Here is a collection of notes and thoughts from the RoadGambler. I regularly answer questions via email or interaction on social media, and these are some of the topics that come up.

If you have any questions, comments, or if you just plain disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

No Such Thing as a Put Bet on The Darkside

Someone asked if it’s possible to make a put bet on the darkside, meaning the Don’t Pass or Don’t Come. My friends, if it was possible to make a put bet on the darkside, some of us would be very rich, and some casino manager would be insta-fired.

The put bet has no come out roll. The right side, aka the lightside or the pass or come side, has an 8 to 4 edge on the come out. For the house, if the player bets dark, the casino now has an 8 to 3 advantage (because the 12 ties). It’s this 8-3 advantage that gives the house its’ 1.36% house edge on the darkside.

The house isn’t going to let a darkside player skip away from that rather dangerous come out roll.

That’s why it’s not possible to make a put bet on the darkside.

There is such a thing as ‘Place to Lose’, but that’s something else.

For The Millionth Time, Just Because You See Me Play It…

A few thick headed YouTube viewers like to flex their superiority by telling me that my betting strategy is terrible and that they aren’t going to watch anymore. Well, dam, that cuts me deep. If only I had one more viewer.

I’ll say it again, some of the betting styles are done for entertainment purposes.

Who the Heck Plays a Prevent Defense?

I lost money on that Houston game. I had Houston to win straight up. That’s just bad D.

On that last pass, Houston had two defenders at least 25 yards back…to do what? Prevent a touchdown?

That just hurt my head.

Use Place Bets Instead of Put Bets When the Max Odds is 5x

Because of my put bet video, a few viewers have started to make some incorrect assumptions about the put bet. Someone said that they were going to Mohegan Sun, where they have 5x, and see if they allow put bets. The problem is that even if Mohegan Sun allows put bets (which they probably do not), at 5x max odds it’s not really worth using the put bet.

If anything, the put bet is worse than the place bet in this situation.

5x is right at the break even point with a place bet of 6 and 8, but the problem with a put is that the odds bet must stay on at all times, including the come out roll, if the player wants the same net house edge. If the player turns them off on the come out roll, he needs a higher odds multiplier.
Using 3.38 average rolls to resolve a pass line bet, our player will have about 30 come out rolls an hour. If he opts to work his place bets on the come out, that’s like making 8 more place bets more per hour, per number.
Put bets will increases the hourly expected loss over a similar place bet because the net effect is like having the place bets working on the come out.
At 5x, I would just make with place bets and stay with the traditional ‘off on the come out’.

This Country is Awesome

As the RoadGambler, I engage in quite a bit of gambling, but I do just as much, if not more, traveling.  I’ve seen and experienced a lot, which has made me realize that we live in a beautiful country. I don’t just mean beautiful from a physical or picturesque perspective, but also from a social, collective, and spiritual perspective.

Sure, the country is not perfect, but nothing’s perfect. We’re going to be continuously working to make this country a better place. I don’t share the perspective of the doom and gloom crowd. There’s no evidence that our country is on the decline. If anything, it’s on the rise, and better days are ahead of us.

There are always going to be disparate people, groups, and parties arguing as to the direction and control of this country. As a social and political collective, we argue like a big family that’s what big families are supposed to do. Some people see argument as a bad thing, but I see it as a good thing. Argument is a form of dispute resolution.

Besides, free people aren’t supposed to agree with each other all the time. We all have different and conflicting interests, so naturally, we will disagree.

On the topic of arguments and disagreements, the country is more civil than ever. Don’t fall for the sales pitch that our country is divided because of differences in politics. In the old days, remember that the Vice President of these United States and the Secretary of the GodDam Treasury actually went outside and had a mano a mano gun duel to resolve a political dispute.

Also, before you think that the grass is greener on the the other side, you should know that in other countries, they actually resort to physical violence. Next time someone tells you that our country is do divided and going down the drain, look at this for perspective…

Now compare that to this nasty, nasty debate in the U.S Senate…

We are civilized people because our legally and socially recognized form of dispute resolution is based on maintaining peace. We aren’t barbarians who use fists and physical intimidation to resolve our differences. Sure a few people get out of line, and they garner a disproportionate share of the voice, but at the end of the day, those people who resort to violence and physical intimidation are the shunned outlier and their methods are not socially acceptable except to their fellow deviants. They aren’t the norm.

Yea, we aren’t a perfect society, but we’re dam awesome.

I love this country.


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0 thoughts on “RoadGambler’s Rogue Notes

    • The RG method is to play midi baccarat and play as slow as possible, bet on banker, while asking the pit what he has as my rating.

      I vary my bet enough so that I can get a higher average. I like to bet my higher range when the floor is nearby or looking.

      It’s not enough to turn the game positive, but it helps squeeze out every last bit.

      You’d be surprised what negotiating with the floor can get you.

  • Don’t think you’ll see to many more prevents like last week
    You might should play your style more often. People see better play more it might change enlighten them
    I watch a lot of strategy videos (haven’t seen one I would adopt) but it can be entertaining. It is amazing to hit the table and see how many people are you tube players.
    We are in the best country!

  • “For The Millionth Time, Just Because You See Me Play It…”

    I really don’t care how you bet. I have my own way of betting that works most of the time but of course not all. The videos are entertaining and that’s why I enjoy them. I mostly visit casinos in Louisiana so it gives me a small glimpse into the rest of the casino world. What I enjoy watching the most is how other people roll the dice. I love watching the different ways people try to influence the dice. I am guilty myself but my routine is very short and not very dramatic. I have had great rolls and terrible rolls so who knows.

    “No Such Thing as a Put Bet on The Darkside”

    It would be awesome if this was allowed. I would love to skip the come out roll and be able to play the darkside

    “Who the Heck Plays a Prevent Defense?”

    It’s amazing to watch a defense play smash mouth in your face football the whole game and then play soft at the end of the game. It happens all the time though. The Texans gave that game away. Why not play to stop them with your best and if they beat you anyway at least you leave knowing you got beat and did not just give one away.

    “This Country is Awesome”

    Yes it is. Can’t add anything other than agree.

  • Thomas Stillwaggon says:

    I am headed to Mohegan as we speak, but I wasn’t the one to suggest a put bet. Never have done one and don’t plan to start today lol. I will leave some details
    On table min and max ,odds ,side bets etc with a brief trip report, if rg will allow and is interested ,as I have personally never played there. Anyways hopefully variance is in my favor for a few days ! Keep up the good work rg love all the content !

    • Thomas,

      Please check your email.

      If you have some pics and a trip report, I’d be happy to publish it.

      I’ve never been to Mohegan Sun and would love to see.

      • Dear RG –
        I spend a reasonable amount of time at Mohegan, preferring it to Foxwoods, but if you come East you should do both. Volume is down at both now that New York, Mass and Rhode Island are competing. Thanks for the videos – very enjoyable.

        • I’m going to eventually make it to there. Mohegan and Foxwoods are too famous to pass up.

          The only downside I hear is that they’ve reduced their max adds to 5x.

  • For the life of me, I never understood why teams go to the prevent defense.

    If your defense has been successful the whole game by playing an aggressive defensive package, or whatever defense that was succeeding up to that point in the game, why would you suddenly back off and expect to continue having success against the offense. One would think that you would want to keep the pressure on and make the offense beat you rather than give up valuable yards to then allow the offense an opportunity to beat you. I guess that is why I am just an IT person and not a football coach. 🙂

    RG, thank you again for all that you do.

  • I am reading a new book called Accidental Presidents…apparantly in the 1840s there were fisticuffs in the Congress i guess our country is maturing.

  • Brian Winnekins says:

    Question..which is better pass line with 2x odds or just place bet with 3 units(based on $5 table). I’m not big roller but am torn between which would be better play.

    • If you are only going to play one number with either a pass line bet or a place bet I would choose the pass line simply because of the advantage you have on the come out roll of getting a 7 or 11 and making a quick 5 dollars. You pass up that advantage on the come out roll by placing the number you want. I’m sure others might do this different but that’s my opinion.

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