This one is straightforward, but potentially huge, so I encourage you to read the rules.

This contest is simple: guess the total that is in the bag.

Note: any foreign currency will be EXCLUDED from the total. I understand that foreign currency can be exchanged for U.S. money, but counting the foreign money as part of the contest will open up too many variables that can lead to disputes.

The prize here is potentially large, so within the rules below, I tried to cover every possible avenue of dispute or ambiguity that may arise.

To enter…

[Note: our webmaster is currently performing maintenance on and we have notified them of the sensitivity of this contest. In the unlikely event that your entry is lost, please keep a record of your entry so that you can resubmit the entry. We will also be keeping an eye to make sure no entries are lost. Rather than delay this contest pending this maintenance, we have decided to go forward with this contest and issue this disclaimer.]

TL;DR but you want to enter

Just make a comment below as to how much total U.S. money you think is in the bag. You entry should be something like…


That number is just a sample number for illustration.

No one knows how much is in the bag. It’s been sealed and locked away in our vault.

Note: if this is your first entry or comment, we filter first comments for spam. Afterwards, all your comments will immediately appear, without moderation.


At stake is our weekly prize of a pair of red and white chips from a real Las Vegas casino.

The SUPER PRIZE is 50% of what is in the bag. I’ve upped the original super prize amount to create some excitement!

Super Prize Winner

If an entry is within 40 cents ($0.40) of the actual amount, without going over, that entry will win 50% of the total that is in the bag…AND THE SUPER PRIZE WINNER WILL ALSO WIN 100% OF THE FOREIGN CURRENCY.

If there are multiple entries within 40 cents of the official total, the entry that is closest will win the Super Prize. Only one Super Prize is available.


Below are pictures of the bag. The last picture is that of the bag sealed.

I have no idea how much is in the bag. At this point, no one knows how much is in the bag, and no one will know until the actual count, which we will record in one shot and post for your viewing.

I want you to have a real stake and sweat it out, just like you were at the table.

The objective of this contest is simple: guess how much total money is in the bag. 

The ‘total’ is comprised of combining U.S. coins and bills. For example, if there is $9 worth of bills and 90 cents worth of coins, then the official total will be $9.90 cents. Believe it or not, I can see an argument coming if I didn’t specify that point.

Your entry may be something like…




In the event that your entry omits the decimal, then your entry will be deemed to be a whole dollar entry with zero cents, unless you go back and make a corrective entry by submitting a second entry.

In case you’re wondering why I have a bag full of cash, I wrote an article on why you should respect your bankroll remnants. You can head about it here.

The contest will close to new entries on Tuesday, August 20, 8 a.m. eastern (New York), 9 a.m. central. [Correction: entries will close at 9 a.m. eastern, 8 a.m. central].

I am quite certain that there are no hundred dollar bills in the bag, as I never consider $100 bills to be remnant money. I’m usually very careful about that point. This is not a guarantee that there isn’t a $100 bill in the bag, but that’s my regular operating procedure.


Only one entry per person. You may tell your friends and family to enter.

In the event that you make more than one entry, such as you went back and made a correction, the later entry will be your official entry.


The entry that is closest to the actual total will win. For purposes of the regular weekly prize, going over the official total does not matter.

Tie Breaker: If two entries are equally spaced apart, for purposes of the regular weekly prize, both will win. In the event that there is a super prize winner and a regular prize winner, with the regular prize winner going over but equally spaced from the  super prize winner, the regular prize winner will still receive the regular prize.

Doppelgänger rule: If two entries are exactly the same, then the later entry will be subject to the Doppelgänger rule. In this contest, the Doppelgänger rule is that if a later entry has the exact same entry total as an earlier entry, then the later entry will be forcibly changed by adding $1.00 to its’ total guess. If by adding $1.00, the ‘forced changed’ entry matches another entry, then an additional $1.00 will be added to the ‘forced changed’ entry until it is a unique entry.

This ‘forced change’ is not calculated until after the contest closes but before revealing the official results.

If you are sure of your entry and do not want it forcibly changed, then examine the other entries.


On Tuesday morning, August 20, at 9 a.m. eastern, my assistant Jacqueline will be on video with the bag in full view of our camera the entire time. This will be a one-shot video. After the count – which will follow the procedures outlined below – we will immediately upload the video to YouTube that morning. The video will be available at approximately 12 noon eastern, pending no technical issues with Youtube uploading speeds or other technical issues.

Procedure for the Official Count

Jacquline will be the official counter. Within full view of the camera, she will place the bag on a table and cut open the seal on the bag. The bag and its’ contents will be in full view at at all times. She will then count the bills and coins on camera. She will place foreign currency to the side and not count the foreign currency. All bills and coins, for purposes of the count, will remain in view of the camera.

This video of the count will be one continuous shot to ensure confidence in the result. After counting, she will then write the total down on a piece of paper that is marked, ‘OFFICIAL TOTAL’ and announce the total. Any other counting aids on the table, such as a writing pad or calculator, are not considered to be part of the official count.

The official result will be the total that is written on the piece of paper marked ‘OFFICIAL TOTAL’. Jacqueline’s verbal announcement is only for convenience purposes and is not official (in the event she misspeaks).

Jacqueline will count carefully and deliberately, however, in the event that her count is incorrect, her count is subject to reversal via protest. All readers and viewers of will be able to watch the video and determine the final amount. She will count in a manner that will be open for inspection. If you disagree with the final count, then you will have until midnight, August 23 to protest.

A reader, who wishes to protest the official count, should log their protest in the RESULTS article, which will accompany the video with the official results. We will make an announcement in the RESULTS post on August 20, reminding readers and viewer of the availability of a protest.

[This clarification to appear in body of contest and in the comments section. Note that for purposes of this contest, ‘midnight of August 23′ will mean that when the time is 11:59 p.m. on August 23, as marked on the time stamped comment, the protestor, who wishes to dispute the OFFICIAL TOTAL, as outlined in the section titled
Procedure For the Official Count’, will have a maximum of two more minutes to enter a protest; when the clock is one minute into August 24, meaning it is 12:01 a.m. on August 24, as indicated and marked on the comment, the time for protests will have expired. The website uses central time to stamp its’ comments and entries.]

If no protests are lodged by the expiration of that time, the OFFICIAL TOTAL, as originally written by Jacqueline, becomes final.

In the event that a protest reveals a miscount, then the actual total, as determined by review of the video, RoadGambler will then go back and add a display counter to the video and, using the same video as instant replay, recount the total that is in the bag. The point of this procedure is that we want the actual amount in the bag to be the OFFICIAL TOTAL. That reviewed total, as displayed on screen with text, will become the unappealable final OFFICIAL TOTAL.

Again, Jacquline will do her deliberate best to make sure that her count is accurate.

I think I’ve covered it all, but in the case of any disputes, RoadGambler reserves the right to make all final judgments. All judgments and decisions by RoadGambler are final and absolute and not subject to appeal.


Remember if this is your first entry or comment, we filter first comments for spam. Afterwards, all your comments will immediately appear, without moderation. Rest assured that your entry will appear.

Good luck!

Here are the pics of the bag from various sides and angles.

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