Welcome to this week’s installment of the Weekly Contest, where you can win real Las Vegas casino chips for free! This week’s prize is our usual pair of red and white casino chips.

This week, it’s war! Actually, it’s Casino War!

Casino War is probably the easiest table game in the entire casino, and house edge isn’t all that bad.

If you really want to know how to play this simplest of games, read my quick write up: easy casino games.


The above video will be playable on July 3, at approximately 12 noon eastern. It contains nine (9) real hands of Casino War that I played at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Let’s Get to The Contest!

Imagine that you are at the table, in RoadGambler’s shoes, and you are about to play nine hands of Casino War.

You have a hypothetical $1000 to play those nine hands.

You must play a minimum of 5 hands, but up to a maximum of 9 hands. If you go over 9 hands, I will just ignore the bets over 9.

In the event that War breaks out on a particular hand, you will take the same course of action that RoadGambler takes (either Surender or go to War).

For purposes of this contest, there is no minimum and no maximum.  You may bet $1 (actually, by making fewer than 9 bets, you are making a $0 bet on the n0-action hands).

Just don’t go over $1000 in total action or else your entry will be disqualified.

Remember you need 5 hands minimum or else your entry is disqualified.

Your Entry

So that we don’t have too many ties, you cannot enter the same amount across the board. There must be at least three bets that comprise a unique amount. $0 does NOT count as a unique amount.

For example, you cannot enter $100, $100, $100, $100, $100, $100, $100.

Per the rule, a legal entry would be $101, $102, $103, $100, $100,$100.

In the legal entry above, the first bet correlates with the first hand, the second bet with the second hand, etc.

It will help you to think that I am trying to prevent too many ties. We don’t want this decided via coin flip.

Your bet does not need to total $1000. Any amount that you do not bet will be counted towards your final total. Remember that you must play a minimum of 5 hands and a maximum of 9 hands (because there are 9 hands in the video).

For example, this is a legal entry of 8 bets, as if you played 8 hands at the table:

$200, 100, 10, 1, 300, 50, 50, 60.

Penalty Warning: Do not go over $1000 for the total amount of your bets. Your entry will be disqualified. If in doubt and your calculator is broken, stay under for your aggregate.


The above entry, as an example, bet a total of $771, leaving $229 that had no action. Let’s assume the player won the first seven hands and lost the 8th hand. I will score the entries as if the entry started with a $1000 bankroll and paid wins and losses like they were at the casino.

In that case, that person’s score would be 1651+229=1880.

Whoever has the highest score at the end will win.

Tie Breaker and Similar Entries

In the event that two entries are exact copies, the later entry will have +$1 added to each amount bet until it is a unique entry. For example, if there are two entries of $10, $20,$30,$40,$50, then the later entry shall become $11, $21, $31, $41, $51, until it is not a copy of another entry. This modification will be made at the time the contest closes to new entries, and prior to scoring.

So if you don’t want to have your entry involuntarily changed, then look at the other entries to make sure yours is not taken.

In the event that there is a tie, the tie breaker shall be the following:

Tie Breaker

  • All the hands in the video will reverse from hand 1 to hand 9, with hand #9 doubling as hand #10, hand #8 will double as hand#11, hand # 7 will double as hand #12, etc, until hand #1 doubles as hand #18.
  • For the entry, your bets will now carry over, starting with entry bet #1 doubling as the bet for hand #10, entry bet #2 will double as the bet for hand #11, entry bet for hand #3 will double as the bet for hand #12, etc.
  • After hand #18 the entries will will be scored using the same $1000 bankroll scoring system described above in the ‘scoring’ subsection above.
  • If there is still a tie, I will conduct a coin flip to determine the winner. If there are multiple ties, the coin flip will be tournament style via elimination.

RoadGambler.com reserves the right to make all final judgments.


Entries will close prior to the video going live.

Good luck!






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