We had a 4 way tie, and since I didn’t list a tie breaker, I’m going award the prize to all four entries.

All four had 37 points, meaning they got one number correct, with two colors.

Winners of last weeks contest: Dave Tang, Bungerer, Matt Breitbarth, and Joe Weber.

Please check your email, if you haven’t already.


The above video is now playable.

We will have the official winner announced tomorrow at 12 pm eastern. So that everyone can watch without ruining the suspense of whether they won, we will not announce the winner until then.

According to our preliminary survey of the results, you will need to hit one number and two colors correctly to win.

Check back here tomorrow for official results.

Thank you to all who entered and good luck!


If you did not win, there’s always the next weekly contest!


Welcome to the Weekly Contest!

This contest will run from March 13, 2019 – March 19, 2019.

This week’s contest shall be the not-so-classic game of Sands Triple Zero roulette!

The video above is footage of a real Sands Triple Zero roulette game that I filmed while at the Venetian in Las Vegas. The footage will be playable on March 19, at approximately 12pm eastern, 11am central.

Not too many people have seen this game either in real life or on video. So here it is! Sure, it’s a much worse version of the original game, but at least here you get to play for free. Also, soon, you will be able to say that you saw a Triple Zero Roulette game in action.

It is a roulette video that has five spins. Only the first four will be needed to play the contest. The fifth is bonus footage, for your entertainment.

The prize will be our weekly prize of real Las Vegas chips from a real Las Vegas casino. This week, the chips will be from the Venetian, in keeping with the theme of the Weekly Contest. is a dream come true. It’s truly a fun project and we appreciate everyone. We hope that these weekly contests add a little spice to your week.


Congratulations to last week’s winner Chris; entry made on March 7, at 10:55pm. You had a perfect score! Please be sure to check your email so that we can send your prize to you.


To make your entry, you will do the following for each spin. Pick a number on the wheel for each spin, and then pick a color. Do this for each of the first four spins. There are four spins total in this contest. The fifth and final spin in the video is bonus footage for your entertainment.

For example: your entry can be 0 red, 2 red, 3 black, 000 black.

In the above example, the first bet will be for the first spin, the second bet is for the second spin, the third bet is for the third spin, and the fourth bet is for the fourth spin.

The scoring will be: 35 points if you hit a number, 1 point if you hit the color red or black, and 11 points for green. The game has three green spots, thus 11-1.

If you make an incomplete entry, the entry will still count, but you will only receive scoring for your entry made. For example, if you foul your entry by just entering, 0,0, 00, you will still be entered, but you will not receive the potential points from the fourth spin and all the colors. Just like at the casino, you will be at a disadvantage to the other players.

Whoever has the most points will win.

Be sure to enter. Even if you don’t enter, it’s always fun to watch a real roulette game. Of course, it’s more fun if you have something at stake!

Sure, you don’t know what’s going to hit…but that’s exactly the same in real life, unless you were the late Dr. Richard Jarecki:

Good luck to everyone!


Please remember that if you have not posted a comment prior, then your first comment will not appear immediately. We must filter first comments for spam. And oh buddy, do we get a lot of spam attempts. If we did not filter first comments, the comment section would be flooded with offers of Amoxicillin, time shares in Kentucky, discount diamond earrings, offers for flights, and free astrology readings, among tons of other junk.

Some of the attempts at spam and getting past our filter are quite clever: ‘Hey, that’s exactly what I think when I’m there. If you have anything else to add, I’m interested. I would like to know more. We’re about to be there, too. Thanks.’

I mean, it could be legit; and we don’t want to accidentally throw a legit readers comment into the spam guard.

The only thing that gives them away is the email address.

Our numbers are rising and our readership is growing. I guess dealing with spam is a cost of growth.



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