Many of our readers have never been to Las Vegas. Also, quite a few of our readers have been to Las Vegas, but for whatever reason, have never gone for a walk up and down the strip. If you fall into either of those camps, I’m here to show you the view from my perspective as I travel the road and gamble. In that spirit, I hope you enjoy these pics of my midnight stroll through the center part of Las Vegas Boulevard.

This past weekend, I was in Las Vegas and stayed on the strip.

This was the view from my room.

The weather was a little bit windy, but overall, nice enough to go for a stroll before an evening long binge at the tables.

Here are some pics of what Las Vegas Blvd looks like if you walk the center part of it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too busy for a Saturday night. Maybe the resort fees, ridiculous parking charges and attempts to squeeze tourists have gone too far. Recently, there have been reports that tourism to Las Vegas has been on the decline, and that 2018 marked a four year low for Vegas tourism. Anecdotally, I certainly saw the sparse crowds on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The resorts all claim that the extra fees have boosted tourism and enhanced the experience. When casinos first started charging for parking, they claimed that the parking fees would make the parking experience better. If you consider that a red light green light system is worth the added parking fee, then…sure.

The red light means the parking spot is taken, while the green light means the spot is open. Improved parking experience, for sure. But is it worth the parking fee?

The good news is that the casinos are starting to notice and dial back on some of the outrageous fees.

As I was walking the Strip, I decided to detour into the Flamingo to look at their blackjack offerings. Every game I saw was 6-5. It was horrible. The good news is that the go-go party pit dancer was livening the place up.

Sparse for a Saturday night.
This escalator up to the bridge allows pedestrians to cross Las Vegas Blvd.

This was just this past Saturday around 12 midnight.

After my walk, I found a sense of hope because it appears that people are becoming wise with their entertainment dollars. In the end, the casinos will only do what their customers allow them to do. As a business, they have every right to make as much money as possible, but, as customers, we have a right to refuse their fees and bad games.

The sights are beautiful and the atmosphere is energetic. Even with the sparse crowd, it was still fun, and I enjoyed my walk. But it would be great if some of the old Las Vegas gambling deals came back. If we vote with our wallets, the deals may come back to certain degree. Unfortunately, $2 craps may never come back to the strip.

In a future article, I’ll tell you about why some of these mega resorts are bad for gamblers, and why those sweetheart gambling deals of the past may never come back. $1 blackjack that pays 3-2? Roulette with 25 cent chips at Caesars Palace or the Wynn? Forget about it, even if they wanted to offer $2 craps, the mega resorts may never able able to do so. The reason? Mainly debt service and expenses.

If you have any questions, comments, or request, please let me know in the comments below.

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0 thoughts on “Walking Up and Down Las Vegas Blvd on a Saturday Night

    • Joe, you gave me an idea.

      It might be time to visit the Joker’s Wild in Henderson. They have $1 craps M-Th and $2 craps Fri-Sun.

  • Tony Chandler says:

    Love the pictures. Made the trip there in March and had a great time. Enjoyed a night time ride on the High Roller.

  • I’ve been there three times. The first time was to celebrate our 25th anniversary. The last two times were for an educational conference. My wife is a music teacher and the Golden Nugget hosts a graduate course in Mariachi music every year. I think that this year’s event is in early July. Anyway, it allows me the chance to roam Vegas unsupervised while my wife is in class. We won’t get there this year due to conflict with our son’s wedding (priorities, priorities). Since we live near the east coast, it takes some planning to go to Vegas.

    I primarily play blackjack, but have been learning craps. I love these videos and discussions. Keep up the good work.

    Anyway, I view my play as a social event. I enjoy being at a table where people are enjoying themselves. If I want it to be a dead serious experience, I can just go to work.

    Many of the Strip’s casinos are really nice venues. But the 6 to 5 blackjack payoff thing is a turn-off. But I still enjoy going to those venues. I have enjoyed the Cromwell, the Mirage, New York New York, and Harrah’s the most. But I love playing at the Golden Nugget. And that is where I first tried craps a couple of years ago. Especially if they know one is a newbie, the craps dealers there were terrific.

    Anyway, thanks for the videos to allow us to experience things vicariously. Keep up the good work.

  • I liked the Vegas of old. I can still remember the 99 cent shrimp cocktails at the Westward Ho. Vegas used to be a very cheap place to go party and have fun but it’s not anymore. You didn’t have to worry about getting comped because everything was so inexpensive rooms, food and shows. It was a $10-15 cab ride from the airport that took 15 minutes to get to the strip. They put in a tram that doesn’t go to the airport? The big corporate thinking has missed the target in my opinion. Why would any smart gambler play 6-5 blackjack? If I’m just going on vacation I can go to a all inclusive in the Caribbean for what it cost in Vegas now. Bring back the deals and get rid of the fees.
    Cheers and Good Luck

  • Lawrence Roth says:

    To give you an idea the last time I went to Vegas, I stayed at the Oriental Palace. Since then, I have 6 casinos within a 2 hour drive from my house that have opened since. Sports betting is as close as this computer (Bovada!). I’m going to Vegas in July, but as much to see the Neon museum and Penn and Teller with my daughter than the craps I can play locally. I remember, that if a played 10 hours at a $5 table over three days, my room was comped, I was given $100 in match play, and I believe some meals.

    • RoadGambler says:

      BTW, I loved the Penn and Teller show. One of my favorite in LV.

      Yes, those days of $5 play with those generous comps are gone. Blame it on the mega resorts.

  • wow I must have just walked by you last weekend ! We stayed at Paris and had a great time.The craps were very good at Cromwell .Also had a great session monday morning at Paris.It was fun to play at a table where everyone was experienced. Fun to go to In an Out for a burger and the Cosmo for Hattie Bs chicken !

    • RoadGambler says:


      It was very likely we passed by each other.

      I was at the Cosmo, too. Tried their Wicked Spoon buffet. I was asked to do a review of it.

      Glad you had a good time. I really enjoyed the room and view at Paris.

      • Wicked Spoon story .My wife went the restroom and stepped in someone’s puke. This was in the middle of the day. She went to guest services to get a towel to clean her shoes.They were very apologetic and comped us two buffets.The food was very good . Lots of variety for all different taste buds.

  • I finally got my family to come to Vegas with me. All 4 of us for the 1st time. Kids are 22 so age restrictions were no longer an issue. This past Memorial Day weekend for 7 days. We all had a blast. My wife never wanted to go because she always felt Vegas was ONLY for gambling. Boy did she learn she was wrong! They went to bed at 10ish and I made my way down stairs in the Flamingo to play CRAPS. Every once in a while now she says.. “…that was a great trip – when can we go back?” Go figure.

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