Here is the video for the Weekly Contest results.

I’ll update the identity of the winner tomorrow morning, in this post.

This is how it’s done in California, where no dice or balls are allowed.

Good luck!

[EDIT] The winner is Brandon.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest July 17 – 23 RESULTS : California Card Roulette at San Manuel Casino

  • …all that “clicking” noise from the wheel would make me go nuts in 15 minutes! Put it all on Black and wish for the best. Glad Las Vegas isn’t that far from California.
    Thank you RG for sharing the video. Really enjoy watching and the blog “stories” behind them!

    • RoadGambler says:

      YW, my friend.

      After a while, you get used to the clicking noise. Also, a night, when the casino is busier, so it’s louder and you don’t notice it as much.

      But yea, at first, it takes some getting used to.

  • Oh man! I did even worse than one of the people who didn’t read 🙁
    But man that was a nail biter, super close for first and second. I think second place deserves a consolation $1 chip, haha!

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