I was watching the finals game on Monday, late in the fourth quarter, thinking the series was over. But then came 9 points in a row.

That’s okay because the basketball finals are now exciting and very dramatic.

I love basketball and this is the best time to watch it.

Ideally, I would like this series to go seven games.


For this weekly contest, pick the final scores for each team AND pick the number of three pointers that the two teams will make, combined.

For example, an extra should look something like

GS 120

T 121


Enter in the comments section below.

If the series ends at game six (played Thursday), then the contest part 1 will be determined at that point. Consider it an early bird prize for entering, since you will only have one day to enter for game six.

However, if the series goes to game seven, then all entries will carry over to game 7. So if you made an entry prior to game six, then your entry will be good for both game 6 and game 7, if a game 7 is played.

All entries after game six tip off will only be good for game 7, if it is played.

BTW, there is no limit to how many times you can win, and you can win both contests, if a game seven is played.


Points for entries will be awarded as such, with the highest point total winning the weekly prize of a pair of red and white real casino chips.


  • Correctly predicting GS’s point total
    • 100 points
      • -1 point for ever point off
      • 2x point deduction for going over
  • Correctly predicting Tor’s point total
    • 100 points
      • -1 point for ever point off
      • 2x point deduction for going over
  • Correctly predicting the number of 3 pointers
    • 100 points
      • -1 for each three pointer that you are off
      • 2x point deduction for going over
        • for example, if you guessed 12, and 10 were actually made, you will be awarded 96 points (-2 + 2x for going over).

Tie breaker

  • Correctly predicting winning team
    • +1 point
  • If still tied, then proceed to tie breaker 2
    • whoever was closest to GS point total, without going over
  • If still tied, then proceed to tie breaker 3
    • whoever was closest to Tor point total, without going over
  • If still tied, then proceed to tie breaker 4
    • whoever had most points in the ‘number of 3 pointers’ category

RoadGambler reserves right to make final judgment in all cases.


In the event that two entries are exact copies, then the later entry will have +1 point added to each total until it is a unique entry. For example, if there are two entries of GS 120, Tor 121, 12, then the later entry will be considered 121, 122, 13, until it is a unique entry.

So if you don’t want to have your entry involuntarily changed, then look at the other entries to make sure yours is not taken.


Please consider supporting us by going through one of our affiliates. It would help us immensely. A little action on the side always makes the game more enjoyable.

Alternatively, in the future, we will be selling swag and other stuff to support the employees of RoadGambler.com, who work hard to bring you the videos and keep the website running. We understand not everyone is an online player.

One of the items we are working on will be pretty cool. I’ll announce it when it’s ready. Clue: it’s something that will allow you to play along with some of our longer videos, as if you were at the table.

We want to have actual stuff that is utilitarian and good, not just stuff for the sake of raising revenue.

Our weekly contests will never require a purchase and are always free to enter.


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