I’m currently at a casino, where last night I had a panhandler throw an empty cup at me when I refused to share my good luck with her. Just to protect identities, I won’t say where.

I don’t know what’s in the water here, but today I was at the roulette table, and I witnessed a lady viciously berate a roulette dealer for a good 20 minutes because the dealer wouldn’t let her make late bets.

The roulette table has a projection which tells the player that no more bets are allowed. The dealer then simultaneously waves her hand to signal ‘No More Bets’.

It started innocently enough.  She was spreading her bets, and she seemed like a nondescript and quiet roulette player. She had a quirk where she wouldn’t make her bets until the dealer spun the ball. After a few rounds, she’s down pretty big and decides to go for the break-even by upping her bet. The dealer pushes the late chips back and said her bet was too late.

Well, you guessed it…35 hits, and that was one of the numbers that the dealer pushed back. The lady flips out and goes road rage angry. For a moment, I thought the player was going to jump across the table and assault the dealer. It got real, as the kids say. I sympathized for the lady and told her that she should call for the floor and ask the floor to review the camera footage.

I’m almost certain that just as the dealer was making the ‘no more bets’ hand wave, the player simultaneously made her 35 bet. I witnessed it because I was standing at the end of the table. That’s how I got these pictures. I wasn’t 100% certain, but if it were me, I would have asked for a review. After about 2 minutes of arguing, the floor decides that they are going to pay her. As you can tell from the bets, it wasn’t a small payout.

You would think that the lady is happy. Nope. She spends the next 10-15 minutes berating the dealer. Eventually, the floor comes by to calm the situation, but the floor makes it worse. Holy moly…he made it worse.

So a few hands later, the player spreads her bet all the way around the numbers, leaving about 5 numbers not covered. One of the numbers she didn’t bet hit. The floor smirks, and the lady and her husband, who appeared out of nowhere, start bitching out the floor. They both bitch out the floor in a thick Russian accent that mysteriously got thicker. The gist of their grievance was, ‘what are you laughing at?’, to which the floor replied, ‘I can laugh at whatever I want’. That just set off a firestorm that was quite entertaining to watch.

Now there’s two of them, and they’re both very angry. But they’re also high rollers, as you can tell from the pics. Apparently, they intimidated the dealer and floor enough that the dealer no longer made the ‘No More Bets’ oral call and hand motion. Eventually, the dealer and floor just let the player have her way, and when the player heard the ball dropping, she would stop her cyclone of bets.

Did you say, ‘No More Bets??? Don’t tell me what to do! Player completely ignores the  No More Bets sign and continues making bets.

I have never ever seen that late bet allowance at a roulette table. That was a first for me. The dealer and floor just gave up and allowed her to make whatever bets, completely ignoring any late bet protocol.

See the ‘No More Bets’ warning? The player just ignored it, and the dealer (red arrow) and the floor person (blue arrow) just stood by and let the player do whatever. The player bullied her way into getting what she wanted.

Eventually, the player hit a few numbers that were late bets, and the dealer paid the late bets. One winning bet was even made after the ball landed. I sure as heck wasn’t going to point out that her winning bet was made after the ball landed.

On a side note, the floor saw me snapping these pics, and, either because he was distracted or more focused on the player, he ignored me.

You spend enough time a casino, you’ll witness all sorts of reality TV entertainment…live and in person.


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One thought on “What the Heck Is In The Water Here?

  • I like to gamble because it’s fun and entertaining. People like that lady sure disrupt the other gamblers and gamblers. The casino should have put her out. Glad she doesn’t play craps.

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