This weekly contest will allow you to use some of your observational skills, along with some luck.

I recently went through the airport and was stopped by TSA. They searched my bag because there was a large lump of metal in one of my carry-on bags. I had amassed a large collection of coins. When I’m on a gambling trip, I usually just toss my coins in my travel bag and forget about them, until I am reminded by TSA.

After I arrive home, I usually dump the coins in a container. For the last year, I’ve been putting them in this jar, pictured below.

I have no idea how much is in the jar. Next week, I’ll find a bank or Coinstar machine to get an official count.

I’m very curious how much is in the jar. I have my guess on a piece of paper, but so that I don’t influence the entries, I won’t divulge my guess until all entries close. My entry is not eligible for the prize.


See the jar of coins below? How much money do you think is in the jar?

Guess to the penny.

The prize is our usual weekly prize of a pair of real red and white chips from a real Las Vegas casino.


You are to guess how much money is in the jar, to the penny.

To make an entry, you are to submit a dollar and cents total.

For example, you can enter…


It’s that simple.

FYI, that’s only for demonstration purposes. I have no idea how much is in the jar, but just from what’s visible, there’s definitely more than $1.99.

This contest will close to new entries at noon eastern on June 11, 2019.


Whoever comes closest will win.

In the event that there is a tie due to one entry being under and one being over, and both entries are equally distant from the actual total, both entries will win. So there can be two winners if no one submits a perfect guess.


If you happen to get it right to the penny, I’ll ship you the entire contents of the jar, literally.


Tell your friends and family to enter. If you refer someone to this weekly contest, you can make another entry for yourself. If you make additional entries because of a referral, in your subsequent entries just say that you referred someone.

You can make an additional entry for each person you refer to enter this contest.

Without a referral, only one entry per person.

With enough entries, someone should win the entire jar.

At the very least, the regular weekly prize is up for grabs. There will be a winner!


In the event that two or more people make the same entry, the later entry, as determined by the time stamp, will have 25 cents added to that entry, prior to the count. For example, if contestant A and B both enter $2.50, then the later entry will have their entry moved to $2.75. If $2.75 is already occupied by another entry, then B will have another 25 cents added until B is a unique entry. This calculation will be made after all entries have closed and before the count.

So if you want your entry to not be involuntarily changed, look at the other entries and make sure no one has already taken your guess.


Here is the jar…

The first two pics are from opposite sides of the jar, standing up.

The other pics are from the sides, with the jar laying down. The ruler is to give you a size reference for the jar.

FYI, there are no 50 cent, dollar pieces, or casino chips in the jar.

Last two pics are from top and bottom.

Click on each pic for greater detail.

Remember that if you have not posted a comment or made an entry, we filter first comments for spam. After we approve your first comment, your posts will appear immediately.




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