I love traveling to Atlantic City, ‘AC’ as we call it. I lived in New Jersey for a few years and grew to love the area. It took me a while to get used to the weather and Jersey demeanor, but eventually, like many people who were born and raised in the northeast, eventually, what first came off as brusque and weathered eventually develops a charm and personality that’s akin to the roughhousing of familial siblings. It’s easy to take it out of context if you aren’t part of the family.

The problem with traveling to AC is that there is not a major airport that serves Atlantic City. The most cost-effective way of flying into AC is to fly into Philadelphia and then drive to AC. Imagine the stunted growth that would have befallen Las Vegas if McCarran was 50 miles away.

But let’s not fool ourselves, AC is not going to make the investment and build a major airport, nor should it. If AC became the tourist hub of Las Vegas, the tourists would be shocked the first time they heard, ‘get the f*ck outta here.’

AC is not for everyone.

Around the time that I left New Jersey, I started hearing the news report about new construction plans for a mega-resort, later to be called Revel. It seemed like Atlantic City was going to hit it big time. Atlantic City already had the over-performing Borgata. The addition of Revel would be the first new Atlantic City casino built since the Borgata and would bring growth and opportunity.

Of course, we now know that didn’t happen.

So now we have Ocean Casino Resort, formerly known as Ocean Resort Casino.

Oh, before I go further, my New Jersey friends wanted to remind everyone that ‘it’s Ocean, not Oceans.’

The casino is not located on the first floor. To get to the casino floor, I had to take an elevator. I don’t think that’s a big deal because Ocean isn’t located in an area where casual foot traffic would divert into the casino.

The casino is nice and has all the games one would expect in a casino.

Here are some pics from Ocean.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share.

Interior is bright and colorful. Maybe it’s just me, but the orange hue is a bit overpowering.
Blackjack rules were standard for Atlantic City.

One of the craps games. Odds are 5x but one table has 10x at a higher limit.
Ocean Resort Casino, before the name change to Ocean Casino Resort.

This is the walkway to retail and dining.
I spent about an hour playing slots. I love the Harley slots. The announcer’s voice is very appropriate for the theme.

I think the voice over is done by Sam Elliot, who played Carter Slade, the Caretaker, in the 2007 Ghost Rider movie. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I’m a fan of that movie. Here’s his voice over in the Harley Davidson slot.


I spent about 30 minutes playing Baccarat. The action was light, with not many high rollers compared to the other casinos in Atlantic City.

For my friends who love Pai Gow tiles, Ocean has it.

Shake the dice to see which seat gets the first set of tiles
Here’s something you don’t see every day…the dice all stacked on each other. When this happens, there’s a reroll.



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0 thoughts on “A Look at Ocean Resort Casino

  • John Koryto says:

    Ocean is a beautiful property. Same as when it was Revel. It struggles now just like Revel did and I don’t totally understand why. I think the architectural design may have something to do with the lackluster performance. Lots of walking and no direct elevators from hotel rooms to casino floor.

    • RoadGambler says:

      I agree. It’s sad. The design is weird, among other problems. I think that when they were designing the hotel and casino, they were a bit overconfident and arrogant. I remember when they announced that they wouldn’t allow smoking at all, anywhere in the casino. And then there was the minimum stay requirement. A guest couldn’t book a single night stay.

      The Ocean is still trying to separate itself from the original debacle.

      Hopefully, they succeed because the dealers and staff are some of the best in AC.

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