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This is the next installment of our weekly contest. It’s Hop Bets Mania!

If you do not know about hop bets, I wrote this little piece in preparation for this weekly contest: https://roadgambler.com/craps/craps-hop-bets/

Tomorrow, at approximately 12 pm Eastern time, there will be a new episode of the Real Craps Game series. This time the game is from the Santa Ana Star in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The video is divided into 2 parts, with Part 1 going out tomorrow, and Part 2 will be available on April 11.

In this game, you will watch Part 1 and attempt to guess the hops for the next five rolls.

Simple as that.

There are some craps players who think they can predict trends by watching dice roll. Well, here is your chance.

The game will be uncut, except for the interruption that separates part 1 and part 2.

Our prize will be real casino chips from a Las Vegas casino.


Pretend that you are at the table with six black chips ($600). You will make a pair of $100 hop bets on each roll of the dice.  Imagine if you are throwing two black chips to the dealer and calling out a hop bet.

You are betting on the first three rolls of Part 2.

Payouts are just like hops in real life. If you bet a hard hop, then payout is 30-1. Payout for an easy hop is 15-1.


Just so that there is no confusion, be sure to use a period or some sort of delineation mark to avoid confusion. If there is confusion about your entry, I am the final judge.

For example, your entry can be:

Roll 1: 3+3 4+4 Roll 2: 5+3 4+3 Roll 3: 2+1, 4+2.

Or you can enter something like this:

(2+2, 5+6) (5+5, 6+6) (1+1, 1+1).

Note that with this entry directly above, on the third roll, the bettor is betting $200 on the ‘aces craps’. You can bet any combo you want, including doubling up your bet.

Just like in real life, 3+4 and 4+3 are the same. So if you bet: (2+6, 6+2) (5+6, 6+6) (2+6, 4+3), and on the first roll, the dice are an easy 8 that’s ‘Sixty Two’, the payoff is $200 x 15.

If you do not indicate which hop is which roll, I will take your entries in order, as such: 1+1, 5+5, 3+4, 4+2, 3+3, 6+6. The first two combos will be the first two rolls, the second combo will be the second roll, and the third combo will be the third roll.

Just to help our craps newbies, if you are still not sure, then just write any six combos of the dice. Remember there are only six sides to the dice, so 8+1 is a foul and does not count. Don’t worry. If I see an entry that is not clear, I’ll say something. Go ahead and enter. You have nothing to lose. Just like at the table, we won’t laugh.

You can enter now, or you can enter after you watch Part 1.

Entries close on April 11, at 12 Eastern time, 11 Central.


The winner will be whoever has the highest ‘dollar amount’ after three rolls.

It’s that simple.

The tie breaker below is for those who care about rules.


If after three rolls, there are ties, then the ties will go to have their entries carried over to roll 4, 5, and 6. If there are still ties after roll 6, then we will go to roll 7, 8, 9, and so on, until there is no longer a tie.

Note that if two people enter the same bet, then from roll 4, 5, and 6, the latter entry that is a doppelgänger will be flipped. For example, if we have:

Bob: (2+4,4+2) (5+6, 4+3) (2+5,1+1) entered on April 8 at 5pm

Mary: (4+2,2+4) (4+3, 5+6) (1+1 2+5) entered on April 9 at 11 am

John:  (2+4 3+3 ) (4+5, 1+2) (1+1, 6+3)

Let’s assume that the three above are our tied entries.

Notice that Bob and Mary have bet on the exact same hops for each of the three rolls. If they were in a casino, their chips would be on top of each other.

They will tie forever. So if they are in the lead and tie for the win, then on roll 4, 5, and 6, Mary, who entered after Bob, will have her rolls flipped. Her third combos will be for roll 4, her second combos will be for roll 2, and her first combos will be for roll 6. This is to break the tie.

If several entries are very likely to repeat, such as multiple people entering (1+1, 1+1) (1+1, 1+1) (1+1 1+1), then the later entry will be assigned one number higher on every dice for the tie breaking rolls, meaning you will be assigned 2+2 all the way across for rolls 4, 5, and 6 (for the first three rolls, you will have your original matched entry.

Good Luck!

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