At, we are experiencing very quick growth in readership and viewership. I appreciate that you have given us your time and attention, and I very much appreciate your interaction with our Youtube channel and your visits to our website.

In 2019, I am going to implement the following features…


A regular weekly mailbag, where I answer questions from the readership. I receive a lot of mail, and I try very hard to answer every one of your emails. Many of the emails ask the same questions, so rather than repeatedly answering the same questions, I’ll answer them in the weekly mailbag.

Send in your questions!

Before I ever publish your questions, I will ask your permission to publish your question. Be assured that at, I respect your privacy and that any emails you send me will be between you and me.


Currently, the is able to sustain itself through loans that I have personally made to However, like any business, if available funds eventually run out, then the craps videos and content on this website must cease.

We are NOT asking for donations; rather we are asking for voluntary support to help me offset the costs of producing the videos and running this website. Just think of us as a supermarket where we offer a product, and the checkout stand is a voluntary check out stand. If you think that you can pay, please contribute. If not, then please enjoy our content, but tell your friends, make comments, and help us grow. employs two full-time employees and a part-time staff member. As such, has significant hard costs, from the cost of this website to the production and acquisition of the videos. There’s a reason why our videos have a longer length and higher quality.

If you enjoy our content, please visit our affiliates and engage their play, if even for a small amount.

We now are partnered with some major online casinos, such as Bovada and Ignition. Both are well known and credible online casinos. We at approve and recommend them.

Please visit them through our banners and play with them. Even a small deposit a month with them will help us, and you may even win money! Your play will just help us, period.

You’ll be able to test your systems and play from the comfort of your own home, and not have to deal with some of the hostility you see from actual games. Also, Bovada and Ignition also offer sports betting. A little $2 bet on your favorite weekend game makes it all that much more exciting! I know it does for me.


In order to raise revenue, will offer various other paid services, including direct ad insertion into our Youtube videos. does not participate in Youtube’s Ad Sense due to the nature of our material. We would need to drastically alter our content to conform with Ad Sense. Thus, we have elected to not participate.

If you have a product and wish to have a 15 second commercial within the RoadGambler craps videos, please contact us here.

Viewership on RoadGambler videos is predictable and growing, and your goodwill ads (which will not be clickable due to us bypassing Ad Sense) will be permanently inserted into videos.

ROADGAMBLER VIDEO AND PHOTO SERVICES has a property method of obtaining video footage of games and the casino environment. We obtain the footage while also respecting the privacy of individuals in those environments.

If you would like to obtain game footage, we license video footage and various footage for your use.  If you are interested in rare or difficult to obtain footage, please contact us and we can discuss if what you seek is possible. I have connections in the entertainment and casino industry that can sometimes allow us to obtain footage that others cannot obtain.


This past weekend, I went over all the submissions from the last contest:

It was a bit difficult to gauge who was the exact winner, so my final judgment is somewhat subjective. I based the winner on the falling facts: the table went from cold, in part 1, to relatively hot in part 2, then I compared the numbers that hit to what you bet, and then I extrapolated what the average player does when their number hit, unless you stated something that directed me on what to do.

Based on those criteria, I subjectively judge that the winners are:

Kevin, who made his entry on January 10, 2019, at 4:38 pm (timestamp)

Darrel Quock, who made his entry on January 11, 2019 t 4:32 am (timestamp)

Please contact me via the contact page, with your address, so that I can send your chips to you. Congratulations!

Honorable mention goes to Jerry Wallen who used some logical deduction and stated the following: ‘…I will pump up the bets since I’m guessing the video will probably be 15 minutes long.’ Jerry, you’re a smart man and casinos fear guys like you. I guess that I’m predictable. Lol. Cheers to you, Jerry.


You have no idea how much I appreciate you. We are growing quickly and that’s all because of your kindness, your willingness to engage and interact with us. We would not be able to grow without you.

If you have any recommendations or thoughts that you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

We look forward to 2019 and growing with you.


Due to an…ahem…oversight by one of the RoadGambler employees, we are now jokingly referred to as ToadGambler. See time mark 9:04 in the Wild Wild West video.

So, now, if you make a mistake and type in…it will take you here. LOL.


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0 thoughts on “Where This Website is Going in 2019, Contest Results

  • Great site. Very informative and I will direct everyone I know who has an interest in trying to maximize their odds against the casino to check it out. Great job.

    • Thanks, John. I appreciate the kind words.

      BTW, you were one of the winners in a past contest. Prize is still unclaimed. If you want me to mail your prize to you, send me an email, and we will get the prize to you. It’s a pair of red and while Las Vegas chips. Free money, ya’ know.

  • Can I join the Bovada website you have linked to your website?

    I live in CA and I don’t think they legalized gambling.

    thanks for any answers you may have.


  • Just found your site but have been watching all your videos. I just fell in love with craps and trying to learn a better way to gamble. Thanks, JR

    • You will learn as you go. Just play slowly, at a pace that you can enjoy. Nothing wrong with going slow. And just a little plug for my affiliated advertisers, you can also play for cheap and learn by playing online, without the pressure of a live table, which you can graduate to. 🙂

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