The above is the corrected video with the proper hands and winners of each hand.

Well, looks like I screwed the pooch on this one. The results of the last weekly contest were completely wrong.

However, this is exactly why I post the results. I want to provide proof. I’ve always found it very fishy when websites do a drawing out of view of their readers or viewers. I don’t mind being critiqued and held up to a higher standard.

I sincerely apologize for the mix up. I failed to approve the final video with results. I should have approved this video before airing.

So based on the video proof, there were two mistakes in the judging of this contest:

  1. Stephen should have won hand 8 of round 1.
  2. Deb should have won the first hand of round 2.

Round 2, Hand 2

Based on the above correction, in hand 2 of round 2, it should have been Phil versus Stephen (not Andy). Using the same hand history, the pics below reflect the correct participants.

On the flop, it looked like Phil had locked up the hand, having flopped a pair of queens, with aces on board, leaving Stephen with only runner-runner as outs…

Well, that’s exactly what happened…runner-runner 7s for a full house.

Sorry to make you relive this hand, Phil.

Final Hand

Based on the above correction, the final hand should have been deb in seat 1 versus Phil in seat 2.

Based on this rectification, deb should have been declared the ultimate winner.

We are going to award the prize to deb.

Jeff dunstan will also be awarded the prize because of our foul up, but he doesn’t get to say that he’s the winner. Bragging rights go to deb!

Congrats to deb!

On a secondary note, players are not allowed to make multiple entries themselves, but they are allowed to invite family and friends to enter. In this case, Jeff dunstan said that deb is his wife, which is completely within the rules.


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