The above video is footage of a Big Six Wheel at Planet Hollywood. It will be playable at approximately 12 noon, eastern on  June 25, 2019.

There are eight spins total.

Usually, I censor faces, but the dealers at Planet Hollywood are ‘dealertainers’, so I see them more as public figures who seek publicity.

Because she is an entertainer in an open area with no expectation of privacy, this dealer is not censored, however, if this dealer objects and notifies me, I will remove the video.


If you’ve never played the Big Six before, it’s quite simple. Imagine a super simple version of roulette. The dealer spins the wheel, and whatever the pointer lands on, that’s what wins.

The Big Six has 7 betting spots. Each is marked with a bill of the following currency amounts, with the following payouts:

  • $1 bill
    • Pays 1 to 1
  • $2 bill
    • Pays 2 to 1
  • $5 bill
    • Pays 5 to 1
  • $10 bill 
    • Pays 10 to 1 (seeing a trend?)
  • $20 bill
    • Pays…you guessed it…20 to 1
  • Joker
    • Pays 40 to 1
  • Casino Symbol
    • Pays 40 to 1
    • For clarification, in this video, the wheel slot that says ‘PH’ will be the casino symbol

Here is a picture of a Big Six playing surface that I found online, with the above bets.


Please pay attention to the rules of this Weekly Contest. Failure to pay attention may result in accidentally free rolling yourself out of contention.

The above video has eight spins. The first 5 are for the regular contest, while the last 3 are tie breakers.

The Contest

You are at the table, about to play the Big Six Wheel that’s in the video.

You have $100

On each spin, you are going to make two bets of $10 each.

There is no need to enter tie breaker spins. The tie breaker rules are below.

Whoever has the most virtual money at the end of the contest will be the winner of our weekly prize of real pair of red and white chips. A winner every week!


Your entry should look something like this:

Spin 1: 1,2

Spin 2: 5,5 (you can double up)

Spin 3: 1,1

Spin 4: 1,2

Spin 5: J,C

Something like this will be acceptable, too:

S1: 1,2

S2: 5,5


You can also just write the following, but don’t forget the colon:

1: 1,2

2: 5,5


Heck, you can even enter the following, but be careful that you enter what you mean to enter:






The above entry were random entries for the sake of demonstration. They have no bearing on the results.

RoadGambler reserves all rights to be the final judge, in the event of a dispute.

Penalty 1

If you fail to enter two bets per spin, you will only such as only entering one bet on a spin, you will only receive a single $10 bet. You will give your opponents a large advantage. Gambling is all about advantages, and you will have given one away.

Penalty 2

This is the ‘free roll’ penalty because you will give your opponents a ‘free roll’, meaning only they can win, while you cannot win.

If you have an exact duplicate of another entry, and your entry came later, as judged by the time stamp, then the earlier entry will win over the later entry. Effectively, you’ve given your doppelgänger a free roll over you; you essentially disqualified yourself from winning. So if you decide to enter something obvious like…

S1: 1,1



S4: 1,1


…you should look at the other entries to make sure no one has taken an obvious entry.

If you want to be really diligent, then make sure no one has taken your entry.

If you make an entry and later find out that your entry is a disqualified entry, then you may make another entry, until your entry is unique and qualifies.


The bets will be paid according to the outcome of each spin. For example, if on spin 1 you bet on 5, and the result is 5, then you win 5 points.

Only spins 1 through 5 will be scored initially. I will compare all scores after spin 5. Whoever has the highest score after spin 5 will win.

If after spin 5, there are any tied scores, then we will go to tie breaker 1 to break any ties. Your entry for spin 1 will be the entry for tiebreaker 1.

If after tiebreaker 1, there are any tied scores, then we will go to go to tiebreaker 2 to break any ties. Your entry for spin 2 will be the entry for tiebreaker 2.

If after tiebreaker 2, there are any tied scores, then we will go to go to tiebreaker 3 to break any ties. Your entry for spin 3 will be the entry for tiebreaker 3.

If after tiebreaker 3, there are still any ties, we will use the result of the spin in tie breaker 3 as tie breaker 4. We will then reverse the order of the entries and compare. For example, on tie breaker 4, your entry for spin 5 will now double as your entry for tie breaker 4. If there are still ties, then we will use the footage of tie breaker 2 as the spin for tie breaker 5, and your entry for spin 4 will be used for that spin. Just think that we will flip the order of your entries.

If by any chance of a miracle there is still a tie, then we will flip a coin, tournament style if there is more than two ties. We will record the coin flip and post it. It’s unlikely to get this far, unless everyone picks practically the same results.


You might be saying to yourself, ‘this contest is all luck!’, well, if you were really in from of this wheel, you would be saying the exact same thing…or maybe not…who knows. Hey, it’s all fun and games.

Make your entry in the comments section below. It’s free to enter, always!

Note: if you have not made an entry or prior comment, your first comment will not immediately appear. We filter first comments for spam. Be assured that your entry is safe and will post. After we approve your first comment, your comment will appear immediately. We will never censor any comments. We believe in free exchange of ideas.

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