The Cromwell Hotel and Casino, which is owned by Caesars Entertainment (CET) is a small boutique hotel that is part of the Caesars Entertainment family of casinos. It’s my favorite hotel and casino because they offer 100x odds on craps (more on that later), single zero roulette, and 3-2 blackjack.

I arrived with newly acquired Diamond level card, which is second from the highest level that that CET offers, as far as I know. The month prior, I had been a Gold member, which is two tiers below Diamond (it goes Gold, Platinum, Diamond, 7 Stars). But because of my play at the CET owned Horseshoe in Shreveport, LA, the casino upgraded me from Diamond, to Platinum, to Diamond, all in the span of about two weeks.

My upgrades from Gold to Diamond in two weeks.

Gold members are charged a parking fee, so I was going to park at Planet Hollywood, where they have free parking, and walk to the Cromwell, which is about a ten minute walk. I hate parking fees, especially in Vegas.

Because I now had free valet and free self parking, I parked at the Cromwell.

Here are some pics of the Cromwell, so that you can have a sense of what the casino is like.

The dealers are friendly, efficient, and professional. Overall, the casino is very clean and does not reek of smoke.

One of the Blackjack pits
Double zero roulette with $10 minimum bet
Paid Gow poker with a $10 minimum. One of the best low roller deals in Las Vegas.
Cromwell is the only casino to offer 100x odds in Vegas.
The Eatwell restaurant. Decent food for late night casino patrons.
Betting 30x odds at craps. I’ll explain what this means in a later post.


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  • Over Thanksgiving 2018 we walked into the Cromwell and was surprised by 9/6 video poker with max bet of only $1.25. Definitely worth an hour of relaxation and drinks!

    • The Cromwell is one of the gems on the strip. Great rules on their games and good payback. They even have a single zero roulette table right there in the open floor. Most single zero games in LV are in the high limit room. I’m glad you discovered the Cromwell.

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