Thursday, I was in San Antonio for business and went to a San Antonio Spurs game later that night.

Generally, I’m not a fan of attending live sporting events, but in this case, the tickets were to a VIP luxury lounge, with drinks and food. So off I went!

Hardcore fans about to watch an NBA Spurs game.
This is how people who are not hardcore fans watch the game.
These seats are comfy. Notice everyone is pretty casual about the game.

These VIP events are fun because, generally, there is lots of pre-gaming that goes on before the game. It’s a party with a game in the background. There’s a chauffeured bus that’s filled to the brim with alcohol and food. By the time everyone is dropped off, everyone is liquored up and loosened up, ready to have a good time. About 3/4 of our entourage had no idea who was playing against the Spurs.

About half of our group had placed various wagers on the game just to spice up the experience.

I waited until the game started to make my wagers. If I was going to watch it live, I prefer to make an in game wager.

The food was nothing spectacular. Just a lot more alcohol with wings and hotdogs and various snacks and sweets.

The best part of the luxury boxes is that you aren’t squeezed in with everyone else; although, for certain other events like concerts, I prefer the community feel of being tight with your fellow audience members.

As the game started, I pulled out my phone and looked at the betting lines. It was quite fun watching the lines moving and adjusting, while the game was going on in front of me.

My betting slip on the under. I ended up losing this bet. The final score was way more than a combined 219.

Prior to the start of the game, San Antonio was a 7 point favorite. At the end of the first quarter, San Antonio was an 11 point favorite, which was a great bet. I thought about it for about a minute and then decided to bet Brooklyn, but within that one minute, the line had dropped to 9. I passed at 9 points.

Several other people also has their own phones out and were making live bets, as the game was going.

The live betting lines during the second quarter.
Score at the start of the 4th quarter.

At the end of the third quarter and prior to the start oft he 4th quarter, San Antonio became underdogs. I love betting on underdogs, so I bet on San Antonio to win outright.

I won my final bet!

San Antonio won the game on a final score of 117-114.

Overall, it was a fun night with some rowdy people, some of whom needed a steady hand to help them to the stairs.

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