This weekly contest is roulette at Peppermill.

TL;DR But You Want to Play

Make five entries, such as these:

1 red

2 black

3 black

4 red

5 red


The above video will be playable on Tuesday, July 30 at approximately 12 noon eastern, 11 central.

The video contains 5 spins from a standard double zero roulette wheel at Peppermill casino in Reno, Nevada.

Make five pairs of bets that will correspond, in sequence from your first pair to your fifth pair, to spins 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Each pair of bets must include the number and color. Just like in real life, all spots on the layout are available, including green or 0 and 00 for any of the bets above, including third sections.

If you decide to later change your entry, your later entry will be your official entry and will be subject to the doppelgänger rule of matching entries that is common in RoadGambler contests.

Up for grabs is the weekly contest prize of a pair of red and white chips from a real Las Vegas casino. Cash them, collect them, do whatever! They’re genuine and live casino chips.


You entry should look like any version of the following, with the first pair for spin 1, second pair for spin 2, third pair for spin 3,  fourth pair for spin 4, and fifth pair for spin 5.

(Note that in order to prevent influence, I randomly drew the sample bets below; bold print is not necessary)

12 black

36 red 

18 red 

15 red

35 red

Remember that for any of the entries above, you may take green or 0 or 00, just like in real life, as if you were at the table.

Something like this will work too:

12 black third, 36 red second, 18 red second, 15 red, 35 red

Just be sure that I can tell which entry goes with which spin.


Scoring will be as if you bet $1 per number, color, and third section, using standard double zero payouts.

Payout is…




1-1 for color red or black

17-1 for green

The highest score after spin 5 will win.


In the event of a tie of two or more entries, the following tie breaker shall be used.

The spins will then reverse order and match with each pair of entries, starting with spin 5 doubling as spin 6, and your bet pair 1 be compared to son 6.


Spin 5 will double as spin 6, and compare to your entry for spin 1.

Spin 4 will double as spin 7, and compare to your entry for spin 2.

Spin 3 will double as spin 8, and compare to your entry for spin 3.

Spin 2 will double as spin 9, and compare to your entry for spin 4.

Spin1 will double as spin 10, and compare to your entry for spin 5.

If there are still ties after spin 10, RoadGambler will award the weekly prize to all remaining ties. Maximum of 5 winners. If there are more than 5 winners, a random draw will determine the winners (highly unlikely that a draw will be necessary).

Going forward, this will be the standard procedure for ties, unless stated otherwise.


In the event that one or more players have the exact same entry as another player, such as two entries with the following, the procedure described below will apply:

12 black 

36 red 

18 red 

15 red

35 red

The number will be increased by +1, and all the colors flipped (green will remain green), until the entry becomes a unique entry.

So if there are two of the above entries, the latter entry will become:

13, red

0, black

19, black

16 black

36 black

So if you do not want your entry changed, make sure your entry is unique.

Going forward, this will be known as the doppelgänger rule.


Remember that if you have not posted a comment or entry, your entry will not appear immediately. We filter first comments for spam.

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