or a large bankroll, this is the blog for you. This blog will document my travels from casino to casino, all across the US. I will also play, sometimes for serious money, risking my own money, at various games and document them with pictures and videos, where possible.

I will immerse you in my gambling adventure, with words and imagery.

I’m Max Rider. I’ve been gambling since I was 16. Somehow, I found a way to gamble on the cheap. My friends call me a cheapskate, and I’m quite proud of that label.

You’re probably thinking that if I was truly cheap, I wouldn’t waste my money gambling. Well, that’s somewhat true. But I do love gambling, seeing different casinos, and I do it for as cheap possible, on a bankroll that is larger than most. It’s not the largest bankroll, but it’s enough to give me a thrill.

Hopefully, by reading my blog, you get a sense of my highs and lows, and I’ve spared you the cost of gambling.

I encourage comments, even critical comments. Just remember to keep it civil, and please, no politics.

Let’s hit the road!

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0 thoughts on “Let’s Start Gambling!

  • Tom McCormick says:

    Gonna make a road trip to Biloxi in may. I live in Florida and the state gaming commission won’t allow crap tables. They say ” that’s gambling” be that as it may my buddy whose a sports better is going along. So where’s a nice place to go for a couple days? I’ve been through Biloxi but never had the time to stop plus no parking for a tractor trailer……I enjoy the videos a lot since I just can’t go play locally.

  • I visit LV about 5 times a year, and normally stay at the Bellagio. Iread where people employ a casino host, but are they necessary, or can you pretty much accomplish what they do on your own time. Is there a minimum $$$ amount you have to commit before you can apply for the services of a casino host. Could you list the pros and cons of a casino Host?

    Love your web site, especially the live craps videos.

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