Who saw that Dodgers score coming? 16 runs! Holy Moly. As you would expect, that run total messed up a lot of people.

I’ll confess that I’m a Dodgers fan. Another WS we go! Maybe we’ll win this one.

I’m not gonna name names, but I thought the big Philly contract was a mistake. It’s going to be an albatross around Philadelphia’s neck for a long time coming. Sorry for the Philly fans.


The winner of the last Weekly Contest is Michael.

His score was 41 of 60 points.

LAD 0 (many people fell into the negative because the run count was so high, but Michael was exactly 10 runs off)

Phil 9

NY 10 (perfect score)

TB 10 (perfect score)

LAA 6 (run total was 2x for going over, so -2×2)

Hou 6 (2x penalty for going over)

Congratulations, Michael!

Be sure to check your email.


If you didn’t win, no worries.

Tomorrow is another contest. It involves video of a real casino game. I’ll bet that many of you have not seen this game…

Stay tuned.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest RESULTS July 10 – 16: Baseball!

  • Actually, Bryce Harper has been a good addition. Because of him in the lineup, it affords Rhys Hopkins protection to see better pitches to hit. It hurt them to lose McCutcheon.

    Anyway, if it is expected that Bryce Harper will carry them to the postseason….well, then they will have to teach him how to pitch.

    Also, it would help to have a manager who does not rely on homeruns to score when it would be better to play some small ball occasionally. Last night, only one Dodger run was from a hard hit ball (solo homerun) off the starter Efflin. The other 6 runs he gave up were from mainly singles. The bullpen…yikes.

    Anyway, sorry to inject baseball into a Craps discussion board.

    Thanks again. I enjoy the contests. And congratulations to Michael.

    • RoadGambler says:

      This is a very relevant discussion.

      I’m just not the fan of that Harper contract. Time will tell, but I think Washington was smart to let him go.

      Wow, I love them Dodgers. If they make it to the WS this year, I’ll probably be at some of the games.

    • RoadGambler says:

      As a Dodger fan who dreads being associated with the Buffalo Bills SB futility, I wouldn’t mind Dodgers vs. Orioles.

      It’s not too late Baltimore!

      Realistically, I’d be ok with Dodgers v Tampa Bay. TB can beat NYY in a playoff series, if TB gets the wild card. The Yankees are streaky strike out machines.

      Dodgers then crush TB.

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