NEWS FLASH: With the exception of three entries [as of this writing], it is extremely unlikely that the Super Prize will be won.

This is supposed to be the RESULTS video, but it’s an UPDATE with a second chance in tomorrow’s Weekly Contest, titled PART II , $1000.

NOTE: Please do not make any Part 2 entries in this post. The contest is not yet live. It will be live tomorrow, and all entries must go in that post.

I am going to offer an extension of the last WEEKLY CONTEST and allow everyone a second guess. New entries will be allowed.

The video above shows the ‘bag’ in its’ current secured state. In the video above, Jacqueline shows you the bag and how it is secured and also sealed. We have also added a second layer of security in that the bag is in a banker box and the banker box is sealed with a tamper proof signature.

I want everyone to have a legitimate shot at winning the Super Prize.

NO ONE COULD HAVE WON THE SUPER PRIZE [with the exception of three as of this writing]

As the entries started coming in, I noticed that everyone’s guesses were way too low.

At first, I wanted to stop the contest and reset it with a clue, but it would have been unfair to the existing entries. Also, it would be fun and exciting if people knew the stakes involved.

I do not know how much money is exactly is in the bag, but since I was the person saving up the money, I have a general idea of how much is in the bag. I am 99% certain there is at least $1000 in the bag.

In this article about remnant money, I left clues about how much was in the bag. Here is one…

This year alone, I’ve been on 38 gambling trips according to my count. If I had decided to throw away this remnant money, this would not be in my possession, or it would be greatly diminished.  This remnant money saved is part of my bankroll that otherwise wouldn’t be with me.

That is the only clue I will mention. The rest is up to you to decipher.


As of the writing of this contest, the average of all the guesses is around $500, with the majority of the guesses far below $500. With over 80% of the entries being too low to realistically have a ‘sweat’, the purpose of the contest – to generate palpable excitement as the money was being counted – is not met.

The high guess, as of the publishing of this article is Tracey at $1019.29 [I wrote this update Monday evening; as of early Tuesday morning, there are three]. This is another reason why it would have been unfair to stop and reset the contest. [Those three entries] have a legitimate free roll at winning the Super Prize, and to reset would deny [them] the free roll.

There are two guesses above $900: Kevin hopkinson (no cap on ‘h’ as entered) had $958.88, and Darryl Desjarlais at $930.47. It is unlikely, but within the realm of possibility, however unlikely, that they won the Super Prize. But I have to include them on this list because while I think it is unlikely that there is less than $1000, it is possible.

[All] guesses [from the original contest will still qualify to] win the Super Prize, [and] they will win the Super Prize with their prior entry before PART 2 is judged. Everyone’s prior entry is still live for purposes of the Super Prize and will be judged prior to judging Part 2.

[Note there are now other guesses above Tracey’s guess; regardless, ALL entries will be judged before Part 2 is judged]

Note that this is not a guarantee that there is more than $1000 in the bag, but I am like positively almost certain and sure there is more than $1000 in the bag.


Since we only have [very few entries] that really [have] a genuine chance to win the Super Prize (the two in the $900 range are possible, but unlikely), we will do a PART 2 using the exact same subject bag.

In the video, after you see the bag that is in the box, you will see Jacqueline reseal the box and tamper proof it again. She does not touch the bag. The bag is still in its’ original sealed and tamper-proofed condition, as seen in the original WEEKLY CONTEST post. It will remain as such, and the box will be resealed with another tamper signature proofing tape, as shown in the video.

Also, the bag’s contents have not shift much, expect for incidental shifting from moving the box from the table to our vault. You can inspect the position of the bills and coins in the video with the portion of the bills and coins in the pictures that came with the original post.

All the prior entries will still be live, and someone will win the regular prize. Now that I think about it, the winner of the regular prize is almost definitely Tracey [no longer definitely true; sorry Tracey]. Whether [any of the three] win the Super Prize remains to be seen.

Everyone will be able to make an additional entry once PART 2 goes live tomorrow.

There will definitely be a count next week.


Talk about Weekly Contests, in a few months, there will be a Weekly Contest coming that may be of interest to our readers and viewers.

Currently, I am testing a contest that our readers may find very interesting. It involves a high stakes treasure hunt in Las Vegas. Hidden somewhere right now in Las Vegas, in a safe public place, is a black chip with a note for an additional $25 prize if the finder contacts me. I am testing to see if someone or something finds the chip by pure coincidence, which is something I don’t want to happen.

The actual contest will be much more significant than a black chip and will require problem solving to win.

I am always exploring ways to make our content more engaging and more interesting.

Stay tuned!

If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, questions, or complaints, please let me know in the comments below.


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0 thoughts on “Weekly Contest $1000 UPDATE August 14 – 20: Guess the Total

  • Michael Arnold says:

    Nooooo! I was certain it was above $1,000 because of that other blog post. But alas, I was thwarted by a first time poster so I got limited in my guess anyway. Maybe it will work out this time.

    So if I’m understanding this correctly, everyone who entered last week will have that entry solidified, and will be able to make 1 additional entry. Is this correct? Or will a new guess erase my guess from last week?

    • ALL the entries from last week will get to be judged first and will qualify for the prize first.

      If any entry from last week wins the Super Prize, then yes, it is off the table because there is only one available and one of you guys won it already.

      And yes, EVERYBODY, will be able to submit a second entry.

      I saw that you guys paid attention to the clues. It would be unfair to not give you guys the free roll. You are effectively getting a free roll on the first entry AND you will be making a second entry.

      I tried really hard to be fair in this contest with this decision to extend the contest. I debated whether or not to extend the contest because it might be unfair to the people who paid attention to the clues.

      The flip side is that if I didn’t extend the contest, I would have had a lot of dejected people because the vast majority of people were so far off, it wasn’t much of a contest.

      I think the extension with ALL original entries being judged first is a fair compromise because everybody benefits. The only downside is that there is a one week delay; other than that, it’s all upside.

    • Tracey,

      Unfortunately, ‘I don’t know’ to the first question. I do not know how much is in the bag, so I am unable to know if you won the regular prize.

      When I first wrote the post you see now, you were the high entry, so it appeared that you won the regular weekly prize. But then at the final moments, around 3 – 5 additional entries came in and contested you for the regular prize.

      YES to your second question. EVERYONE gets a second guess and you will get a free roll on your first entry. See my answer to Michael Arnold above.

      Just to be clear, next week, when the count is done, there will be three available prizes: the weekly prize for this week; the weekly prize for next week; and the Super Prize, if win conditions are met.

  • All they had to do was look at the first picture you put up to know it is much more than what they were guessing. Another clue is there are at least several hundred dollar bills in the picture.

    • Tracey, that’s why you’ll have a free roll with your first entry. Your will retain your advantage derived for your observation.

      This contest was meant to be a brain teaser.

  • People underestimated the total because you said this:

    I am quite certain that there are no hundred dollar bills in the bag, as I never consider $100 bills to be remnant money. I’m usually very careful about that point.

    Even if you let 2-3 bejamins slip in the bag…no one was expecting the total to be 4 figures

    • Darrell,

      I still stand by my point that you quoted.

      The last sentence of that paragraph you quoted contains a qualifier…

      ‘I am quite certain that there are no hundred dollar bills in the bag, as I never consider $100 bills to be remnant money. I’m usually very careful about that point. This is not a guarantee that there isn’t a $100 bill in the bag, but that’s my regular operating procedure.’

      That’s all I can say so as to not unfairly give away any clues to anyone who may have been able to decipher an advantage.

      • Fair point.

        Coming within 0.40 cents of a bag worth of money between 1000- ? Dollars and not going over is such a small window . I have a side bet going that no one will be within $10 of the total. Just kidding.


        • Darrell, it’s called the schooling effect. With enough entries, someone will win.

 is growing to the point where one day, there will be enough readers and entries, so that every week some sort of big prize like this can be won and paid for by a sponsor.

          Of course, it’s a pretty grand prize, so it can’t be easy.

          • I will invite 1000 of my closest friends and have every dollar covered from $1000 to $2000 covered….lol
            Let’s hustle baby….

          • Back into early days of the lottery, before the Powerball, people would form groups and actually buy up all the existing combinations when they thought the jackpots were +EV. Real thing.

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