The winner of the last Weekly Contest is Jeff Roberts, who score a near perfect 295 out of 300 points.

Congratulations, Jeff. Please check your email so that we can send your prize to you.

I really like doing these Weekly Contests. They’re fun to create, and the results are sometimes very interesting. I sometimes live vicariously through an entry. It makes our days fun.

As my staff and I were scoring the entries, we noticed that Thomas Stillwagon had perfect and flawless scores of predicting 24 total threes, and a Toronto final score of 114, but missed GS by 9 points.

It’s the classic case of ‘if not for that!’ I would have won.

We’ve all experienced it in real life at the casino.

Sorry if we made you aware of how close you came Thomas!

I’ll create more interesting and compelling Weekly Contests, with some having an element of skill or observation, in addition luck.


We’ve had a quite a few people ask for an update on our YouTube channel. Most people favored YouTube over our current video format on Vimeo.

The problems experienced by our viewers caused us to reconsider YouTube.

In the spirit of popular opinion and for the greater good, we will be transitioning back to YouTube.

I appreciate everyone who followed us over here when we switched to Vimeo.  I appreciate your loyalty and your kindness, whether it was through engaging us in the comments section, play through our affiliates, or offers of support, please know that I have taken notice and I will not forget your awesomeness.


One of the problems that YouTube had with us is that we were ‘promoting gambling content’ as they told us. We tried to appease the masters at YouTube by taking down our Weekly Contest. That will not happen this time.

We will continue to have the Weekly Contest.

Hopefully, I don’t wake up one day and see all my videos deleted.

The bigger issue is that while YouTube doesn’t allow for monetization of gambling related content, they will allow other parties to squat our videos and make money off our work.

But, if watching someone else’s commercials is what it takes to bring you videos, that’s part of the cost.


In the future, we will be producing RoadGambler swag and useful items. I want to make sure that what we produce is actually good and useful, not just something you buy to support us.

For now, as some of you may know, I am very busy with my main line of work, so we are have been slower at producing these products than we would like; however, be assured that we will be coming out with a useful product line in the future.

Thanks for your awesomeness!

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest Winner, Update on YouTube, and Future Content

  • Mark Kilgore says:

    Ha RG still having problem when I log into your site on my pc This happen when I type in roadgambler .com I can log in through my phone.

    • RoadGambler says:

      I think it’s because of the ads that run on the site. Some of the browsers will flag sites like Bovada, so I am told.

  • Thomas Stillwaggon says:

    Hahha all good rg congrats to Jeff! Live what you do man heading to Foxwoods next weekend maybe I’m saving up the luck for the tables !

  • Stupid question time 🙂

    Will this website be going away, and having only content on You Tube?

    Or will things exist in both places?

    Just so we know where to go to find you.

    • RoadGambler says:

      That’s not a stupid question, at all. This website will not be going away. I will still have this website, I’ll still be writing articles because I enjoy writing. It’s therapeutic and recreational for me.

    • RoadGambler says:

      I can’t tell if the rubber band comment is a joke because I’ve had several suggest the idea, and each time it sounded like a joke. For some strange reason, I like the idea.

  • I’m glad you are going to keep writing on here thanks I enjoy my lunch quite time reading your articles….. I’d be very interested in t-shirts or whatever you come up with.. I also like the money clip idea, or possibly a card protector, maybe a casino chip for my collection with the roadgambler logo? .. hey dice like the big fuzzy kind for the rear view mirror!!!

  • You can only do the rubber band if it’s red like the actual broccoli rabe ones. Also, you have girls on here and they don’t use clips. 🙂

  • Not a joke on the rubber band I actually use one. It might look better if I had a colored one or one with a logo though
    Going in a few weeks I hope I need a big one.

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