TL;DR but you want to enter

Make your entry below of how much you think is in the bag. For example…


See the pictures of the bag below. Note that these are the same pictures from Part 1.


Yesterday, I posted an update, rather than the results of the last Weekly Contest.

You can read it here.

Bottom line is that, with the exception of four entries, no one else was going to be close to winning the Super Prize. So we are extending the Weekly Contest to Part 2!

This is not a guarantee that there is more than $1000, but I am about 99% sure. In the event that I am wrong, last week’s entries are still live.

An entry in this contest does NOT void your entry from last week.


Using this second chance, make your new entry in this Weekly Contest.

Your entry can be something like…


That amount is only for demonstration purposes.

Anybody may enter, including those who did not enter in the last Weekly Contest and those who did enter in the last Weekly Contest. If you made an entry last week, you may enter here also, and you will have the benefit of both entries.

Only entries in this post qualify for Part 2.


All the prior rules of the last Weekly Contest (of August 14 – 20) will carry over to this Part 2, $1000 Contest.

The rules, scoring, procedures, and fine print can be read here.

At stake is the regular weekly prize of a pair of real and white chips from a real Las Vegas casino.

Also at stake is the Super Prize of 50% of what’s in the bag.

In the event that the contents of this article conflict with the prior Weekly Contest article, the rules, procedures, and fine print in the original August 12-20 post will control over anything stated in this Weekly Contest article. All relevant dates and corresponding days will be shifted to the week of August 21 – 27.

The Super Prize will be won…

If an entry is within 40 cents ($0.40) of the actual amount, without going over, that entry will win 50% of the total that is in the bag…AND THE SUPER PRIZE WINNER WILL ALSO WIN 100% OF THE FOREIGN CURRENCY.

Last week’s entries will be judged first, as they are still live. A few people paid attention to the clues, and their advantage must be retained as a reward for their observational skills.

Only one Super Prize is available, so when last week’s entries are judged, if there is a Super Prize winner in the original entries, then they will claim the Super Prize and it will be off the table for Part 2. Before you despair, remember there are only four entries that have a realistic chance.

If you want to see the security procedures involved in protecting the integrity of this contest, please watch the video.

On August 27, at approximately 12 noon eastern, you will be able to witness the counting of the total that is in the bag, as we will post a video of Jacqueline counting the contents. The video will be of one continuous and uninterrupted shot and immediately uploaded to Youtube for your inspection. We are taking this very seriously and plan on having two cameras – one as a backup – in the event that one camera fails to provide a continuous shot. For details of the counting procedures, see the original post that details the counting procedure.

The contest will be closed to new entries on August 27 at 8 a.m. central, 9 a.m. eastern.

There will NOT be a Part 3. The count is definitely happening next week.


This is the subject bag, which is sealed to prevent tampering. These are the same pictures from Part 1.

Readers and prior participants have stated that they see certain denominations in the bag. Rather than comment on what I think is in the bag and thus influence guesses going forward, I will let the pics speak for themselves.


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