Most of my gambling and traveling is done in my spare time. Since I am my own boss, I can do a lot of my work on the road. It helps that I have awesome employees and staff.

Some of my road trips are planned, while some are not. There are days where I’ll wake up and say to myself, I feel like driving somewhere today. When that urge occurs, I’ll check with my assistant about any daily meetings for the day, and if she tells me that I’m in the clear for face-to-face meetings, I’ll hit the gym for an hour and then hit the road, on the way to a random casino.

I’m a simple packer. I have a pre-packed bag of toiletries and clothes. I’ll throw my pre-packed bag into my car and go.  Sometimes, I just start driving and ask for recommendations from friends, as I’m driving.

I’m also working quite a few hours on the road. It’s not unusual to drive 10 hours and be on the phone for 8 of those hours, hands-free, of course.

Here is a time lapsed video of a trip from San Antonio, Texas, where I was staying for business, to Biloxi, Mississippi. The time-lapse footage is assembled from the moment I got into my car and ends at the moment I arrive at the craps table at the Beau Rivage casino.

This is a typical road trip with the RoadGambler.

I just love this country.

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