The D in downtown Las Vegas has one of the last old fashioned Sigma Derby horse racing machines. If you remember the Sigma Derby machines, I’m about to bring you a little bit of nostalgia.

Sure the Sigma machine was a bit weird, and nowadays, they look a bit dated compared to the fancy racing machines. But where else can you gamble for a 25 cents per race, and have drinks delivered by a beautiful cocktail waitress?

I found the Sigma Derby machine at the D to be a great time.

Here is the betting panel to the Sigma Derby machine.

Play with a bucket of quarters

To play the Sigma Derby, you have to pick the two horses that will finish first and second IN ANY ORDER. There are five horses.

The order doesn’t matter. So if you pick 1-2, and the 2 horse finishes first, and the 1 horse finishes second, you still win.


Next week, on April 23, the video shown below will be playable. There are three races in the video. It is not playable as of this moment.

To enter the Sigma Derby Weekly contest, you will play three races.

In each race, you are to pick which pair of horses, out of five horses, will finish first and second. Again, the order of the horses in each race does not matter.

An example of an entry will be something like…

R1. 1,2 R2. 2,4  R3. 5,3.


Race 1. 5-1

Race 2. 4-3

Race 3. 4-1

As long as you pick a pair of horses for each race, and I can clearly tell which horses you are picking for each race, you are good. I am the final judge in case your entry is not clear.


Scoring will be as if you inserted and bet 25 cents per race. Whoever has the highest total amount of money after race three will be the winner of the weekly contest.

The odds will pay off according to the horses you pick. For each race, the following odds are given…

Race 1

1-2 pays 14 to 1

1-3 pays 29 to 1

1-4 pays 6 to 1

1-5 pays 109 to 1

2-3 pays 9-1

2-4 pays 2-1

2-5 pays 34-1

3-4 pays 4 to 1

3-5 pays 70 to 1

4-5 pays 15 to 1

Race 2

1-2 pays 14 to 1

1-3 pays 2 to 1

1-4 pays 7 to 1

1-5 pays 15 to 1

2-3 pays 10 to 1

2-4 pays 36 to 1

2-5 pays 78 to 1

3-4 pays 5 to 1

3-5 pays 11 to 1

4-5 pays 39 to 1

Race 3

1-2 pays 25 to 1

1-3 pays 6 to 1

1-4 pays 4 to 1

1-5 pays 66 to 1

2-3 pays 12 to 1

2-4 pays 8 to 1

2-5 pays 134 to 1

3-4 pays 2 to 1

3-5 pays 33 to 1

4-5 pays 21 to 1

Remember that the order of finish doesn’t matter, so if you’re looking for 5-2 and don’t see it, that’s because 5-2 is the same as 2-5.

There are only 10 possible combinations per race.

If the above odds confuse you (or you just don’t want to bother), then just ignore them and make any random entry. You can still get lucky!


The prize will be our usual prize of real Las Vegas casino chips. As grows, our prizes will get bigger. These contests are meant to create participation and a little bit of fun.  These are definitely real chips, though.

In the case of a tie, the participants who tie will have a special carry over to next week, where we will have a tiebreaker. The next weekly contest will feature the fancier and more modern Fortune Cup.

Make your entry below in the comments section. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer.

Good luck!

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