Weekly Contest

Every week, the RoadGambler.com will have a weekly contest. The contest will be different every week. Some weeks it will be guessing the winner of a horse race, guessing the score of a Monday Night Football game, guessing the result of a real roulette spin, or whatever gamblers like to play and do. Whatever the contest, I hope that you find it fun.

Check in weekly to see the week’s contest, where you can win real prizes, which include real casino chips that can be collected or cashed in for money.

Best part is that there will be no entry fee. TOTALLY FREE to enter, no purchase required. This is free gambling, all for your entertainment while helping us grow.

In addition, every month, refer someone who subscribes to the roadgambler.com, and you will qualify to win a pair of GREEN chips from a real and live Las Vegas casino.

Use them, collect them, or just cash them in!

You’ll help the roadgambler.com grow, and the more I grow, the more reviews and pictures I can bring back for your enjoyment.

Disclaimer: submissions become property of roadgambler.com. Final decision shall be made by roadgambler.com, and roadgambler.com reserves the right to suspend this contest without notice. No purchase necessary to win.